Must-Haves for an Elderly Parent’s Room

Some people go through the “growing-old” phase pretty gracefully, but for most of us, arriving at the near peak of our mortal journey can be a little scary, not to mention challenging. When the demands of aging take a toll on both our mental and physical aspects, we begin to realize that there are things in life that we couldn’t do anymore, at least not without help from others.

Our parents are no exception to this. Growing old, there are so many things that they slowly begin to miss and unable to do. Some can lose their ability to perform even the basic stuff at home, which could be very difficult for them to accept and deal with. So, as their children, it is time that we return their love by taking good care of them and seeing to it that they have everything they need – physically and emotionally. 

For many different reasons, some elderlies may opt to be left alone, and we just have to respect that. But, even if sometimes they may choose to be on their own, we can still give them the support they need by setting up their living space as elderly-friendly as possible. So, here are five must-haves for an elderly parent’s room.


Medical alarm device with GSM support

One of the greatest things that we can do to our elderly is to let them feel that we trust them to fend for themselves and don’t feel sorry for them. By giving them space, we can let them self-affirm and go through their phase with peace and pride. But, it does not necessarily mean that we have to let them be by themselves completely. For example, giving our elderly parents access to medical alert systems gives both parties peace of mind. These systems could include wireless voice transmission and GPS tracking system that allows for real-time monitoring, location tracking, and immediate emergency response. This way, we can be at peace that our seniors are sound and safe.


a grandmother holding a story book, with her grand sons

There is no telling when exactly our elderly parents would experience unexpected changes and abnormalities in their bodies; hence, keeping a vitals kit could give us an upper hand. Having their vitals checked can help us keep track of those changes to prepare if immediate medical attention is needed. This kit may include:

  • Thermometer for measuring body temperature
  • Pulse oximeter for measuring pulse and oxygen saturation
  • Blood pressure cuff for measuring blood pressure

Moreover, we must get to know how this stuff works to do this ourselves if medical help takes some time to arrive during an emergency.


Elderlies, especially those with chronic diseases, need to have their medicines organized to help them navigate with ease. You can allocate a portion of your elderly parent’s drawer to keep the medication. Label these medicines and, if possible, arrange and label them to quickly get them when it is time. We can also toss in some oils and ointments that help with pain, especially during winter when they might feel joint pains due to cold. This is most applicable to elderlies who are still capable of reading and doing stuff all by themselves. For our ailing parents, we may need extra effort to administer medicines and supplements.


an elderly holding his walking stick 

Speaking of making our elderly’s life much easier, we can also provide easy-to-use tools to assist them in their daily activities. At their age, elderlies already experience physical decline, and these tools will simplify their life and offer them a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence. Examples of these tools are:

  • Reacher Grabber – this tool lets them reach and grab things from under their bed, atop the shelf, down the floor, and from the area out their reach. This tool saves them from hurting their back or straining their arms from trying to get things from hard-to-reach spots in their room.
  • Grab bars – installing grab bars in your elderly parent’s room might also be an excellent idea, for these will assist them in their daily walks around the room, whether going to the bathroom or going to the window to inhale some fresh air.
  • Large button telephones and mobile phones – these tools are essential given the unexpected risks of their age. They can also use these to communicate with other family members and stay connected to the outside world.


What better ways to uplift the spirit of our elderly parents than giving them something to care for and to admire? Many accounts claim that plants and flowers have positive, therapeutic effects on people. Plants exude a positive vibe and bring life to your parent’s room while diminishing the feeling of dread and loneliness brought by old age.