Companies Selling Australian Outback Clothing

If you’re planning on embarking on an adventure in the Australian Outback, you’ve made the right choice as visiting this one-of-a-kind landscape is a truly rewarding experience. With its fascinating sights like the Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock, Olgas, and Wilpena Pound to the incredible characters and wildlife that you’ll meet along the way, you’re only bound to an adventure of a lifetime.

Just be wary that this isn’t your typical trip where you can tuck a pile of clothes randomly and still have a great time at your destination. The Australian Outback is a vast, remote expanse of land, which offers extra challenges to any traveler. You should be ready to be under the hot, harsh sun, freeze in the cold nights, and drive hours through the seemingly endless roads girdled by its iconic red dirt.

Apart from packing all the must-have items for traveling in the Australian Outback, it’s also vital that you wear the best clothing to match up to the extremes. Luckily, there are a lot of companies that sell appropriate apparel and gear, making it easier to get your clothes for this amazing trip. So, continue reading on below, and let’s discover the best outback clothing brands the Land Down Under has to offer.

1. Hard Yakka

Founded in 1935, Hard Yakka is among the most renowned outback workwear brands in the entire Australia. It was established by David K. Laidlaw in the backroom of his parent’s house and soon carved its way to its status as one of the largest clothing brands in the southern hemisphere.

Enlivening its motto “Nothing’s Tougher!”, the company produces products focused on quality and durability. Thus, can withstand the jarring conditions in the Australian Outback. Today, Hard Yakka continues to evolve, expanding its range to also cover accessories, safety footwear, and other innovative lines.

2. R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams was founded by RM himself in 1932. He was believed to have gained his incredible leatherwork skills while in the Flinders Ranges in the outback of South Australia, where he was said to be trained by a traveling horseman named Dollar Mick.

Later on, RM utilized his new expertise in creating various leather goods and sold his products in his father’s hut in Adelaide. At the same time, he worked on improving his one-piece leather boots to survive the unforgiving outback, which many people grew to love.

Now existing for nine decades, the company is now one of the biggest footwear brands in Australia and across the world. Its iconic boots have been donned by millions of people, transcending far beyond the rugged, dusty Australian Outback.

3. Summit Gear

Like most Aussie brands, Summit Gear was founded out of need rather than being a twinkle in the eye. In the 1980s, Dave and Trish Murphy established their outdoor gear shop to provide lightweight, high-quality, and weather-resistant gears that can endure the strong rain, wind, and extreme temperatures in the Land Down Under. Today, they continue to specialize in selling outdoor garments and equipment, sportswear, and other outdoor clothing products from other suppliers in Australia.

4. Billabong

Billabong refers to two different things in Australia. First, it is the term that pertains to an oxbow lake or an isolated pond that remains when the path of a river or creek changes. These stagnant dead rivers where crocs might be lurking result from the Australian arid climate, filling up with water seasonally but are dry for most of the year.

On the other hand, Billabong may also refer to one of the most globally-famous surf and lifestyle bands. Though it’s focused on surfing, the company also offers excellent outdoor clothing products that suit the Australian Outback. They also sell backpacks, watches, and skateboard and snowboard gears, making them a true well-rounded brand.

5. One Planet

Born in 1979, One Planet is a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing outdoor gear that works for the distinct environment of Australia. Their awesome, functional, and innovative products are proudly-made locally, strictly adhering the social, ethical, and environmental standards.

One Planet is always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies and efficient materials while remaining keen on safety and detail. Thus, enabling them to bring forth very strong and durable products that are perfect for any long, arduous journey amidst the antipodean conditions in the Australian Outback.

A man in Mount Olga, Australia

6. Redback Boots

Boots are inevitable when traveling the outback, as they’re your best ally in protecting your feet and for walking comfortably along the harsh moods of the landscape. Redback Boots acknowledged such a need and they specialize in creating boots that maximize both durability and comfort. Their leather work boots are non-slip, authentic full-grain leather, and safe, supportive boots, meant to endure a variety of rugged conditions.

7. Steel Blue

Founded in 1995, Steel Blue is another boot provider that had the initial goal of becoming not to be Australia’s biggest brand but rather the best. Nearly three decades later, they are indeed among the best, winning the hearts of many Aussies by providing premium, safe, comfortable footwear to accompany you regardless of what journey you’re in in the Land Down Under. With their sheer dedication, ingenuity, and care devoted to their work, Steel Blue is now also seen across the world.

8. Bluey Merino

Founded in 2012 on a family farm in Guyra town in New South Wales, Bluey Merino was established from a simple query about the fate of their wool after leaving the farm. After all, Australia is the biggest producer of the highest quality wool in the world but never maximizes them as they are exported overseas rather than being turned into local products.

From there, Bluey Merino existed to boost local manufacturing, resist cheap labor markets, and create new jobs. Today, they’re producing wholly Australian-made outdoor clothing products in a variety of original designs to match every outdoor enthusiast’s taste.

9. Blundstone

A brand with a fascinating history, Blundstone began in the 1850s when John and Eliza Blundstone arrived in Hobart, Tasmania after a nearly 100-day boat trip from England. In 1870, John started creating fit-for-purpose footwear that’s meant to endure all sorts of ground from cobbled streets, factory floors, and rugged farmlands on the island. Today, the brand is still headquartered in Tasmania and is now famous across the world for its original design and durable, comfortable, high-quality products.

10. Mont

Capping this list is Mont, a clothing brand that has been surviving the wilderness beginning in 1981. Its origin is another peculiar story, having emerged from frustrations over low-quality outdoor apparel.

In 1978, its founder tore his weatherproof kit. He borrowed a sewing machine and began creating his own down jacket, tent, and sleeping bag, which other people adore for their impressive quality. His friends started purchasing pieces and three years later, Mont Adventure Equipment was established in a small unit in Canberra.

Today, the company continues to be independent and is known to provide products that protect outdoorsmen from rain, the cold, wind, and other harsh elements.


With these clothing brands, a trip to the Australian Outback is safer than ever, knowing that you have trusted and reliable providers of high-quality products that can protect you from a variety of harsh conditions. Through that, you can travel with fewer worries and sprawl across the regions, and relish all the wonders awaiting you in the Australian Outback.