3 Benefits of Walking You May Have Overlooked

3 Benefits of Walking You May Have Overlooked

With the hustle and bustle of life and work, it can be difficult for some people to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. According to a CDC report on adult physical activity, America has a 25.3% overall prevalence of physical inactivity, with seven states having more than 30% of their population physically … Read more

Does the Swedish Death Cleaning Method Work?


While its name sounds morbid and brings forth a vision of the next world, the Swedish death cleaning method actually revolves on decluttering instead of anything eerie. It’s a home organization technique, which is concerned with letting go of junk to decrease the burden on your family before you die. Moreover, it … Read more

What on Earth Is the Swedish Death Cleaning Method?

Group photo of oversized garbage

Swedish death cleaning, or döstädning in Swedish, isn’t as gruesome as it sounds. In reality, it’s a way of life centered around getting rid of your stuff by asking yourself, “Will anybody be happier if I save this?” Swedish death cleaning gives Marie Kondo’s cleaning ideology or the 15-minute rule a run … Read more

Top reasons to get house plants

Today, gardening has become a fad, and for good reasons. More than the aesthetic value, plants offer psychological and physical benefits to us. Houseplants or indoor plants are good for the health. Besides, you can grow herbs indoors and enjoy them fresh for cooking or by making some tea. Plants Purify The … Read more

Must Haves for a Skincare Routine

woman with a beauty mask in a spa

Skincare has been an emerging trend since the rise of the beauty industry in recent years. Most of the content on skincare comes from beauty influencers and brands. Therefore, cosmetics and skincare usually go hand in hand. However, skincare itself has its complexity and process. Therefore, it is essential to know the … Read more

Must-Haves for an Elderly Parent’s Room

bedroom with a lamp on the left side, and plants on the right side

Some people go through the “growing-old” phase pretty gracefully, but for most of us, arriving at the near peak of our mortal journey can be a little scary, not to mention challenging. When the demands of aging take a toll on both our mental and physical aspects, we begin to realize that … Read more

Should You Adapt Marie Kondo’s Cleaning Ideology

teal-colored walls, two couch facing each other, huge television in the middle, stairs with white railings

Have you ever stumbled upon organizational tips that would help boost up your decluttering game? If not, then maybe you need to check out Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying guru. She has these steps and methods in decluttering your things which she calls “The Konmari Method.” She was the author of the bestselling … Read more

How to Declutter Home Devices Wires Like a Pro?

home office wires

One of the most common problems for homeowners is the various wires and cords of home devices hanging about everywhere. As much as it is unsightly, it’s also hazardous as it can cause accidents that might hurt you or your family. With the growing number of devices, it won’t take long before … Read more

How to Declutter Your Home by Using the 15-Minute Rule

bathroom, bathtub, towel, rug, faucet, window

Decluttering your home is quite time-consuming, especially when you’re doing it alone without any organization plan. Fortunately for you, we have listed down instructions on decluttering each room in your house using the 15-minute rule. Living Room Being one of the house’s main public rooms, the living room is often brimmed with … Read more

High End vs. Low End Beauty Products

products sitting on the magazine, bronze makeup brush, round container with makeup product

When buying beauty products, it is always a conflict between low-end brands versus high-end brands. Some low-end beauty products give quality products where you could say that it is a good deal. However, it is also nice to invest in some high-end beauty products that are truly worth your money. People are debating whether … Read more