• Star Wars Millennium Falcon Magnetic Bottle Opener - $195

    Millenium Falcon was a Corellian YT-1300f light freighter star ship used by the great Captain Han Solo on his many adventures in Star Wars. This space vehicle was popularly known to be used during the Galactic Civil War by the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca.

  • Carnivorous Cobra Lily (California Pitcher Plant) Darlingtonia Californica Flower Seeds - $1.39

    Are you looking for a unique, conversation piece type of plant? If so, this carnivorous cobra lily might just be the one you are looking for. Carnivorous plants are one of the most interesting and fascinating kinds of plants. It is because these plants have complex leaves that have developed into traps and can capture and consume insects or animal prey.

  • Radio Controlled Cooler - $

    The Radio Controlled Cooler or simply RC cooler is the world’s first radio-controlled beverage cooler. It is an upgraded version of the traditional coolers most of us use. Aside from keeping the drinks cold, it can also be controlled to wherever you want it to be. They are great for serving drinks to guests at parties and it does it in a very entertaining way.

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Millenium Falcon was a Corellian YT-1300f light freighter star ship used by the great Captain Han Solo on his many adventures in Star Wars. This space vehicle was popularly known to be used during the Galactic Civil War by the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Are you looking for a unique, conversation piece type of plant? If so, this carnivorous cobra lily might just be the one you are looking for. Carnivorous plants are one of the most interesting and fascinating kinds of plants. It is because these plants have complex leaves that have developed into traps and can capture and consume insects or animal prey.

The Radio Controlled Cooler or simply RC cooler is the world’s first radio-controlled beverage cooler. It is an upgraded version of the traditional coolers most of us use. Aside from keeping the drinks cold, it can also be controlled to wherever you want it to be. They are great for serving drinks to guests at parties and it does it in a very entertaining way.

Traveling is a good way to explore and relax. However, going somewhere far by yourself can make your family feel worried. But today, you no longer have to worry about that because there’s a way for you to stay in touch globally and keep them updated. It is by taking the Garmin inReach Mini with you on your trip. With its inReach connectivity, you will be able to send and receive text messages anywhere on your journey.

Have you ever experienced swimming or floating in the pool then you suddenly feel the need for a drink? Isn’t it a bit annoying to get out of the pool and jump back again in after having a drink? The best solution for this is to have this amazing product called Excalibur PR640S-1 RC Drink Float. It will help your drinks cold while floating around the pool.

Preparing for an afternoon barbecue party by the pool, lake, or beach is never going to be an issue with this CreekKooler Outdoor Cooler. It is a floating, insulated and watertight cooler. It is amazing because it can keep your food and drinks cold for about 48 hours within your reach.

You're are looking at the first mass-produced and truly affordable underground dog house! The DogEden works great as a standalone pet shelter or is the perfect add-on accessory for those who already have a traditional above ground dog house. If your dog is one of the 15 million plus dogs in America that live outside most of the year, this is a must-have! Or if you have noticed freshly dug holes in your lawn and wondering why? The simple answer is your dog is searching for a warmer or cooler place to go when the weather is extreme. The DogEden 60 \"K\" is our Kennel Series best for kennels or fenced yards where your dog can freely use this home. Whereas the DogEden 60 \"A\" the Anchor Series is a tie-out system that allows you to leave your dog alone without fear of entanglement.

The waterBOB is a water containment system that holds up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in virtually any bathtub in the event of an emergency. The waterBOB keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and sanitation for up to 12 weeks. Constructed of tough, heavy-duty plastic, the waterBOB stays within FDA food grade guidelines and is BPA-free.

Sleeping is very important to a persons’ well-being. More than getting enough rest or battling eye fatique, it is a major factor for a balanced and healthy lifestyle because our mind and body are affected by it. While getting adequate sleep is a must, it is also just as important to wake up early and on time. However, most of us find it challenging to wake up early and some also have the habit of snoozing every morning and laying back down.

Tron is a 1982 American sci-fi action film based on a story by Adam Horowitz. A sequel with the title Tron: Legacy was then released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2010 and became a box office success. This visually stunning futuristic film gained a cult following and Tom and Drew of BrickBros UK were not an exception. They were fans of the film and were surprised to know that there are no ideas about Tron: Legacy submitted yet to LEGO. That is why they decided to submit their original design to Lego Ideas. Their idea was successfully accepted and together with LEGO designer Suzuki Junya, the TRON Legacy Light Cycle was born.

Large double bed type rapid valves More than 5x faster inflation and deflation No more troubles of tying the giant float to the roof of your car to go out if you buy this fast inflation and deflation float and Jasonwell car powered electric air pump together.

With its spacious cabin comfort design and huge screened-in front porch to take in the outdoors bug free, this 10-person tent feels more like a house than a tent. Setup is a breeze with color coded, chain-corded steel poles and quick connect frame hubs. To keep you dry the tent has Everdry coating, large rainfly with taped seams and a tub style floor. A privacy divider is included so you can have 2-rooms with a large front and back door for easy access. With 6 large inside zip windows and full mesh roof there’s plenty of ventilation through-out the tent for comfortable camping. There’s plenty of storage with two hanging shelves and wall organizers that have integrated smart tablet display pockets. When it’s time to go home, the Front Porch packs up into a durable, expandable wheeled storage bag for easy handling.

The hidden video recorder (0.87in, 0.7oz cube) is the world's smallest portable pocket body camera. which makes it perfect as a home security camera or a housekeeper/nanny cam for recording both snapshot picture and videos without attracting any attention

From the Manufacturer Under attack by the evil Uruk-hai Army, the ancient fortress at Helm's Deep is the last refuge for the people of Rohan. As the Uruk-hai draw near, they fire hooks from the armored hook shooter and try to scale the fortress walls. Can Éomer and the Rohan soldier hold back the Uruk-hai and save the day? Includes 6 minifigures: Éomer, Rohan soldier and 4 Uruk-hai. Product Description Repel the Uruk-hai Army at Helm's Deep! Under attack by the evil Uruk-hai Army, the ancient fortress at Helm's Deep is the last refuge for the people of Rohan! As the Uruk-hai draw near, they fire hooks from the armored hook shooter and try to scale the fortress walls. Can Éomer and the Rohan soldier hold back the Uruk-hai and save the day? Includes 6 minifigures: Éomer, Rohan soldier and 4 Uruk-hai.

Made for those cheese lovers with a taste for robust flavors and aromatic cheeses. Our French Cheeses for the Connoisseur is perfect for a Francophile-centric fromagier, or anyone looking to enjoy some bold selections of French cheese classics.

High quality stainless steel has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, which requires minimal maintenance. Stainless steel is one of the most bio-compatible metals, so stainless steel jewelry is amazingly hypoallergenic because of its anti-allergic properties.

The Freewrite by Astrohaus is a distraction-free writing instrument designed to help the modern writer get in a flow state and stay there.

Welcome to the First Order. Introducing the First Order Stormtooper Robot with Companion App. Featuring a cutting-edge AR app experience, voice command, facial recognition, and sentry patrolling capabilities. Rule the Galaxy.

LED FURNITURE AVAILABLE (Measurements and weight specs are apporx’) Playlearn LED Light Up Furniture can be used in multiple settings, from bedrooms to parties, from sensory rooms to studios etc.

Sound Activated car stickers. It is a layer of soft and thin sheet be sticked on rear windshield side window, or wherever you feel appropriate. Use driving equipment, plug it to 12VDC power, it can produce beautiful effect.

The SWASH system is the first in-home system that provides a convenient way to get clothes ready to wear on your schedule, in just 10 to 15 minutes. Filling the space that exists between washing and dry-cleaning

droplight type:fabric chandelier. Intelligent type:could not support smart. shape of lamp:Unusual shaped chandelier. Irradiated area:10©O-15©O. the main materials of the lights:Polymer

A nostalgic classic reborn with modern innovations fit for composing literary masterpieces. Introducing the Azio mk Retro, a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard.

Make anytime special time with endless hours of preloaded Disney and other family-friendly entertainment. The smart mini-projector is small, portable and safe enough for kids to use.

Bring the family together and make a complete breakfast with just one appliance. Enjoy a cup of coffee with the four-cup coffee maker, then treat the family to a variety of breakfast meats and eggs cooked on the large, non-stick griddle.

The Perfect Temporary, Lightweight Door Lock. Designed to be lighter than an iPhone (under 100gms) and just as easy to slip into your pocket or bag.

1) the tent will be inflated by a fan which need continuously turn on 2) need to zip up the tent to avoid deflation 3) need about 10 minutes to inflate the tent 4) it is 3 meter in diameter of the bulb tent, and the tunel is 1.5meter

The Nostalgia MDF200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory brings the donut shoppe into the kitchen! Make hot, fresh, delicious mini donuts in the comfort of your home. Just fill the hopper with donut batter and turn the unit on.

The multifunctional claw is a cross has both a mechanical claw and grappling hook.

This is the amazing and unique True Mirror, the world's only mirror that reflects you without reversing your left and right sides. Discover your true nature in the true image reflection, and see how much the backwards mirror has changed how you see yourself.

Need a new place to chill? How about a form-fitting memory foam chair that's big enough to share? Introducing the Chill Sack.

The walled fortress at Helm's Deep is under attack by the mighty Uruk-hai army. The forces of men, elves, and a dwarf must do everything they can to stop them from breaching the fortress walls.

Designed with a refrigerator drawer, the Sobro keeps beverages and food chilled and always within reach. Featuring Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, LED lights, and a sleek touch panel for optimal control, the Sobro coffee table always keeps you connected.

Mini Spy Hidden Camera,NIYPS 1080P Portable Small HD Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detective,Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera for Home and Office

Perfect solution for a remote tiny home or vacation getaway. This is a completely finished 320 square foot tiny home. Manufactured by MODS International of Appleton Wisconsin using a new sea container as the structural shell. MODS starts with certified new containers, not first or second use units.

Extreme: Move the Game Mode Selector Switch to the position that says Extreme. This mode is for true Shocktato™ players. This mode got its name because it has no music, just a surprise buzzer and emits a shock.

Sphero Mini packs tons of fun into a tiny, app-enabled robot about the size of a ping pong ball. Drive Mini using different modes with the Sphero Mini app, or just by using your face. Yes, you read that right. Face Drive is a hilarious new feature that uses your facial expressions to drive the ball.

Shiatsu Massage with Heat 3D kneading massage with advanced heating function helps to relax muscles and soothe fatigue.

The Scalp Massager will send tingling sensations from scalp to toes and transport you to a more relaxing place. The custom fit fingers will bend to fit your head.

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was a period of currency instability that began in the late 1990s shortly after the confiscation of private farms from landowners, towards the end of Zimbabwean involvement in the Second Congo War.

Celebrated paper artist and designer Marc Hagan-Guirey has applied his genius to the Star Wars galaxy in this book of 15 unique kirigami (cut-and-fold) ships featured in the saga's films.

AIR FORT - If you need a break from messy furniture forts, we've got your answer! The AIR FORT is the first kids fort to hit the market that inflates in seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan.

NES Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. One product has been added to the fun. With the NES coffee table will be on hand all control. Dimension: 90 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm Material: Wood

Mighty Handle is the easiest way to carry groceries, shopping bags and dry cleaning quickly and comfortably. This patented bag carrier distributes weight evenly allowing you to carry more grocery bags, articles of clothing or housewares in one trip.

Store your axe like a total badass by placing it on this skeleton hand wall mounted guitar grip. It features an embedded ¼ inch 20 count steel post that keeps it securely attached, can swivel to fit most guitars, and comes with a cushioned insert to protect the neck.

Get your party guests laughing and socializing with each other by setting out these face drink coasters. Each double sided coaster comes printed with different faces and expressions and also comes with a small opening so that you can conveniently hang them on your nose.

Launch face-melting bursts of flames that’ll leave your audience in awe using this open hand fireball launcher. Made with discretion in mind, the compact size makes it easy to conceal, it can be charged via USB, and it can shoot up to two fire balls simultaneously.

Give your little monsters something to scream about at snack time by whipping up some spooky treats using this haunted skull cakelet pan. The pan is crafted from cast aluminum for superior baking performance and lets you make up to six miniature skulls per batch.

The LaMetric smart clock is the compact device that does a lot more than just tell time. Apart from its alarm clock function, this compact device lets you track weather, emails, events, tweets, followers, and other news in real-time.

Avoid cutting yourself when opening boxes by slipping this thimble safety cutter on your finger. This ultra-portable tool is crated from silicone rubber and fitted with a small knife at the tip so that you can easily slice through boxes or letters in one fluid motion.

Make your next soak more relaxing then ever by dropping this color changing bath light into your tub. This small battery operated light lets you choose from sixteen vibrant colors that you can easily switch between using a handy remote control.

Send someone on an emotional roller coaster by pranking them with this 500K prop money filled duffel bag. This inconspicuous black bag features a worn and distressed exterior that provides a convincing look and comes packed with 500K of phony money.

Make snack time more fun for your little candy addicts by having them make their own treats using this DIY gummy candy kit. This yummy snack kit comes with everything that your pint-sized sugar fiends will need to whip up their own chewy and delicious gummy candy.

Get a glimpse into the innards of what a pokeball really looks like by getting your hands on one of these crystal engraved pokeballs. The laser etched crystal ball showcases a miniature Pokemon that colorfully comes alive once the LED is turned on.

Keep all of your cast iron cookware looking like new by giving them a good cleaning using this chain mail cast iron scrubber. It’s handmade from the highest quality food-grade stainless steel and is ideal for cleaning dutch ovens, stainless steel cookware, woks, and much more.

Experience the sensation of gliding over the pavement without actually lifting off the ground by hopping aboard this self balancing one wheel skateboard. It provides a smooth ride, can travel at speeds up to 8 MPH, and emits a cool neon green glow while you ride.

Make any meal more delicious than you ever thought possible by topping it off with some gooey melted cheese. The Raclette melted cheese rack sits above three tea light candles that gently melt your favorite cheese so that you can easily slather it over any dish.

Give your arts and crafts projects a little added flair by using this glow in the dark adhesive vinyl for the job. This nine inch by four foot vinyl adheres to a variety of flat surfaces and can easily be cut – making it ideal for all types of projects.

Maximize your home’s limited space by storing your vast literary collection neatly inside the bookcase chair. This versatile piece of furniture provides a comfortable reading nook while giving you ample storage space to store your books in its accommodating frame.

Keep your keys from jingling around as you walk, by placing them inside this modular multi-tool key holder. It features a pocket-knife-like design that allows you to attach your keys as well as handy tools like a pen or USB flash drive.

Make your kitty the envy of every feline on the block by getting him this amazingly awesome taco cat bed. It’s made out of soft, padded fleece and micro fiber yarn for utmost comfort, and can be used in a folded taco style or a flat tostada style.

Give your already delicious meal a little added curb appeal by eating it using these edible spoons. Using this handy appliance, you’ll be able to whip up a batch of four crisp and evenly browned spoons in just three to four minutes.

Set up an impromptu event quickly and efficiently by using these foldable chairs. Each colorful seat is crafted from a single piece of durable polypropylene that’s designed to fold out into a fully functional chair without using any tools.

LEGOs aren’t just for kids – this LEGO Taj Mahal set contains just under six thousand pieces and is not for inexperienced LEGO builders. This highly detailed and time consuming LEGO kit makes a great gift for the master LEGO builder looking for a real challenge.

Transform your garden into a technicolor dreamscape straight out of the Wizard of Oz by planting these rainbow rose seeds. Once the seeds sprout, they’ll grow into beautiful and vibrant multicolored roses that’ll make your garden the envy of all your neighbors.

Thanks to these smartphone connected microphone gloves now you can easily take your calls without having to expose your hand to the brutal cold. They come embedded with a small tiny speaker located on the thumb and an accompanying mic placed on the pinky.

Become the living embodiment of your favorite artery-clogging meal by hitting the streets in these ultra fashionable fried chicken leg pants. Just slip into these eye-catching pants and watch your legs instantly transform into two plump and juicy drumsticks.

Make your humble abode as secure as possible by ramping up your outdoor security with the Nest Cam outdoor camera. This compact weatherproof 130 degree wide-angle camera captures crisp 1080p footage day or night, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Get the day started without having to get out of bed by sleeping in the wearable camping sleeping bag. Instead of the traditional cocoon design, this sleeping bag allows your arms and legs to have full range of motion so you can move around while staying warm.

The world can be pretty rough place, which is why it’s so important to focus on the good. 14,000 Things To Be Happy About is the uplifting read that comes jam packed with things that’ll put a smile on your face – like caramel gelato, big red barns, and cupcakes with sprinkles.

Keep the perimeter clear of intruders by placing the remote control blaster robot on the job. Using your smartphone, you’ll wield complete control over this tiny but agile six legged robot as it maneuvers through various terrains to hit its mark.

Save money by packing your own healthy lunch inside the smart lunchbox. Apart from insulating your food so it stays fresher for longer, it also features a series of removable modular leak-proof containers that can be mixed and matched.

You can finally throw out those aerosols and deodorizing sprays once and for all once you outfit your porcelain throne with this poop odor removing toilet fan. This compact device removes 99% of bacteria and fungi, eliminating the foul smell created by excrement.

Move over Roomba, there’s a new sheriff in town and it’s the Samsung smart robot vacuum. This WiFi connected vacuum delivers 40x more suction power than regular vacuums, comes with built-in sensors to avoid obstacles, and can be controlled by your phone or voice.

Become a master at making delicious sliders by utilizing this adjustable burger press. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, this little appliance can be adjusted so that you can make 1, 2, or 3 ounce perfectly round sliders that measure 3″ in diameter.

Transform your vehicle into a rolling bedroom using this inflatable air mattress. It features an ultra-thin design that folds at the sides to better fit inside the car – making this a must-have for any outdoor excursion – or just for living in a van down by the river.

Improve your experience on the road by outfitting your ride with the smart rear-view mirror. It comes with a touchscreen surface for easy navigation and features two dual mounted cameras that eliminate blind spots to help you avoid accidents.

Avoid littering your place with used bottle caps by popping open your brews using this wall mounted magnetic bottle opener. It comes fitted with a magnetized plate that is designed to catch loose bottle caps once you pop open your bottle.

Bring an air of calmness into your home or business by placing this gravity-defying levitating flower pot on display. This eye-catching flower pot employs strategically placed magnets to keep the flower pot floating right above the illuminated rock base.

No one will dare mess with you once they get a load of the electric fury coming out of your stun gun iPhone case. Apart from encasing your phone in a protective outer shell, it features a potent 950,000 volt stun gun ready to go at a moments notice.

Using the cookie dunking helper you’ll be able to enjoy delicious milk dipped treats without having them break to pieces before they’re eaten. The helper is designed to stick to most glass and ceramic cups and keeps cookies from breaking and sinking to the bottom.

Quit scooping out nasty lumps of cat poop once and for all by using the Luuup litter box. The brilliant design utilizes three identical trays that you stack on top of one another to create a perpetual sifting loop that makes clean up a breeze.

Add some style to your next project by replacing your dull gray tape for this color changing duct tape. It’s just as sticky and waterproof as the regular stuff, but this temperature sensitive tape comes in crazy color combos like dark to neon green, and orange to yellow.

Effortlessly peel and prepare your tasty avocado by swapping out your knife for this 4-in-1 avocado tool. This specialized tool fits all sized avocados and allows you to quickly pit, slice, and scoop your avocado without creating a mess.

Heat up your charcoal grill to cooking temperatures in mere minutes with the intense heat produced by the barbecue fire starter. The fire starter creates a meat-searing inferno that is ideal for easily cooking any meal to perfection or starting up a campfire.

Waste our most precious resource on this planet – drinkable water – on a novelty item using this water powered clock. Upon pouring water into it, electrodes within the reservoir convert ions into energy that is strong enough to power this alternative energy clock.

Melt your stress away by creating a soothing environment with this dragon incense burner. After the incense is lit, the smoke backflow gives the illusion that the exceptionally crafted fire breathing dragon has come to life as smoke flows out of its nostrils.

Eliminate unsightly electrical cords and power strips in the room with the electrical outlet bed risers. These ingenious risers contain two electrical outlets in addition to a USB port so you can charge virtually any device without creating tripping hazards in the room.

Rest and relax on the world’s softest pile of rocks. These rock pillows are available in a wide variety of stone, pebble and rock patterns. They come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased individually or in sets, making them absolutely perfect for pillow fights.

Save a bundle on roaming fees while you travel around the world by staying connected using the global WiFi hotspot device. It requires no embedded SIM card, simply switch it on and enjoy surfing the web in over a hundred different countries at discounted rates.

Effortlessly keep track of old items that you stuff into boxes with help from these smart storage labels. When a label is scanned with your smartphone, a detailed list of the items and location of the box comes up so that you can find items without having to rummage around.

This hydro ball wind spinner is the piece of kinetic yard art that gives your garden some extra curbside appeal while ensuring it stays looking lush. Once it’s connected to a hose, the waterflow causes the ball to spin and pivot while it simultaneously waters your garden.

Experience the smoothest ride possible while you’re being towed across the water by riding atop the hydrofoil wakeboard. The hydrofoil lifts the rider over the water’s surface for an incredibly smooth and fun ride – even on choppy days.

End your next meal on a sweet note by topping it off with a yummy fortune cookie. This big box of fortune cookies comes with 100 individually wrapped Kosher and vegan cookies containing a fun and enlightening fortune – and if you don’t like it, just break open another one!

The Waterskipper sea scooter lets you glide across the water’s surface with incredible grace simply by hopping up and down. The up and down motion propels this eco-friendly watercraft with very little drag, letting you reach speeds up to 17 miles per hour.

Pick up right where you left off with the finger pointing bookmark. This clever bookmark makes it easy to keep track – down the exact sentence where you last stopped reading – so you can jump right back into the story without skimming through any extra paragraphs.

Build a kickass fort in mere seconds using this air fort inflatable tent. The tent works with any portable fan to instantly inflate and provide your little ones with a cool, secluded, and breezy hangout that they can set up anywhere.

The inflatable motorized stingray water board delivers all the fun of a stand up paddle board without the tiresome paddling part. It’s powered by a compact 12-volt battery, has a 200 pound capacity, and features a 6 inch thick bottom PVC layer for added durability.

Help keep your little one’s clothes clean while they enjoy their frozen treat by placing it inside this no mess ice cream holder. Designed for both cones and popsicles, the oversized border catches all the sticky ice cream that drips off the cone.

Experience the joy of watching your vegetables grow with this viewable root garden. This kid friendly kit includes everything you need to plant and observe the miracle of science, and makes an excellent gift for the young olericulture enthusiast.

Avoid dozing off during the workday by giving yourself a quick pick-me-up using these natural caffeine energy stir sticks. These calorie-free sticks feature a clean taste and contain 125mg of natural caffeine and vitamins so that you stay alert and awake throughout the day.

Slide into summer with a huge adrenaline rush by embarking on an epic ride down this 75 foot water slide. This massive slip and slide mat measures a whopping 75 ft long by 12 ft wide and features an ultra slick UV protected plastic surface for smooth launches.

Make the most of your smartphone’s camera by protecting your phone with this 6-in-1 camera lens iPhone case. The case allows you to effortlessly switch between lenses like a 2X telephoto, a 120 degree wide-angle, and a 20X super macro lens for incredible shots.

Join the brewing revolution by using this 3-in-1 specialty coffee maker. It comes with a built-in press and features a filter head that allows you to control the flow in order to steep coffee, stop drips, pour into multiple cups, and cold brew.

The swiveling surge protector helps you save space by making it possible to push your furniture flat against the wall without having to worry about protruding plugs. The clever design allows you to easily swivel it to the side so that they are parallel to the wall.

Give your little tadpole an amazing view of the underwater world by placing them aboard this clear bottom inflatable raft. This small vessel comes with a fully transparent floor that provides incredibly clear views of the deep without the need for a snorkel mask.

Settle your scores in a futuristic manner using these remote control combat robots. These pint-sized warriors are controlled via an app on your smartphone and can go head-to-head against other bots for 60 minute intervals on a single charge.

Drop everyone’s jaws at your next pasta night by making restaurant quality ravioli using this ingenuous rolling pin. This walnut and maple pin comes outfitted with small pockets designed to create deliciously plump raviolis that will stay sealed while cooking.

Experience the future of driving with the revolutionary dashboard heads up display. Featuring touchless gesture commands, it integrates with your smartphone to project messages onto the windshield so that you can focus on the road ahead and not on your phone.

This is unlike any sand you’ve ever played with before – kinetic sand is made up of 98% pure sand and 2% Polydimethyl siloxane – giving it a fun, unique, and easy to shape texture that provides endless hours of fun. It never dries out and is dust and allergen free.

Make the night come alive by starting a bioluminescent water gun fight. This blaster styled gun is filled with a special ReLume with natural bioluminescent proteins that mix with the water to create a bright stream that remains glowing after it’s shot out.

Turn heads while you’re riding through the city or boardwalk by hopping on the transparent longboard. The virtually indestructible 100% recyclable polycarbonate deck provides a unique and smooth ride with the flex of a snowboard and the flow of a surfboard.

Keep your succulent roast in prime drinking condition by pouring it into this adjustable temperature coffee mug. This sleek high-tech mug allows you to adjust the temperature by rotating the base so that your drink remains piping hot for hours.

Get the young whipper snappers interested in science by having them build their very own mini musical Tesla coil. The kit comes with everything needed to easily build a compact singing Tesla coil that emits a charming melody as the sparks fly.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, then you need this mobile alarm clock with wheels! When the alarm goes off this mobile alarm clock springs into action, driving into random and remote corners of your bedroom, forcing you to get out of bed and wake up.

Keep your canine companion from freaking out during stressful situations by using this canine anxiety relief system. The harness fits comfortably over the torso to deliver acoustic and vibration therapy designed to relax your stressed out pooch.

Experience a classic pastime in a whole new light by engaging in a rousing game of modern capture the flag. Instead of an actual flag, you play with a visually dynamic compact light up ball – making it ideal for night time matches.

Get on the fast track to striking it rich by exploring your local waterways with this waterproof metal detector. It features three sensitivity levels, is waterproof up to 10 feet deep, and comes painted in a bright orange color that makes it easy to spot in case it falls into the water.

Find out who is the fastest around by challenging all your friends to go head to head with you on the three person slip-n-slide. It features an extra broad track lined with cascading water to keep it slick, along with a small pool at the end for an epic splash finish.

Avoid getting soaked during your next water gun fight by arming yourself with one of these colorful water gun umbrellas. These vibrant pieces feature an extra long barrel with a small umbrella at the end that acts like a shield against your opponents.

Setting a timer has never been quicker and easier than with the Miracle Cube timer. To set, you simply flip the cube to the desired time interval and the countdown begins – making it ideal for use in the kitchen or during game nights.

Experience a nostalgia overload as you pay homage to one of the 20th century’s greatest landscape painters with this Bob Ross Chia Pet. In just 1 to 2 weeks you’ll be able to witness your tiny Bob Ross grow a groovy green afro full of life and color.

Want an alarm clock that doubles as a Hollywood movie prop? This defusable bomb is a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze button, but when you press the big red button a scary countdown will commence and require you to cut the right wire before time runs out.

Keep drivers from cutting you off on the road with the help of Gandalf and the “You Shall Not Pass” car sticker. This amusing vinyl decal is made to stand up to the elements and comes available in whatever color tickles your fancy. Slow down, you fools!

Look and feel like a million bucks every time you go to sleep by slipping into these Suit Pajamas. Made from fine silk and cotton, these comfy pajamas are the officially licensed version of the Suitjamas seen in How I Met Your Mother.

Never drink tea alone again with this baby Nessie tea infuser by your side. Apart from serving as your drinking buddy, baby Nessie’s porous body will release the tea into your mug while his long neck extends above the water’s surface so that you can stir it.

Add a geeky touch to your tropical fiesta with these Star Wars tiki cups. Each ceramic mug features a 14 ounce capacity and is available in 1 of 6 character designs including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and Yoda.

Enjoy a juicy slice of watermelon without making a mess by cutting open your fruit using this instant watermelon slicer. The slicer comes with rubber handles to prevent slipping and features sharp stainless steel blades that swiftly cut the watermelon into 12 equal parts.

Add an amusing touch to your reading nook by propping up your literary collection using this falling books bookend. It’s crafted from metal and cleverly designed to create the illusion that your stack of books is about to fall over and crush the tiny people making a run for it.

Get a serious upper body workout while capturing stunning photos with help from the ultra-telephoto zoom lens. Whether your intended object of interest is standing close by or happens to be a few miles away, this behemoth of a zoom lens will get the shot.

Elevate your favorite drinking game to new heights as you mercilessly punish your liver playing mountain beer pong. In addition to the standard six cup base, it incorporates a multilevel cup holder that increases the difficulty and fun of this iconic drinking game.

Light up the streets with your great fashion sense by wearing a pair of LED sneakers. These eye-catching kicks sport a wrap-around LED band that can be customized with one of seven colors so you can match them with any outfit.

Experience your favorite games in a whole new light with the Samsung 49″ curved gaming monitor. Equivalent to two side by side 16:9 monitors, this giant 32:9 super ultra-wide screen allows for seamless multitasking along with a rapid 144Hz refresh rate.

Keep all your essentials handy while you’re soaking up some rays by outfitting your chair with this pool chair towel organizer. It’s made from ultra-absorbent and fast-drying microfiber and is aligned with multiple pockets to store everything from sunglasses to a book.

Give your kitchen a geeky twist by storing your salt and pepper in these scientific flask shakers. These four inch tall Erlenmeyer flask containers are equipped with a periodic table styled label and a black rubber stopper to prevent the salt and pepper from spilling.

Fulfill your dream of becoming a mythical woodland creature with help from this creepy unicorn mask. It’s so realistically styled that from the moment you put it on, you and everyone lucky enough to come into your presence will undoubtedly be touched by its magic.

Keep your precious bundle of joy from driving you absolutely mad by soothing him/her using this incredible baby shushing device. The device emits a rhythmic “shushing” sound that is designed to sooth and calm your fussy baby.

Give any treat a sweet and savory kick by dousing it with some coffee infused maple syrup. Handmade with real maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains, it has subtle hints of toffee, chocolate, cherry, and fudge – making it the ideal topping for just about anything.

Give your skin the royal treatment by lathering it up with these beer soaps. They come in six incredible varieties including “hoppy IPA” and “vanilla porter” – and are made from quality ingredients like orange peel, crushed, oats, and real hops.

Feed your body – and narcissistic tendencies – with a well balanced breakfast made using the selfie toaster. Once you select the perfect selfie to upload, the toaster then etches your lovely mug onto the bread for a one of a kind edible portrait. #Toastie

Ever wish you could cool off with pickle juice? Well then feast your eyes on these pickle flavored ice pops! These refreshing treats feature a delightful zesty pickle taste and are packed with essential minerals like potassium and calcium to promote a balanced body.

Bypass the knife and scalpel next time you need to remove the poison of a nasty sting using this bite and sting extractor kit. Simply place the device over the affected area and watch as the reusable vacuum pump efficiently sucks up all the toxins.

This iPhone instant photo printer makes sharing your memories with friends and family easier than ever. This compact device fits over your smartphone – allowing you to easily print photos stored on your phone in as little as 30 seconds.

Brighten up someone’s special day with a little wonder by crafting a magic flying butterfly card. Simply insert this tiny rubber-band-powered butterfly into any greeting card and it’ll fly up to 20 feet in the air once the card is opened by the recipient.

The world is a scary place and you should always carry protection – and with the DSLR camera condom you can protect your high end camera from just about everything. It’s perfect for snapping photos or video where the environment is less than hospitable.

Teach your kid a strong work ethic at a young age with the baby mop onesie. Not only will your baby learn the importance of cleanliness, but he will also get an ab defining workout as he crawls across the floor picking up dirt and trash.

Get the perfect tan as you sizzle like a pepperoni under the hot sun while laying out on the pizza towel. This oversized nearly five foot wide pizza comes loaded with melted cheese and greasy pepperoni – making it ideal for the beach or picnics.

Welcome to the future of grocery shopping. The magnetic Amazon Dash Wand is an Alexa enabled device that can help you scan grocery barcodes, convert measurements, and order household essentials from Amazon using just your voice!

Upgrade your mobile workstation by plugging in the Asus Zenscreen portable USB monitor to your laptop or tablet. This 15.6 inch LCD monitor is compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A sources and weights just 1.7 pounds so you can easily carry it around.

Give pasta night an authentic touch by making your very own pasta with the Philips Viva pasta maker. It features a narrow space-saving design and automatically kneads and extrudes 2-3 servings of fresh pasta in just 18 minutes.

Stay toasty while you grill up your meals on cold nights using the Blaze tower fire pit and grill. It sports a functional pyramid-like tower design that can be used as a handy fire pit, charcoal grill, conventional oven, or pizza oven to cook up meals the entire family will love.

Travel over virtually any terrain just like a pet rodent in this human hamster ball. Built from a reinforced translucent material, the hamster ball lets you roll around safely inside of a bubble that provides a breathtaking view of the nauseating world around you.

Flood the pool with color and style by soaking up the sun on this vibrant rainbow pool float. It’s made from 25mm PVC and sports a comfy half circle design styled to look like a brightly colored rainbow – complete with all seven colors.

Experience your favorite action role-playing game like never before with Dark Souls: The Board Game. This strategically challenging game completely immerses you and up to 3 friends in non-stop action as you explore dangerous locations overflowing with enemies.

Serve up restaurant quality burgers right from home by making them using this 8-in-1 burger patty press. It allows you to easily make 8 plump quarter pound hexagonal patties that measure about 3 inches across and that are 1 inch thick.

Give that sexy pool boy the boot by replacing him with this solar powered pool skimmer. After placing it in the water, it will float along the surface to remove up to 95% of all surface debris – including dust, leaves, pollen, and bacteria.

Mornings will never be the same once the ultimate breakfast machine enters your life. In just five minutes this glorious machine will make you a complete breakfast sandwich. It’s the delicious and cost effective way to clog your arteries from the comfort of home!

Transform your room into a serene underwater oasis with this relaxing waves projector. This compact device projects a flurry of vibrant and hypnotizing patterns designed to help you disconnect from the hectic world around you.

Drench the competition with a continuous stream of liquid punishment using the AK-47 water gun. Rather than having you waste precious energy pumping away, this water gun features a convenient motorized system that shoots water with just the pull of the trigger.

Add a new level of excitement and difficulty to game night by playing a rousing game of Tetris Jenga. Instead of simply stacking rectangular wooden blocks, players will take turns stacking Tetris shaped and colored pieces like the L, T, and Z blocks.

Take your drinking games from the frat house to the big leagues by upgrading to the moving beer pong robot. This motorized device holds up to 5 plastic red cups and moves all around the table – dramatically increasing the difficulty of the shot.

Introduce some order to the mess that is your bathroom with the modular shower station. This station is the ultimate in bathroom accessories, it boasts a sturdy rust-proof metal frame, four sets of shelves, and hangs conveniently from the shower head.

Stave off boredom old school style with this 3D pin art toy. This wildly entertaining board measures just 5″ x 7″ and comes with dozens of tiny little metal pins that you push on one side to create a cool three dimensional sculpture on the other side.

The Que collapsible water bottle is the container that can shrink in size when needed without sacrificing style. Made from food-safe silicone, it features a unique spiral design that allows you to collapse the bottle to nearly half its size for easy portability.

Get your caffeine fix even if there’s no time to brew a fresh pot by popping one of these dry brew coffee chews in your mouth. Equivalent to a six ounce cup of coffee, each little piece is made using real coffee, non-dairy creamer, and a zero-calorie sweetener.

Ensure your phone remains in one piece while you’re slaying your workout by placing it inside this iPhone holding water bottle. This waterproof bottle comes with two separate compartments so that you can store your phone in one and your beverage in the other.

Ensure your brews remain cold while you’re out at the tailgate by storing them inside this neoprene bottle holder. It accommodates up to 7 beers, is made entirely from neoprene to help keep drinks cool, and comes with a comfy handle for portability.

This 2-in-1 broom and squeegee lets you clean up wet & dry messes easily without having to switch between a mop and broom. The ingenious design allows you to single-handedly rotate between the broom and squeegee side of the head.

Keep strangers from wanting to pet your doggy when you’re out on walks by transforming him into a mutant beast with this werewolf dog muzzle. It’s designed to fit your pup without causing discomfort and is intricately styled to make your dog look like a ravenous beast.

Keep your feline friend entertained even when you’re not home by using this smartphone controlled interactive cat toy. It features a built-in camera so that you can see your kitty as you control a cat teaser using your smartphone.

Create a mini light show when jamming out to your favorite tunes with these laser light headphones. These smart headphones feature a built-in heart sensor and come with bright neon lights that pulse to the beat of the song or your heartbeat.

Bring a little extra luck into your life by adding some color to your garden with this vomiting rainbow garden gnome. This leprechaun-type little fella shoots out a vivid stream of multicolored chunks that lead to a large pot of gold.

Raise the pretentiousness factor of your next wine and cheese dinner soirée by pairing your spirits with an assortment of gourmet French cheese. This assortment includes L’Eveque, Comte Reserve, Buche de Chevr, and Fourme d’Ambert.

Chill your drinks while you chill your body with this revolutionary air conditioner drink cooler! It works by circulating the chilled water through a radiator and blowing cold air onto you – making it perfect for outdoor sporting events, the beach, or just anywhere hot!

Punt up some frozen treats using the kickball ice cream maker. Making ice cream has never been this much fun – simply load the ingredients into the sphere and then shake or kick it around for 15 minutes – it’s that easy!

Instantly improve your wine’s taste by pouring it into the aerating wine glass. Each hand-blown glass comes with a small aerating fountain at the center that disperses wine out over several different spouts, infusing oxygen into the wine to release more flavor.

Ensure your little human stays safe on the road without cramming your backseat with bulky child seats by using the foldable car booster seat instead. There’s no compromise on safety and it can fold into a compact package that is up to 10x smaller than traditional seats.

Set your geeky ride apart from the rest by spicing up its decor using this Chewbacca seatbelt cover. Handmade from faux fur and high quality marine vinyl, it’s UV resistant and makes you look like a Wookie as you are driving around town.

If you own a vehicle and value your life, there’s no excuse for not owning this 3-in-1 emergency car tool. This indispensable tool offers a seat belt cutter, a tungsten window breaking tip, and a handy flashlight so that you can illuminate the dark.

Grow a garden’s worth of different plants using a fraction of the space by planting them inside this 50 plant container garden tower. The cylindrical tower structure offers large pocket openings for easy planting and can retain up to 14 gallons of water.

Take laziness to new levels by staying in bed all day with the sleeping desk workstation. This handy little device boasts a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that adjusts to the ideal position so that you can comfortably use your laptop while laying down.

Keep your lawn looking pristine year round with help from this Wi-Fi connected smart garden sensor. It goes in the soil, tracking and reporting everything from soil nutrition to moisture and humidity so that you can take the guess-work out of maintaining your garden.

Stay nice and toasty on a chilly day by relaxing in the wood burning hot tub. The simple yet efficient design comfortably accommodates you and your significant other as a small wood burning fire pit keeps the water hot without the need for electricity.

The world’s smallest Rubik’s cube is so tiny you’ll be able to take this challenging brain teaser anywhere. This fully functional mini cube measures around 2 inches on each side and comes styled with the same color scheme as its regular sized counterpart.

Achieve unheard of accuracy out on the battlefield by taking down the enemy with a paintball bow. Unlike a noisy paintball marker, this bow allows you to sneak up to your opponent and take them out silently with extreme precision.

Suit up to battle the villains in your nightmares by donning the wearable superhero sleeping bags. These stylish superhero themed sleeping bags allow you and a couple of buddies to form your very own crime fighting squad during your next slumber party.

With the folding Ray-Ban sunglasses you’ll be able to stay stylish and protected from the blinding sun without over-encumbering your purse or pockets. It’s the classic Wayfarer glasses that you love with a twist – the frame folds in half for quick and convenient storage.

Instantly improve any dish by dousing it with this hot cheese dispensing gun. After filling the hollow cartridge with your favorite cheese, the gun will quickly heat up and melt the cheese so that you can easily spray it over any dish, or simply create fun cheesy doodles.

Slice through anything from a cardboard box to an envelope letter with deadly precision using this pocket samurai keychain knife. It sports a titanium handle along with a mini 440C stainless steel razor sharp tanto blade.

Rid your home of pesky insects by blasting them with the salt shotgun. The gun’s ingenious design creates a mini shotgun effect that lets you shoot loads of salt with great accuracy so that you can vanquish those creepy crawlers once and for all.

Conserve precious energy by saving yourself the arduous walk from the trailer park to the picnic site by riding on the motorized beverage cooler. The 49 CC engine provides just the right mix of power and speed to get you and your drinks where you need to be.

The perpetual calendar is the stylish, modern, and eco-friendly way to keep track of the date. Designed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, this dynamic calendar provides an innovative way to tell the date and adjusts so you can use it year after year.

Turn the world around you into a 3D dreamscape by strapping on the Microsoft Hololens. Instead of a screen, it utilizes a holographic display and sensors that scan the space around you and augment it with digital objects.

Cook an out of this world meal in true Imperial fashion by using this Star Wars Tie Fighter gas grill. This geeky grill features 220 square inches of cooking space, works with standard size disposable propane tanks, and is compact enough to take anywhere.

Enjoy first class beverages while flying the friendly skies by preparing your own drinks using the airplane carry on cocktail kit. This TSA compliant kit comes in a sturdy tin which houses the accoutrements necessary to mix up some tasty mile high concoctions.

Halloween is sure to be a wild ride when you and your closest chums dress up in roller coaster costumes. Once you and a few friends are safely strapped into your costumes, you’ll create the illusion that you’re aboard a thrilling amusement park ride.

Repair broken cables in seconds using the liquid plastic welder. Unlike glue that sticks everywhere and dries up too quickly, the plastic inside the welder remains in liquid form until you’re ready to make your repairs and cure it using the built-in UV LED light.

Rid your home of that nasty litter box smell with the toilet training system. Within eight short weeks your cat will leave his primitive ways behind and learn to do his business in a toilet like a refined feline. It’s a win-win for everyone except your cat-poop-eating dog.

Get one step closer to ushering your home into the 21st century by automating your blinds using this smart motorized blinds conversion kit. It’s compatible with most 2 and 2.5 inch horizontal blinds and connects to your phone via Bluetooth for the ultimate convenience.

Bring the brutality of football to the graceful game of soccer by playing a game of inflatable bumper soccer. In this hybrid sport, players are encased by an enormous inflatable ball that lets you bump, tackle, and push down opponents without ever injuring them.

Stay one step ahead of your assailants with the anti-kidnapping watch wrist band. If you’re going to be travelling to possibly dangerous destinations, this watch accessory provides you with the tools you may desperately need in order to evade your captors.

Wield control of your Earth-based entertainment system in true Doctor Who fashion with the sonic screwdriver TV remote control. This universal remote is compatible with almost all home entertainment equipment and comes styled just like the Doctor’s tool.

Carry a portable water container virtually anywhere you go without the bulk by using the collapsible water bottle. This handy disposable bottle alternative is made from food safe silicone and is designed to fold down to a compact package that fits in your pocket.

Give off a rainbow of colored flames with this fire coloring kit. Using flammable color crystals, you simply toss them in the fire and watch as the flames display a beautiful variety of reds, oranges, greens, and blues. Perfect for camping or just spicing up the old fireplace.

Ensure no one can get their grubby hands on your favorite bottle by using this wine bottle combination lock. The lock features a simple design that goes on in seconds and won’t unlock until the three digit combination is entered.

Forget about texts and emails. When you want a message delivered with speed and reliability, this potato message mailing service is the way to go! Each 5″ Idaho potato can be customized with a short 135 character message of your choosing.

Save a fortune on coffee filers by brewing your favorite roast using the reusable coffee brew buddy. The ingenious and functional design allows you to brew a single cup a coffee at any strength using the built-in fine mesh filter.

Turn heads as you cruise down the streets on this circulate skates. While it’s not the hoverboard you’ve been patiently waiting for, the intrepid design allows you to move through semi-rugged terrains and easily perform cool spinning tricks like a 360° or 720°.

Life is short – learn to appreciate what little time you have with help from the death countdown watch. It utilizes a personal health algorithm along with your health stats to calculate approximately how much time you have left on this incredible planet.

No home is complete without having at least one bookshelf that swings open to reveal a room full of hidden treasure and trinkets. This hidden door kit will allow you to transform your run-of-the-mill bookshelf into a passageway for an ensconced area of the home.

Get your creative juices flowing by becoming the co-author of “Finish This Book”. Famed “Wreck This Journal” author Keri Smith enlists your help through a series of clues and intelligence training which you must solve to continue her research and complete the book.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop combines balance, portability, and performance so that you can work from virtually anywhere. It features an aesthetically pleasing ultra sleek design complemented by killer specs and a luxurious customizable Alcantara keyboard.

Stop rummaging through Starburst bags looking for the one flavor you actually enjoy eating – now you can directly order an entire pound of your favorite Starburst color and go on an insulin spiking, cavity spawning sugar rush for the ages.

Keep thirsty blood-suckers from turning you into a tasty buffet by heading outdoors dressed in this insect repellent clothing. These machine washable garments are treated with insect repellent technology that protects against bugs like ticks, ants, and mosquitoes.

Give your pooch the feeling of less restraint without compromising the safety of being on a leash using this two-way dog friendly leash. It creates a direct connection between your hand and your canine’s mouth to give him a sense of freedom during walks.

Bring the majesty and beauty of the heavens to your home with the starfield simulation light. An ideal gift for astronomy enthusiasts, this small gadget features a rotating base that projects a map of the stars onto the walls for an accurate and in depth look at the cosmos.

Avoid uncomfortable positions while you catch some Z’s at work with the nap time office chair. This leather-clad chair provides superb lumbar support while seated and is capable of reclining all the way back so that you can nap like a civilized person at your desk.

Bicycle along new scenic routes without fear of getting lost once you install the bike navigation system. This high-tech navigation system guides riders along the best possible routes while providing information about current conditions. It’s the ultimate bicycling accessory.

Get the answers to mind-bending questions about our universe by reading “Astrophysics For People In A Hurry”. Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson guides you though provoking topics like the nature of space and time, and how we fit into the universe.

Set up an impromptu dining room virtually anywhere using the barbecue dining table. This sturdy table sets up around the specialized grill set – sold separately – to provide you and your friends with a sturdy surface you can use to eat or prepare meals on.

Give your lovely home a subtle touch of death and decay with the crystal skull door knob. Designed to look like a perfectly polished tiny human skull, this grim door knob makes the perfect accent piece for a modern Witch Doctor’s home or office.

Forget lucky pennies, it’s the 50 cent hidden blade coin that’ll really help you out when you’re in a jam. Concealed within this seemingly run-of-the-mill currency lies a razor sharp steel blade that you can discreetly carry virtually anywhere.

Keep your kitchen cutlery ready for action when you store them in the Spartan warrior knife block. This novelty piece is crafted from fine maple wood and made in the image of a Spartan warrior who is fending off your attack with his trusty shield.

Cut out that greedy licensed middle man you call a dentist and take matters into your own hands by improving your smile using the teeth whitening kit. The kit will take years worth of stains off without causing any added sensitivity to your precious chompers.

Store a backpack’s worth of useful tools in your back pocket by slipping this credit card sized survival tool into your wallet. Crafted from stainless steel, it comes packed with 14 useful tools such as a bottle opener, a nail pry, a hex wrench, and a handy saw.

Make your kitchen a safer place for the kiddos by keeping your cutlery stored inside this self locking universal knife block. The block securely holds the knives using a cam-lock mechanism that can only be released by pressing a button on the side.

Get a close up view of King Neptune’s vast underwater realm by heading out on this transparent kayak. This two person kayak features a see-thru 100% UV resistant polycarbonate hull that gives you a crystal clear view of everything going on underneath the surface.

Ensure victory by silently taking out the opposition with brutal accuracy using the paintball arrow gun. With this one of a kind weapon you’ll be able to stealthily traverse the battlefield and sneak up on opponents before they even know what hit them.

Unleash your deadly inner warrior as you wield the Damascus steel sword. Expertly forged from Damascus steel, this noble weapon stands as a testament to the superior and timeless quality of ancient Chinese sword forging techniques.

Shave a few years off your appearance by keeping your skin looking young and radiant using these 24K gold foil sheet masks. Each leaf is made from 24K edible gold sheets designed to prevent wrinkles and soothe skin.

Maintain a fresh scent inside your vehicle by attaching this portable mini air-humidifier/purifier to your air vents. This compact device spreads negative ions to counteract excessive positive ions in the air, effectively improving air quality.

Avoid losing your belongings while traveling by sticking this GPS luggage tracking device in your bag. This compact device fits discreetly in your suitcase and allows you to locate and track your belongings using the included app.

Become the envy of every paleontology geek in the break room by bringing your meal inside this dinosaur head lunchbox. This green dino’s mouth opens up to reveal a cozy spot for you to store your food, and it comes with a removable muzzle for easy transport.

Keep sensitive personal information from falling into the wrong hands by blocking it out using this black out roller stamp. It features a half inch width and is made using a specially formulated ink that works over glossy papers and labels.

Steer clear of dirty dishes next time you make dinner by using these slow cooker disposable liners. Designed to hold the heartiest of ingredients with no breakage, they’re ideal for cooking with no mess – making them perfect for the lazy cook.

Keep your energetic and adventurous pooch from dirtying up your floors by keeping their paws clean using this dog paw cleaner. This mug-like device is lined with bristles to gently wipe your dog’s paw clean without causing discomfort or irritation.

Now you can give any snack or dessert a yummy peanut-buttery flavor by topping it off with some Reese’s peanut butter sauce. It features the same delicious flavor as the iconic candy and comes in a massive 4.5 pound tub.

Delve into the wacky mind of Dr. Seuss by bringing his world to life with color! Each page of the Dr. Seuss coloring book features a whimsical illustration from some of Dr. Seuss’s most iconic books like “The Lorax” and “The Cat in the Hat”.

Begin living the leisurely life you’ve always envisioned with help from The 4-Hour Work Week. You’ll learn everything from outsourcing your work to overseas virtual assistants, to trading a long-haul career for short work bursts.

Learn about the best locations and experiences our planet has to offer by reading 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. This fact-filled read features 600 full color photographs, and showcases 1,000 incredible destinations spanning over 28 different countries.

Defrost rock solid slabs of meat in mere minutes by setting them on top of the ultra fast defrosting tray. The thermal conductive material of the tray dramatically speeds up the thawing process so your meat and poultry are ready to cook when you need them.

Give your simpleton brain a grueling workout by trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube for idiots. Aptly named the “boob cube”, this puzzle features a dumbed-down design that includes a solution manual just in case it proves too challenging.

Keep your valuables – and pot – safe and sound by hiding them inside this secret stash water bottle. The bottle’s interior comes hollowed out while the exterior is designed to look exactly like a real water bottle – complete with a top compartment you can fill up.

Take a piece of the sea with you wherever you go by accenting your look with this octopus tentacle ring. This nautically themed accessory depicts a silver tentacle wrapping around your finger with its suction cups points outwards.

Stay hydrated in style by swapping out you plastic bottle for one of these adorable penguin water bottles. Each 8.5 ounce bottle features a high borosilicate glass interior and a tough TPE/ABS plastic exterior designed to look like a cute little colorful penguin.

Add a bit of whimsy to your yard’s ambiance by illuminating the area using these star shaped twinkling Edison bulbs. These LED bulbs feature a unique five point star design and emit a warm golden glow ideal for accent lighting.

Improve the quality of your daily shower sessions by installing this two-in-one detachable shower head. The ingenious design gives you the choice of using it as a stationary shower head or as a more versatile handheld spray.

Train in a whole new way by using these blood flow restriction occlusion training bands. They reduce oxygen supply to the muscles to pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibers while enabling fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quickly – resulting in lean muscle growth.

Enjoy a star-filled sky every night of the year by placing this starry night led projector in your bedroom. The small orb comes with built-in LED of warm light, blue light, green light, and red light that project a series of multicolored stars onto the walls and ceiling.

Learn how to become a true badass with a pair of needles by reading The Manly Art of Knitting. Originally published in 1972, this practical guide provides step-by-step instructions for beginners alongside helpful illustrations and images.

Have you ever wanted to lick your cat? Sure you have! Well now you can finally fulfill your motherly instincts & desires to groom your feline using your tongue – but without the furballs! Simply place the hair brush in your mouth, and get to lickin’!

Add a touch of technicolor wonder to your special day by walking down the aisle in this whimsical LED wedding dress. This gorgeous piece is made from satin and a special fiber optic fabric that makes it glow in one of seven beautiful shades.

Become an expert on a wide assortment of potentially inebriating plants, flowers, and fruits by reading “The Drunken Botanist”. This bestseller examines fungi, trees, herbs, and plants that have been fermented and distilled to craft some of the world’s greatest drinks.

Keep your meaty sandwich from falling apart by transporting it in this flexible silicone lunchbox. The bottom features a sturdy base while the top half is made from a flexible skin that holds everything in place until you’re ready to dig in.

Now you can use your smartphone to control your home’s lighting by installing this smart light switch attachment. It attaches magnetically to existing light switches, requires no programming, and can be conveniently controlled with the included phone app.

Treat your muggle taste buds to some incredible magical flavors by following any of the recipes in “The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook”. It’s packed with over 150 easy-to-follow recipes for spellbindingly delicious meals like “Molly’s meat pies” and “pumpkin pasties”.

How To Make Money In Your Spare Time is the captivating read that shows you how you can make some extra money in a “not so legitimate” way. It examines the Mafia and similar organizations to provide an alternative path to financial freedom.

Get your daily fill of positivity, unicorn magic, and trombone music in one shot by pouring yourself a hearty bowl of Booty O’s Cereal. Based on WWE sensation The New Day, this bootylicious treat comes packed with small marshmallow shaped booty crowns.

The lightning reaction shocking game is the electrifyingly fun game that puts your reflexes to the ultimate test. Players simultaneously hold onto the handles and wait for the light to turn green – the last one to press the trigger on their handle gets shocked!

Transform your unstable Hoverboard into a comfy four wheeled ride using this sitting attachment for Hoverboards. The attachment fastens around the center of the Hoverboard so that you can easily attach a chair or use it to lug around your gear.

Keep your fidgety hands from going all over the place during work or school with the Fidget Cube. Each side of this small cube features slideable joysticks, clickable buttons, flippable switches, and roll-able balls to keep you busy and improve focus.

Experience heaven on Earth by satisfying your sweet tooth with a hearty bag of Sasquatch poop. Each little cotton pouch comes filled with small chocolate covered almond poop balls that were hand-gathered from the forests of the Northwest where Bigfoot roams free.

Bring killer style back to the high holidays by strutting around in this ugly Hanukkah sweater. This long sleeve shirt comes with a holiday appropriate design depicting some of Hanukkah’s most well known symbols like Menorahs and dreidels.

Easily create professional looking floral themed pastries right from your very own kitchen using this rose shaped aluminum bundt pan. It features a lovely open rose design along with a non-stick coating on the pan’s interior to facilitate cleanup.

Transform nearly any surface in your home into a drawing board using the chalkboard spray. It works on a variety of surfaces like wood, metal, and plaster, while leaving behind a smooth and scratch resistant chalkboard finish.

Give your workstation/home entertainment system a facelift with the HP Pavilion Wave speaker shaped PC. This fully-functional computer provides excellent sound along with features like 4K output, a built-in mic, USB ports, Bluetooth, and Gigabit Ethernet.

Stay warm without sacrificing style by slipping into a pair of these knee high no show socks. They feature a moisture wicking property to help keep your feet dry and odorless while also helping to prevent blisters – so you can remain comfortable throughout your day.

Stop having loose change, pieces of food, cell phones, or even your car keys fall into that merciless black hole between your car seat and the center console. This car seat gap catcher works for any car, simply slide it in place and the gap will be completely filled!

Take your taste buds for a walk on the wild side by sinking your teeth into an edible dehydrated zebra tarantula. Each little protein-packed critter comes fully boiled, dehydrated, and seasoned with a light hint of barbecue for an exotic taste.

Double your closet’s storage capacity without performing costly renovations by using this over the door hanging shoe rack. It’s designed for most standard size doors and can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes, freeing up floor space and eliminating clutter.

Create a vibrant atmosphere by unleashing a flurry of color into the air using this compressed air powder cannon. It utilizes rice power dyed with a non-toxic and water soluble coloring that explodes into the air to release a cloud of colored dust.

Turn your bedroom into a more loving spot for you and your sweetie using these “I love you” pillow cases. They come decorated with a cute and simple little cartoon of a couple romantically talking to each other through a tin can telephone.

Turn any surface into your personal mousepad using this infrared projection mouse. This handy portable device requires no physical sensing component and projects an 8 x 8 centimeter square where you can click, scroll, drag, and zoom using only three fingers.

Become the galaxy’s ultimate hero by saving it from sure destruction by playing a rousing game of Clue: Star Wars edition. Players can choose from characters like Luke, Leia, Han, or Chewy, to find Vader’s top secret plans for the Death Star.

Pouring the perfect glass of wine is as easy as pressing a button when you use the one touch wine aerator. It provides more air contact surface to speed oxidation than any other aerator and requires no lifting or aiming to pour.

Make your presents stand out above all others underneath the Christmas tree by placing them inside one of these light up gift boxes. These battery operated boxes come with built-in LEDs that illuminate the entire box in a range of vibrant colors.

Maximize your home’s limited space by organizing your stuff inside this overhead garage storage rack. This industrial strength rack features a patented channel design that holds up to 600 pounds with an adjustable drop-down distance between 18″ and 33″.

Make the holidays sweeter than ever for your little ones with this DIY gingerbread house kit. This easy-to-assemble kit comes with everything necessary to build a small and yummy gingerbread house – like pre-baked walls to green fondant and candy accents.

Look like an Avenger while you’re walking around school by toting your gear inside this Captain America shield backpack. It comes styled just like the Cap’s vibranium shield and features a large main compartment with two pulls and handles.

Give your Asian themed cuisine a cute and mildly racist element to it with the panda rice mold. Instead of eating boring old white rice, give it some adorable appeal by transforming it into small and tasty pandas everyone in the family will love.

Enjoy a warm cup of cocoa whenever the mood strikes by using this hot chocolate on a spoon. You simply dip this popsicle shaped utensil into your mug of heated milk or water and the chocolate cube will begin to melt into a thick and savory treat.

Transform your pastries into a works of edible art by accenting them with these edible butterfly cake toppers. Each butterfly features a wingspan between 2.5 to 3 inches and comes decorated in gorgeous vivid colors and lively patterns.

Turn heads by creating the illusion you’re breaking actual rocks with your teeth by snacking on these geode cookies. Each piece is masterfully decorated to resemble a naturally occurring rock – complete with a drool-worthy hard candy center.

Combine your love of partying and firearms by downing your liquor with one of these .308 real bullet shot glasses. Each shot glass comes with a real .308 bullet lodged into the side and is handmade to ensure each piece is 100% unique.

Keep your daily essentials organized and at hand during your travels by carrying everything inside this fold-out toiletries travel bag. The functional fold-out design provides ample storage while also creating extra counter space for greater comfort.

Enjoy your favorite fried foods without the mountains of grease by preparing a meal using this healthy fried food oven. It utilizes powerful convection currents to fry your food without any additional fat – making it perfect for french fries, fried chicken, egg rolls, and more!

Ensure you mark off the right measurement every time by using this one-handed marking tape measuring tool. This twenty five foot tape measure comes with a versatile clamp designed to hold pencils, pens, or even Sharpies.

Witness the passing of all four seasons before your very eyes with this incredible lenticular nature poster. Depending on what angle you view the poster from, it depicts the tree in a different season of the year – which makes it amazing to hang beside a mirror!

Turn a lap around the park into an adrenaline-filled ride by getting behind the wheel of this drifting go kart. Capable of reaching speeds up to 12 mph, it comes with a high-torque chain-driven motor and features slick back wheels and a hand brake for easy drifting.

Add brilliant accent lighting to the party atmosphere by serving everyone’s drinks in these disco ball light projection cups. The base of the cup comes with a small half disco ball that lights up in 1 of 8 hues, illuminating your drink with an array of vivid colors.

Ensure your house mates keep their hands off your stuff by placing the screamer motion alarm on the job. This handy little smartphone assisted device features a 30 meter range and emits a painfully loud noise if anyone tampers with it.

Help uncover your genetic past from the comfort of home using the Ancestry DNA test kit. After submitting a saliva sample, the test utilizes the latest autosomal testing technology to uncover your ethnic mix across 26 regions worldwide.

Conquer hills taller and steeper than you ever thought possible while riding atop the hammer head sled. It features a sturdy powder coated aluminum frame, stainless steel leaf spring steering, and rubber ski boots to deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Say good bye to zippers forever! Now you can instantly and securely open and close your sleeping bag with the NOZIPP sleeping bag. It features a convenient magnetic closure system to offer effortless entry, unparalleled venting and a unique expandable shape.

Keep the kiddos from making a mess during breakfast by having them use these neat slurpable cereal straw spoons. Available in a set of six, each plastic spoon features vibrant colors and comes with a built-in straw so you can easily sip your milk as you eat.

Transform your harmless little feline into a fierce and intimidating king of the jungle with this lion cat hat. As long as you insist on dressing up your cat with things he’ll despise, at least make it worth his suffering by choosing this ferocious hat.

Help keep your food from spoiling by placing it inside this datable lid storage container. Available in 3 sizes ranging from 23 to 81 ounces, they come with easy to read date dials that you can conveniently set by rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.

Conquer the unforgiving wilderness with the clamp ax head multi-tool in your arsenal of equipment. When you’re not busy chopping down trees, the ax head can be utilized as a hammer, wrench, bottle opener, or as a self-defense weapon against aggressive forest elves.

If you’re stuck on a deserted island with only one tool – pray it’s the survivalist hatchet. This life-saver features a top-quality steel head that offers both a razor sharp curved blade and sturdy hammer head – optimal for performing tasks like cutting wood and building shelter.

Improve the taste of nearly any alcoholic beverage by pouring it into one of these edible candy cane shot glasses. Each festive shot glass features a 1.76 ounce capacity and are made entirely from tasty peppermint flavored candy.

Take your taste buds on a nostalgic trip through time by digging into one of these retro candy gift boxes. Each box comes jam packed with 30 different sugary treats from a specific decade in the twentieth century – from the 1940s to the 1990s!

Improve the quality of your naps and nightly sleep by placing this contoured sleeping mask over your tired eyes. This mask is made from a lightweight material that’s soft to the touch features an ergonomic design that minimizes pressure over your eyes.

Turn heads as you run past your competition in these reflective iridescent spectrum shoes. These rubber-soled running shoes feature an innovative new reflective material that transforms into a striking colorful pattern under direct sunlight or a camera flash.

Work on your drumming skills anywhere without disrupting others using this roll up electronic drum kit. It rolls up for easy transport and includes 2 foot pedals and 9 different drum pads that are capable of reproducing a range of sounds and beats.

Improve your complexion by getting rid of unsightly blackheads using this remover and pore cleanser. After washing your face, apply the strips, wait 15 minutes then remove and look in curious disgust at all the grime and filth you’ve removed from your face.

Improve your bedroom’s air quality with some ambient lighting courtesy of this crystal Himalayan salt lamp. This hand-carved piece stands on a termite-resistant Neem wood base, emits a soft amber glow, and releases negative ions that purify the surrounding air.

Keep your feet nice and toasty on cold days by slipping into these microwavable boots. They’re made from a plush fabric that’s soft to the touch and can either be heated up in the microwave or stuffed inside a freezer so that they can be used as cold packs to treat injuries.

Prepare bakery-quality loafs right from home using the Fourneau bread oven. The cast iron cover and hatch absorb the oven’s heat and distribute it evenly to the entire loaf so that you’re left with an airy and chewy loaf with a drool-worthy crisp golden crust.

Keep your room looking tidy by storing all your accessories inside this jewelry cabinet mirror. This tilting 43 inch long mirror’s space-saving design features a slim yet spacious storage cabinet with 48 necklace hooks, 6 lined shelves, and a bracelet rod.

Transform yourself into a mythical Middle Earth creature when you’re jamming out by using these elf ear earbuds. They transmit clear crisp sound and come with pointed tips designed to make your regular human ears look like graceful elf ears.

Set your cocktails apart from the rest by concocting them using your very own homemade gin. This fun kit comes with everything needed so that you can turn any generic bottle of vodka into a unique and tasty home-brewed gin.

Increase your chances of survival during a home fire by having this emergency breathing system at your side. This life saving device is designed to prevent smoke inhalation by filtering out chemical substances and removing carbon monoxide for up to five minutes.

Complete jobs in hard to reach areas with tremendous ease using this flexible drill bit extender. This handy little add-on features a tough yet flexible stainless steel design that you can bend up to 90 degrees in any direction.

Give your room a touch of geeky gamer flair by waking up using this Tetris alarm clock. Inspired by the classic game, this digital alarm clock employs the game’s unique falling blocks motif to display the hour and minutes in a fun fashion.

Avoid accidentally shattering a glass during your next drinking session by using these stainless steel shot glasses. They come printed with a short “bottoms up” message on the side and feature an all steel construction so they’ll last for years to come.

Keep your precious hooch safe from all your conniving roommates using this liquor bottle lock. This key-operated lock features a sturdy tamper-proof construction and is designed to contour to a variety of bottle necks for a tight and secure fit.

Give your next party or celebration a fun whimsical feel by decorating the venue using these giant balloons. Available in packs of 10, each brightly colored latex balloon can be easily inflated to a whopping 48-inch diameter.

Make your homemade treats look more mouth-watering than ever before using this multi-color swirl icing coupler. It lets you effortlessly create professional looking multi-colored swirls with either two or three different colors.

Give your drone the ability to land on the water by outfitting it with this landing raft system. It takes just one minute to install or remove, and is crafted from ultra-lightweight high impact polymers that are durable and weigh less than 300 grams.

Star Wars by Selk’bag allows you to suit up and enjoy any adventure as your favorite Star Wars hero! An excellent choice for spring and summer camping as well as fun around the home. Equipped with removable booties and hand openings so you can use your light saber to conquer the galaxy! Choose from Dart Vader, Storm Trooper, Chewbacca and Rebel Pilot!

Treat someone special to the perfect gift: luxurious combed cotton socks. These non-slip socks are printed with an entertaining message: If you can read this, bring me some wine. Click “add to cart” to order.

Add a Sith touch to your room with this novelty Darth Vader Lightsaber Floor Lamp ripped out of the universe of Star Wars. This standing light is brightened by red LEDs that can be adjusted by the included remote.

Keep electronic devices juiced up throughout the day while you stay warm with this device charging heated jacket. This water resistant jacket has three heated modes that are controlled through a small button to keep you toasty between -4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to drink during the game – here’s one more – the football drinking game mug. Using the graphic as a guide, fill your mug at the start of kickoff, and drink accordingly as your team advances down the field.

Be naughty this year and have yourself a boozy little Christmas by celebrating the holidays with this Santa hat flask. This festive accessory features a detachable ten ounce plastic flask discreetly concealed within a zippered pocket.

Keep everything necessary for a relaxing soak close by when you’re in the tub using this wooden bathtub caddy. This lovely all-bamboo caddy sports accents like detachable side trays and slots carved into the surface to accommodate all your accessories.

Turn heads at any party by lighting up the spot with these RGB LED glasses. These colorful futuristic shades let you choose between vibrant pre-loaded patterns, or you can program the glasses with your very own custom colors and patterns.

Whip up delicious frozen treats in record time using this instant ice cream maker. After following the simple recipes, simply place the mixture onto the bowl’s fast freeze surface and begin turning it with the plastic spatula until your treat is frozen and creamy.

Enjoy quality time outdoors without exposing yourself to the elements by relaxing inside this hanging tree pod. It can be easily placed on almost any sturdy tree branch and provides a spacious 7.5 foot tall by 5 foot wide interior with a 500 pound weight capacity.

Handle whatever everyday task comes your way with ease by using this crab multi-tool. This friendly little crustacean features a beech wood shell in addition to nine stainless steel appendages containing everything from a trusty saw to a pair of scissors and knife.

Fine tune your wine palate from the comfort of home using this wine aroma tasting kit. This boozy and educational kit comes with small vials that are designed to help you recognize and identify the 54 aromas most commonly present in wine.

Keep your daily essentials organized and at hand by storing them inside this burrito pencil pouch. It sports a tasty looking tortilla exterior, comes with internal mesh pockets for storage, and features a functional wrap design that prevents anything from falling out.

Learning how to code teaches you how to think – and learning is now more accessible than ever. No matter your age or knowledge level, you can start learning today and be on the path to becoming a full stack developer that everyone will want to hire.

Keep your partner from stealing your precious blanket in the middle of the night by outfitting your bed with these blanket hogging prevention clamps. They work on all bed configurations, won’t damage your sheets, and can hold up to 50 pounds of force.

Winter is coming – ensure you’re warm and toasty with this faux wolf fur bedspread. This luxurious bedspread is crafted entirely from animal friendly faux fur and is given unique style accents to create a realistic appearance.

Transform your bedroom into the ultimate snuggle spot by bringing in this giant 11-foot teddy bear. This enormous teddy features a jubilant expression on his face along with an ultra soft exterior and an even fluffier interior that makes him ideal for laying on top of.

Origami and technology collide to bring you the iPhone controlled paper airplane. Unlike the flimsy poor quality paper airplanes you’re used to building, this high tech version integrates state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology to ensure you get the best possible flight.

Learn about the remarkable women that changed our world in the Bad Girls Throughout History book. This highly informative read highlights figures like Billie Holiday, Cleopatra, Harriet Tubman, and Georgia O’Keeffe – demonstrating their impact on the world.

Set your drinks apart from the rest by giving them a smoky flavor using this cocktail smoking box and gun. You simply place your drink inside the elegant and sturdy steel framed glass cage and pump it full of smoke to achieve a unique flavor.

Make your Christmas tree shine brighter than an exploding planet using this light up Death Star tree topper. Apart from putting on a spectacular remote controlled light show, it plays both the Star Wars theme song and the Imperial March.

Keep bad odors to a minimum by giving the stinker in your home the Poo-Pouri Master Crapsman gift set. Styled like a rugged little tool box, the set comes with two 2-ounce spray cans of air-fresheners – appropriately named “Trap-A-Crap” and “Royal Flush”.

If you want a potent speaker that brilliantly blends in with any modern home’s decor, the transparent speaker is the clear choice. Featuring powerful and high quality audio components, the transparent speaker is the perfect gift idea for any audiophile.

Silence those buzzing little bastards with ruthless efficiency by using this sword fly swatter. Available in one of three vibrant hues, it features a hilt-styled handle so you can grab and swing it like a sword when hunting down any small insect.

Enjoy alcohol’s glorious effects without the nasty next day consequences by wearing this hangover patch. This hospital-grade patch provides direct time-released delivery of essentials vitamins to dramatically reduce the physical side effects of heavy drinking.

Take your camera from selfie mode to action mode with the push of a button using this 180 degree camera spinning selfie stick. This rugged and lightweight stick features an easy mount system and an ergonomic grip to ensure you’ll always capture your shot.

Make your favorite carnivore’s mouth water with this bacon lovers feast gift basket. This bountiful basket comes packed with three 1 pound bags of prime cracked pepper and garlic bacon, applewood smoked maple sugar bacon, and chipotle bacon.

Make bath-time fun for your little ones using this bathtub ball track set. The set includes 3 tracks, a ladle, a ball, and a paddle wheel that you can easily stick onto your tile walls to create a fun maze for your little tadpole to play with.

Help maintain a more youthful appearance without going under the knife by using this facial fitness device. Although it may look a bit silly, it’s designed to tone and firm weak facial muscles with just two short 30 second sessions per day.

Add a splash of color to your kid’s everyday school carry using these rainbow pencils. Made from recycled paper, these eco-friendly pencils feature a vibrant multi-color interior that allows you to create beautiful little rainbows each time you sharpen them.

Easily defrost your frozen meats using this quick thawing plate. Instead of relying on batteries or electricity, the plate features embedded heat pipes and a microfin structure that dissipates cold and draws ambient warmth to the surface for quick thawing.

Make quick work of any tree or stump that stands in your way by mowing it down using this manual chainsaw. This ultra portable tool comes equipped with a carbon steel chain packed with double-cutting teeth securely attached to a pair of large looped handles.

Treat yourself anytime to the glorious embrace of fluffy heated towel using this personal towel warmer. It employs a silicone heating element that safely and evenly warms your towel, robe, or any other garment in just ten minutes.

Begin each day with an invigorating sugar high my scarfing down a bowl of Girl Scouts cookie cereal. The iconic and incredibly delicious Girl Scouts treats are now available year-round and come in two tasty flavors – “Caramel Crunch” and “Thin Mints”.

Find out your puppy’s breed without having to spend a small fortune by using this at home DNA test. With just a simple cheek swab you’ll be able to find out valuable information about your canine’s breed and reveal their genetic background.

Who needs air freshening sprays and scented candles when you have a bag of unicorn farts? Each bag features a whimsical and colorful design, and comes scented with essential oils of the highest quality that give off a delightful fragrance.

Avoid swallowing a hoard of nasty germs each time you take a bite using this elevated hygienic cutlery. These intelligently designed stainless steel utensils feature elevated heads that keep them from touching the germ-infested table when you lay them down.

Avoid messes at lunchtime by packing your little one’s meals inside this fold up placemat lunchbox. This machine washable flexible neoprene lunchbox instantly transforms from a compact pack into a hygienic and spacious placemat with the pull of a zipper.

Help your little acrobats develop healthy habits from early on by letting them loose on this indoor kid’s playground. It sets up easily, features a sturdy structure, and comes with everything from a cool climbing rope to monkey bars and a ladder.

Stay warm without having to wear layers upon layers by using this universal coat heater. This battery operated heater fits discreetly inside any coat and is designed with four different heat settings so you can always remain at the ideal temperature.

Easily write in dimly lit areas without having straining your eyes by using this LED pen light. Available in sets of three, each pen features a compact cell battery powered LED that emits a bright white light, so you can comfortably write in the dark.

Ensure you’re always smelling fantastic by using these portable cologne wipes. These classy wipes are packaged inside compact napkin sized envelopes and come in one of five intoxicating scents – making them ideal for the modern gentleman on-the-go.

Give the kids a fun scare at snack time by bringing out a tray of skeleton head brain cupcakes. The set comes with 3 heat resistant silicone rubber molds that you pour the batter into and place in the oven to create spooky skeleton shaped cupcakes.

Open up a portal to the netherworld in your home with this animated Halloween decorations DVD. The disk comes chock full of spooky images depicting monsters, ghouls, demons, and every other scary creature imaginable.

Keep an emergency stash at your workshop without anyone becoming the wiser by hiding your cash inside this bolt hidden safe. The bolt comes with a hollowed out body ideal for hiding cash and features a realistic appearance and weight.

Get your young bookworm interested in the classics from an early age using the Lovecraft alphabet book. Cleverly titled “C is for Cthulhu”, this magnificently illustrated read teaches the alphabet using the mythical creatures that inhabit the H.P. Lovecraft universe.

Give your outdoor adventures a heart-pumping soundtrack by strapping on this waterproof backpack speaker. This Bluetooth enabled speaker can last for up to 12 hours on a single charge, doubles as a power bank, and comes with both AUX and USB ports.

Witness the magical process of daybreak every time you’re on a coffee break by drinking from this day and night heat sensitive mug. Upon adding hot liquid into the ceramic mug, the scenic nighttime landscape begins ceding to the bright day.

Kick your selfie game up a notch with this selfie LED lighting attachment. It’s designed to fit any smartphone or tablet and lets you adjust the angle of the light bar and the brightness settings so you get the perfect shot every time.

Slash boredom to pieces by sitting around the table with your friends and playing the Serial Killer Trivia board game. Designed for 2-5 players, this morbidly entertaining game puts your serial killer knowledge to the ultimate test with over 500 questions.

Give your furry friend the freedom to come and go as he pleases with this microchip pet door. It’s compatible with all worldwide microchip formats, can be set to lock and unlock at specific times, and only works with your pet’s microchip – preventing strays from entering.

Create amazing pointilist masterpieces using this ink dot generating electronic pen. The pen features a specialized tip that repeatedly pulsates up and down to create 600 ink dots per minute so that you can stipple up to 10 times faster and reduce wrist fatigue.

Light up the entire campsite with ruthless efficiency using this rugged portable power station and light. It features a 10,400 mAh Li-ion battery that lets you recharge devices along with a fully adjustable light with 3 color temperatures and 10 brightness settings.

Make priority tasks stand out on your bulletin board with these map marker push pins. The set comes with eight small push pins designed to look exactly like the location icons you find on maps – making them ideal for marking off your adventures on a world map.

Use your downtime at work to perfect your game with this desktop mini golf. This amusing stationary set includes a pencil and eraser that serve as your handy club along with a card filled with cutouts that you use to make a small desktop course.

Add an extra layer of defense onto your home by installing this smart outdoor security light at your front door. It provides ample lighting, and features a built-in camera capable of live streaming video, so you can see who’s outside your home.

Pouring is boring – streamline the process of getting alcohol into your system using this wine bottle glass attachment. The high quality borosilicate glass fits directly onto the top of any wine bottle – turning each bottle into your own jumbo cup.

Stay warm and toasty without limiting your mobility by slipping into this napsack wearable sleeping bag. This 100% nylon machine washable sleeping bag comes with zippered openings at the side so you can stick out your arms and features an open bottom for walking.

Enjoy a home-brewed quality cup of Joe while you’re on the go using this portable manual coffee maker. It features a slim design that’s easy to transport and requires only a few pumps from your hand to brew exceptionally good tasting espresso.

Liven up your home’s drab decor with a little urban art using this vandalism starter kit. The work of prolific POPaganda contemporary artist Ron English is transformed into vibrant stickers you can peel off and stick anywhere you want.

Make your appetizers easy to reach for everyone at the table by placing them atop this octopus table server. This small cast iron octopus stands 9 inches tall and uses his long tentacles to create a sturdy base between the table and small glass surface overhead.

Safely walk your pooch while you enjoy a nice ride by using this hands free bicycle leash. It’s composed from a long stainless steel rod that’s complemented by a military-grade paracord leash designed to keep your doggy at a safe lateral distance while you pedal.

Listen to your favorite tracks the way they were truly meant to be heard by using these Audeze LCD-3 headphones. They employ planar magnetic technology to reduce distortion to unheard-of levels and achieve the best sound reproduction around.

Ensure your phone remains juiced up when there’s no wall outlet nearby by using this disposable smartphone pocket charger. It comes pre-charged right out of the box, is compatible with various phone models, and provides up to 5 extra hours of battery life.

Give your look an out-of-this-world touch by slipping into these purple galaxy leggings. Available in sizes ranging from XS-XXL, these machine-washable leggings feature a superb fit along with an eye-catching graphic depicting the cosmos.

Spend all day out on the water without getting scorched by the hot sun using this inflatable canopy bed. It features ample room to lay out on and comes equipped with a removable canopy, comfy backrest, and a couple of built-in cup holders.

Marinate your meats in a fraction of the time it normally takes by using this meat and vegetable vacuum marinator. The vacuum drum forms small air gaps in your meat that allow the juices to seep inside and fill your food with incredibly bold flavors.

Make your childhood fantasy a reality by converting the world around you into real LEGO-like structures by using these life size building bricks. You’ll be able to construct giant structures and real functional furniture – the only limit is your imagination.

Keep food fresh for months at a time by storing it inside this seal and pour bag clip. It’s made from a microwavable and freezable BPA free plastic and features a convenient spout and lid that make pouring and resealing a breeze.

Set up the ultimate Halloween display using this posable life size skeleton. This bony fella stands just over five feet tall and features posable limbs that lock in place so you can position him in a number of funny and amusing positions.

Enjoy a coffee house quality cup right at home by using this electric milk frother to whip it up. This battery powered frother does the job in just 20 seconds and features a simple push button design that allows for one-handed use.

With the world’s toughest coffee maker at your disposal, nothing will stand in the way of getting your piping cup of joe. The extremely rugged design of this coffee brewer is built to perform in the harshest of environments – making it ideal for construction jobs.

Get more use out of your light fixtures by screwing in this USB lamp socket charger. It installs in seconds, comes with a convenient on/off switch for the light bulb, and features a 2 AMP USB charger that stays on at all times.

Avoid clogging your drains with nasty balls of wet hair by using this bathtub hair catcher. This plastic device fits snugly into your tub’s drain and collects every loose hair that falls through. After each shower you simply pull out the plastic device to leave the drain clog-free.

Make game night more exciting for all who attend with the “That’s What She Said” card game. This hilarious game of innuendos has players matching humorous setup cards to even funnier phrase cards like “that’s going to leave a mark” and “it’ll look big in your hands”.

Your favorite cereal and cookie have joined forces to make snack time more epic than ever. Instead of the usual chocolaty taste, these Fruity Crisp Oreo cookies feature a creamy filling sprinkled with colorful rice crisps that make them taste downright heavenly.

Receive a soothing foot massage with every step you take wearing these stone massage slippers. The soles are littered with strategically placed smooth stones that are designed to give your bare feet a relaxing and detoxifying massage.

Add a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom’s decor using these soap rocks. Each visually striking rock features a swirl of vivid color combinations, along with a delightful geranium moss scent, and of course helps moisturize your skin.

Stop your keys from obnoxiously jingling all day long by placing them on the Orbitkey leather keychain. It sports a sleek exterior available in various shades, can accommodate up to seven keys, and can even be fitted with a handy bottle opener.

Instantly increase your height by placing these invisible heels inside your shoes. These durable heels are made from soft memory foam and help lift the bottom of your soles, so that your legs and overall figure appear longer and slimmer.

This wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker delivers high fidelity audio in a compact and sturdy package that you can take nearly anywhere. It features two full-range drivers plus a tweeter and has dual rear-firing bass ports that’ll blast your tunes for six straight hours.

This vintage metallic signs wall decal is the perfect way to easily add some color and charm to any room in your home. The decal can be reused multiple times, adheres to different surfaces like tiles and windows, and features a varied mix of 1950s styled art.

Prevent your frozen treats from melting into a gooey mess by eating them out of this ice cream cooling bowl. This BPA-free acrylic bowl features walls that come filled with a special cooling gel designed to keep the temperature of the bowl at 43 degrees fahrenheit.

Throw out that fake vomit and upgrade your pranks by disgusting friends and family using this Play-Doh fake poop mold. The kit includes a turd mold, two types of brown clay, and one tub of yellow clay so you can create small pieces of corn for a more realistic look.

Give your dishes a professional quality sear without accidentally burning them to a crisp using this power broiler blowtorch converter. After attaching it to a blowtorch, it utilizes two layers of temperature-resistant wire mesh to create an even flame for the perfect sear.

Make the entree the highlight of your next cookout by using the kebab maker. This ingenious device allows you to easily stack your chosen ingredients, pierce them with either a 3/16″ or 1/8″ skewer, and easily slice them into perfect kebabs with no mess.

Create a calming atmosphere in your home by planting your own Wisteria Bonsai tree using this kit. Inside you’ll find everything you will need to grow a gorgeous lilac leaved tree – from the seeds to the potting mix and even a lovely ceramic vase.

Obliterate the opposition at your next NERF battle by arming yourself with the Mega Mastodon Blaster. This motorized battery powered blaster comes with a massive 24 dart drum that rotates as it rapidly fires ammunition up to 100 feet away.

Channel the power of the Dark Side to help guests pick up appetizers by placing this Darth Vader toothpick dispenser on the job. At the press of a button, this small Vader action figure reaches into his cape and hands your guest a toothpick saber.

Keep a plethora of useful tools at your fingertips by carrying these key ring multi-tool scissors. Crafted from stainless steel, the clever design makes use of every inch by incorporating tools like a bottle opener and screwdriver tips in addition to the razor sharp scissors.

Keep your prideful kitty in check and looking respectable by covering up her ears with one of these bonnets for cats. Made from 100% cotton with satin lining, the bonnets feature a quaint floral print and come with straps to ensure a secure fit.

Create perfectly formed smoke bubbles and rings that’ll impress your friends using this smoke ring maker and bubble blower. It comes with a special “Monkey Juice” solution ideal for forming huge billowy smoke-filled bubbles in an instant.

This 3D electronic snap circuit kit takes snap circuits to new heights – literally – by allowing you to build them horizontally, vertically, and upside down. This fun and educational kit comes with more than 50 snap parts so you can build over 150 different projects.

Add a touch of class to any room in your humble abode by decorating your bare walls using this vintage library wall adhesive. This giant decal features a detailed image of a distinguished library and comes in nine separate pieces for easy assembly.

Take your taste buds for a walk on the wild side by snacking on these Swedish Fish Oreos. These limited edition treats replace the traditional white creme filling with a fruity red filling that offers the same great taste as the classic Swedish Fish gum candy.

Ensure you’re prepared when hunger unexpectedly strikes by keeping this emergency snack kit close by. Intended for emergency snacking use only, this life-saving kit comes stuffed with everything from Doritos and Airheads to Cheetos and salted peanuts.

Make your morning shower the best part of your day by using this massaging handheld shower head. It features an ample four inch diameter chrome head and five settings such as a water-saving setting, a warm mist setting, and a soothing massage setting.

Keep track of the new year and put your love of popping bubble sheets to use with this brilliant bubble wrap calendar. Every day that goes by you’ll get to enjoy the simple joy of popping a bubble off this clever calendar.

Grow some mind blowing green mushrooms with this glow in the dark mushroom kit. All you need is a nice wet log and you can have some amazing glowing mushrooms in no time at all. It’s a great gift for the budding mycologist.

Spice up your bathroom’s bland decor with a little Mediterranean flair using these mosaic tile wall stickers. Each 6cm x 6cm square features a colorful pattern that can be adhered to a variety of surfaces, and can be easily removed without leaving a mark.

Sleep cozier than ever by transforming yourself into a cute critter with this panda pajamas onesie. These relaxed fit pajamas come with buttons along the front for easy removal, and are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Class up your dining room by replacing your old utensils with this Mepra Casablanca Oro cutlery set. Each piece of this exquisite cutlery is accented with an elegant design and made from coated titanium which is four times stronger than steel.

Keep all your beauty products perfectly organized and accessible by storing everything inside this acrylic makeup organizer. The set is composed of three individual organizers which you can arrange in any order to best suit your needs.

Transform your car into an impromptu dining room using nothing more than this steering wheel tray. Made from durable abs plastic, the table features a handy cup holder, pen slot, and a sizable flat surface ideal for eating or working on.

Quit struggling with life’s hard choices once and for all by leaving them all up to the magnetic decision maker. You simply move the ball, release it, and wait for it to land on “yes”, “no way”, try again”, “definitely”, “maybe”, or the always popular “ask a friend”.

Keep others out of your personal space while you travel by bringing along this portable seat partition. Rather than having to wrestle the person next to you for the coveted armrest, you simply place the partition in between the two seats to claim your personal space.

This pocket shot arrow slingshot allows you to hone your archery skills without having to lug around a cumbersome bow. It comes in 4 separate pieces that are easily assembled together so that you can fire small arrows at speeds of up to 140 feet per second.

Give your home some retro charm by swapping your cordless model for this push button 1950s black payphone. It features a neat vintage design complete with an integrated coin slot, yet comes equipped with modern features like push buttons and volume control.

Give your meals an out-of-this-world touch using these amusing space egg molds. They’re made from silicone which makes them easy to wash and come in either a spaceship or cool astronaut design that will make mealtime fun for your little ones.

Make your next shot more palatable by serving it in one of these Quaffer layered shot glasses. They’re constructed from thick weighted glass and feature a clever hourglass design that helps the alcohol and chaser remain separate until you down the shot.

Make robotics fun for your young inventor with this DIY robot building kit. The kit comes with over 600 interlocking parts that snap together and work alongside an app that provides step-by-step instructions on how to construct different models.

Give your home a surreal twist with these jellyfish air plants. The set includes three air plants housed inside Alphonse sea urchins that are fitted with clear lines and S-hooks so you can easily hang them to create the illusion they’re magically floating.

Behold the pinnacle of modern technology – the pancake printer! This life changing cooking appliance prints out artistically designed flapjacks with ease to create a tasty and aesthetically pleasing breakfast for the whole family to enjoy

Make healthy snacks for kids by anthropomorphizing them with a pair of edible stick on eyes. These completely edible googley eyes come in a set that features a variety of entertaining expressions that make eating a delight.

Store your entire footwear collection using only a fraction of your closet space with the shoe wheel. It features a chrome plated steel base with wheels so you can easily move it around and is designed to fit up to thirty pairs of shoes.

Raise the decibel level in a geeky fashion by listening to your audio through this NES styled Bluetooth cube speaker. This compact speaker provides up to 8 hours of playback time, features a 10 meter wireless range, and is controlled via a giant D-pad.

Prevent your clean and organized clothes from morphing into a disastrous ball of wrinkled fabrics while traveling by placing it inside the stand up dresser suitcase. The ingenious design instantly props up and transforms into a mobile closet.

First world problem solved! Now you can open your beloved pistachio’s with minimal effort thanks to this handy nut opener. It sports a solid stainless steel construction and features a small pointed wedge that instantly opens even the most problematic pistachios.

Get a unique glimpse of King Neptune’s vast underwater realm by exploring it on the see-through kayak. Thanks to the kayak’s sturdy and transparent GE Lexan frame you and a friend get to witness the majesty of the ocean first hand.

Instantly create a party atmosphere by switching on this kaleidoscope light show projector. It features three built-in LEDs that shine through the multifaceted plastic top to project an awe inspiring kaleidoscopic effect on your walls and ceilings.

Make a delicious artery clogging hamburger using this stuffed hamburger press. Regardless of whether you want to stuff your burger with cheese, bacon, or just pure lard, this hamburger press makes it a cinch. Just grab your ingredients, stuff it, and press it!

The compartment backpack makes staying organized easier than ever. It sports a water-resistant ballistic nylon exterior, is large enough to comfortably house a 17″ laptop, and features a useful elastic grid pocket that enables you to store items vertically.

Keep order inside your vehicle by threatening to abruptly boot out unruly passengers using this eject button car plug cigarette lighter. It features an impossible to miss bright red color and is designed to fit most 12 volt car plugs.

Give your tiny tot the ability to turn their room lights on and off using this kid’s light switch extender. It works with any standard toggle switch, is easy to install, and glows in the dark so your child can easily spot it when the lights are off.

Keeping your home insect free is easier than ever thanks to this rechargeable bug vacuum. It charges via USB, comes with an built-in LED for increased visibility in the dark, and gives you the option to release the creepy crawlers you catch back into the wild.

Avoid exposing your body to harmful chemicals by switching over to this all natural deodorant. Apart from its pleasant lavender aroma, the deodorant contains no GMOs, aluminum, or toxic chemicals, and works all day long so you feel fresh and dry.

Give your beverages an out of this world twist by chilling them with these Star Wars ice cubes. Made from food-safe silicone, each tray comes with 3 Star Destroyers and 3 AT-AT molds that can be used to create ice cubes or other tasty treats.

Give your feline friend a cozy place to call their own by adding this spherical cat cave bed into your home. This cozy birch green bed is handmade using natural sheep wool that is super soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned.

Comfortably watch your favorite movies without worrying about your tablet falling on top of your face by using this hands-free iPad stand/holder. The clever H-shaped base allows you to either place it on any flat surface or on top of your chest as you lie down.

Save your spot in a comical way that’ll draw attention by using this crocodile bookmark. This tiny green crock is crafted from a sturdy plastic and made to look like it’s swimming through the pages of your book when it is placed inside.

This minimalistic credit card sized phone allows you to unplug from the modern world without actually having to disconnect. Apart from calling and texting, all other features are stripped off so that you spend less time on your phone and more time in the real world.

Give your home bar the VIP treatment by classing up its appearance with these multi-color bottle lights. They sport a slim design that’ll fit inside most bottles and can glow in either a solid white light or run through a myriad of colors to give the bottle a cool glow.

Make technology fun for the kids by showing them how to build their own computer using the Piper DIY wooden computer kit. By following the included blueprints they’ll be able to piece together a Raspberry Pi 3 powered PC with a 7″ LCD display.

Tote all your gear around just like Steven Universe by stuffing it into this cheeseburger backpack. It measures approximately 20 inches in diameter and comes topped with two plump buns, lettuce, tomato, and cheese – all of which unzip into separate pockets.

Save your place in an eye-catching way with one of these zipper bookmarks. Available in either orange, green, or blue, they work with any book and create the illusion that the top of your book has been sealed shut by a colorful plastic zipper.

Help your dough stay cool while you stretch it out by using this marble rolling pin for the job. This ten inch long pin is made from white marble, accented with wooden handles, and comes with a practical resting base to keep the pin from rolling away.

These ginormous leaf scooper claws turn the tedious task of raking your yard into a breeze. They’re big enough to fit over your work gloves and allow you to go straight from picking up the leaves to dumping them into the trash bin in one fluid motion.

Transform yourself into Master Chief by hitting the streets wearing this Halo Master Chief motorcycle helmet. This DOT-approved helmet comes with features such as a glove-friendly opening mechanism and front air intakes to reduce fogging.

Keep your valuables safe when you hit the beach or pool by wearing these secret stash flip flops. They’re made from a durable synthetic material and feature a small concealed compartment in the sole that is just big enough to fit cash and credit cards.

Create an oasis of comfort right in your humble abode by bringing in this giant bean bag denim sofa. It features a tough, machine washable denim cover and comes stuffed with thinly shredded polyurethane foam that provides support while remaining comfortable.

Give your plain bathroom some added appeal by creating an amazing optical illusion using this LED infinity mirror. The LEDs can be set to one of eight vibrant colors and create a seemingly never-ending tunnel on the mirror’s surface when they come on.

Finish your projects at a quicker pace by streamlining your work process using this 2-in-1 switch drill and driver. It features a lightweight design that makes it easy to control and can seamlessly switch between drilling and driving modes for maximum convenience.

These stainless steel skull ice cubes are the perfect way to keep your spirits chilled without watering them down. They come in sets of four and each feature a flat bottom so that you can easily rest them on the bottom of your glass.

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset delivers a fully immersive room-scale virtual experience unlike any other. Along with a 2160 x 1200 resolution and a 110 degree field of view, it features 360 degree motion tracking so you can roam freely around the room.

Help your phone stayed powered up while you’re out and about by using this charging leather wallet. Apart from keeping your cash and cards in place, this elegant bi-fold wallet houses an incredibly compact 2400 mAh battery ideal for charging your smartphone.

Put your intelligence to the test by trying to solve this wooden Kong Ming lock puzzle. With its origins in ancient China, this fun yet challenging brain teaser consists of various wooden blocks that are easy to take apart but challenging to piece back together.

Easily turn any glass bottle into a small drinking cup using this bottle cutter. It’s designed to cut bottles anywhere from 43-102 millimeters and provides a secure hold that won’t slip as you’re slicing through the glass.

Enjoy year-round sledding – no matter what the weather is like – using this all season sled. This sturdy double-walled sled features a pair of removable ice block molds that attach to the bottom so you can easily slide down grassy hills.

Now you can hunt Pokemon around the clock by keeping your smartphone juiced up using this Pokeball power bank. This geeky device is small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and comes with built-in LEDs that give it a cool glowing effect.

Experience your favorite Adult Swim show like never before by gathering around and playing the Rick And Morty Total Rickall card game. You must figure out which of these new, zany characters are real and which ones are parasites that need to be exterminated.

Give your sweet tooth a double shot of deliciousness by sinking your teeth into one of these Oreo choco chip sandwich cookies. Two savory chocolate chip cookies are joined by a thick and creamy choco chip filling guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Enjoy the tasty Japanese treat of taiyaki right at home by preparing it using this fish mold pan. It features a non-stick aluminum surface that allows you to make two small 3 x 5 inch fishes that you can stuff with your favorite filling.

Get your little cowboys and cowgirls moving with these ride-on animals. They come with wheels under each hoof and move forward in a galloping motion as your child bounces on top – making the animal’s legs move forward and backward.

Make your baked goods taste better than ever by giving them a delicious filling using this cupcake corer. It features a large and soft non-slip grip, cores the cupcakes in one quick motion, and ejects the extra filling in one piece.

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a handy second screen using this smartphone/tablet side mount. This compact and lightweight attachment is easy to transport and features a special rubberized grip to keep your device firmly in place.

Keep a multitude of handy tools at hand without creating a bulk in your pocket by carrying around this snowflake shaped multi-tool. It sports a sturdy titanium construction and comes packed with 15 useful tools including a wrench and a box cutter.

Hold the whole world in the palm of your hand by toting around this lovely planet earth marble. Made from recycled glass, it depicts our planet’s continents, oceans, and rivers with amazing detail and vibrant color.

Enjoy a high-end theater experience while on the go using the Avegant Glyph video headset. Apart from crisp sound, it uses over two million micro-mirrors to deliver pixel-free images that make you feel like your watching a 60-inch TV.

Harness the power of the sun to prepare your meals using this solar powered balloon cooker. This portable solar device weighs under 6 ounces, can reach temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and is compact enough to fit inside your backpack.

Add a splash of color to your next soiree by having guests drink out of these color changing LED flute glasses. Every single glass in the set of six glows in a vibrant hue like red, orange, blue, purple, green, and pink.

Maintain visibility even when the power goes out with help from this emergency hand crank flashlight. This ultra-useful device requires absolutely no batteries and can produce around an hour’s worth of lighting with only six minutes of cranking.

This one-step tie-dye kit makes creating gorgeous hippie-chic shirts so easy that anyone can do it. The kit comes with 18 easy-squeeze bottles filled with all the classic colors – simply add water in order to create fabulous shirts.

Take your patio’s nighttime ambiance from dull to magical by illuminating it using these water drop solar string lights. These waterproof lights can run for 8 hours on a single charge and offer both a steady and flashing mode to create amazing effects.

Get a sparkling clean grill without the hassle of scrubbing for hours by using this grill steam brush to do the job. It uses the power of steam to easily scrub off tough stains and melted-on food so your grill stays looking like new.

Move through the water like an enchanting mythical creature by diving in with this mermaid tail swimsuit. While its design may render you motionless on land, the huge vibrantly colored fin will have you swimming faster than ever before.

Discreetly carry all your gear without needing a cumbersome backpack by wearing this concealed pockets jacket. It comes with a range of differently sized pockets all over the torso with enough room to carry passports, cell phones, and tablets.

Now you can chug down one of Springfield’s trendiest nightclub drinks with the Flaming Moe energy drink. It features a delightful cotton-candy-like taste and features Moe Szyslak holding up his signature drink right on the can.

A lot of what we believe and do is bullshit. Everything Is Bullshit examines some of society’s most cherished traditions such as engagement rings and expensive college tuition to provide us with interesting and factual answers as to why things are the way they are.

Improve your vehicles air quality by outfitting your ride with this air purifier and aroma diffuser. It humidifies, sterilizes, and refreshes the air inside your vehicle to create a healthier atmosphere, and also features a USB port so you can easily charge your devices.

Veggies can do a lot more than help you stay healthy. This cabbage umbrella sports a compact size and a vibrant yet realistic cabbage leaf design that make this the perfect gift for any of your vegetarian or vegan friends.

Become an expert on the groundbreaking show about nothing by flipping through the pages of the Seinfeldia book. Acclaimed TV historian Jennifer Armstrong takes the reader through a detailed and hilarious behind-the-scenes look into how the iconic show came to be.

Avoid getting poop on your hands when you unleash your next chocolate dragon by wiping with the Shittens disposable wipes. These glove-shaped wipes allow you to easily wipe away feces without exposing your hand to contamination.

Keep all your devices visible and at hand when you need them by storing them in one of these Grid-It organizers. The rubberized woven straps help keep all types of gear and gadgets firmly in place while allowing for endless storage configurations.

Stay clean while you’re roughing it outdoors by bringing along the Simple Shower. This ultra portable device weighs only 2 ounces and instantly turns most standard 1 or 2 liter plastic bottles into an overhead shower that you can use anywhere.

Grill your veggies with ease at your next BBQ by using these stainless steel grill clips. They’re made from brushed stainless steel and feature serrated edges along with a spring hinge to provide a secure hold as you cook.

Add an extra dose of love at your next tea party by using these heart shaped teacups. These completely transparent teacups feature a practical double walled design that keeps your drinks insulated while eliminating the need for coasters.

Tackle DIY projects in a fraction of the time using the self-marking tape measure! The ingenious and efficient design of this self-marking tape measure incorporates a graphite tip at the bottom so that you can easily make a mark at your desired measurements.

Make your nights more calming than ever by resting your tired head on one of these aromatherapy memory foam pillows. They’re made from soft yet supportive foam and are available in a variety of soothing scents like chamomile and peppermint.

Make a splash during your next day of fun in the sun by hitting the water with this gigantic pink flamingo float. It’s made from heavy duty vinyl and rises over 5 feet high when fully inflated – making it large enough to easily accommodate two people.

Add a special touch to any celebration by personalizing the decor using these chalkboard balloons. The set includes twenty all-black balloons and comes with a special white chalk pen you can use to draw all over the surface.

Bring a geeky touch to your dorm room or man cave with this Iron Man mini fridge. This small 4 liter fridge is large enough to fit six 12 ounce cans and features a nifty warming function so you can conveniently heat your food.

Take all the hard work out of baking delicious treats by preparing them using this smart scale. Once connected to your phone via the included app, it generates dozens of easy to follow recipes and scales them to the perfect amount needed.

Set your insides on fire as you delight your palate with a little Satan’s Blood hot sauce. Each bottle of this hellish sauce features a scorching 800,000 Scoville units of pepper extract and comes in an aptly shaped blood vial container.

Transform your manicure’s appearance instantly by painting your nails using this shade shifter mutichrome nail polish. This unique shade changes depending on the way the light hits it, making it appear as red orange, purple, blue, cyan, and many other colors.

Ensure you can conveniently charge all your electric devices while traveling abroad using this four-in-one global adapter block. The block comes with a color coded map of the world that shows you which colored adapter piece you’ll need in the country you visit.

Avoid burning your precious bacon strips while cooking them by placing them on this bacon grilling rack. It’s coated with a smooth non-stick surface and is designed to catch the bacon grease that drips down to prevent flare-ups.

Two dessert giants join forces to take you to dessert heaven with these Oreo churros. Each savory treat comes individually wrapped so you can easily eat it on the go and features a delicious dipping sauce to make them extra tasty.

Keep your belongings from falling into the black hole located between your car’s seat and center console using this car seat caddy. It’s made from high quality PU leather and is designed to fit gap sizes between .75 -1.5 inches.

Transform your bath into a spa-quality soak by dropping one of these organic bath bombs into your tub. Each pack includes 6 different aromatherapy bombs like “muscle relief” and “bedtime ritual”, so you can sooth yourself in a variety of ways.

Look like coolest kid on the block without risking lung cancer by chomping down on some of these candy cigarettes. Each pack contains ten slim and sweet candy sticks that come in colorful cartons modeled after vintage cigarette packs.

Automatically provide lighting as your walk around the bedroom at night with the motion activated bedlight. The bedlight installs under the bed frame and emits a gentle glow that lights up just enough to provide visibility during the night.

Turn your ball of frizz into silky smooth locks using this hair straightening heater brush. It heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in just 90 seconds and features ceramic plates that detangle, straighten, and help your hair retain moisture to keep it smooth for days.

Give your little ones a mini-thrill ride by setting up this platform swing. This curved swing is crafted from a breathable polypropylene mat that dries quickly, holds up to 400 pounds, and can be ridden either standing, sitting, or laying down.

Keep your vehicle looking spick-and-span at all times with help from this mesh car/trunk organizer. Available in black or beige, it’s designed to mount easily to your car’s headrest and is crafted from a reinforced mesh that make it ideal for holding heavy objects.

Help preserve the life and appearance of your garments by drying them off in this portable electric clothes dryer. It comes with a built-in ultraviolet sanitizer that kills all harmful bacteria and measures 25″ wide giving you ample room to hang your load.

Whip up some delicious stove-top-style popcorn right in your microwave using this nifty popcorn popper. It’s made from a sturdy heat-resistant silicone and requires absolutely no oil or butter to cook so that you can enjoy a delicious and healthy snack.

Decrease the likelihood of getting pulled over by outfitting your ride with this 360 degree radar detector. It comes with front and rear antennas that rapidly scan in all directions and features a pre-loaded database filled with red light and speed camera locations.

Have clear conversations even during the windiest of days by using this smartphone wind blocker. This small accessory conveniently clips on to your phone or tablet and blocks out excess noise caused by wind when you’re chatting.

Keep your home secure while you’re away by deterring would be burglars with these smart light bulbs. They give off the appearance that you’re home even when the house is empty, can function as smoke detectors, and also provide up to 4 hours of emergency lighting.

Instantly set the mood for a groovy party using one of these rotating LED strobe lights. Designed to fit any standard light bulb socket, these multicolored lights produce an intense hue and can last for up to 10,000 hours.

Make shaving a safer and more hygienic experience using this UV razor sanitizer. Designed to accommodate both men’s and women’s razors, the sanitizer bathes them in a germicidal UV light that eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria in mere minutes.

Make cleanup easy by streamlining the dish washing process with help from these sponge tipped rubber gloves. The palms come lined with a thick quality sponge so you can directly scrub using nothing more than you fingers.

Keep your MacBook out of harm’s way when working in the field by utilizing this military grade MacBook armor. It features a non-slip grip in addition to impact resistant bumpers, dual lock screen closure, and cooling vents for unrestricted air flow.

Keep your spare cash protected and always at hand by placing it inside this keychain safe. Crafted from corrosion resistant stainless steel, this compact storage vessel features a water tight seal and is big enough to perfectly fit US currency.

Keep your gear safe while it’s unattended by storing it inside this portable lock box safe. It features a customizable 3-digit combination and comes with a strong flexible steel cable so that you can secure it to nearly any fixed object.

Make drinking great again by patriotically pounding your liver using this American flag liquor flask. This freedom-loving two liter capacity flask is made from BPA-free food grade plastic and features a handy nozzle for easy serving.

Catch some Z’s while you travel by resting your noggin on this J shaped headrest travel pillow. The design helps keep your spine aligned while providing full support for your head and neck, so you can rest in total comfort.

Get a heart-pumping core workout without needing a whole room of machines using this balance board. This lightweight and portable piece of exercise equipment is designed to help increase flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow in addition to balance and posture.

Channel your inner barbarian when you’re enjoying your premium roast by sipping it from this horn shaped coffee mug. This 100% leak-proof 12 ounce mug is crafted from BPA-free plastic and comes with a set of straps so you can easily tote it around town.

Create an enchanting nighttime environment in your home by bringing in this bio-luminescent plankton mini aquarium. The sphere features a 10 centimeter diameter and is filled with thousands of non-toxic Dinoflagellates that glow blue.

Turn a lazy day at the lake into an adrenaline-pumping afternoon with this extreme turbo chute water slide. The slide comes in three 20 foot sections for easy assembly and features an incredibly slippery surface with inflatable nylon bumpers for added safety.

Keep your devices juiced up when you’re away from civilization by bringing along this ultra light solar charger. Despite weighing a mere 0.6 pounds, this 6 watt charger comes with enough power to charge your devices at the same rate as a wall outlet.

Make your next house party look like a flashy nightclub using this laser party light. It comes with a handle so you can easily mount it to the ceiling and projects dozens of bright green and red lights that dance around to create amazing effects.

There’s no better companion for a quick getaway out of town – or through the space time continuum – than this LED Back To The Future duffel. This canvas cotton bag features ample storage space and comes with a battery powered light up side-panel.

Add a little sizzle to your look by accenting your outfit with these pepperoni pizza socks. They feature a vibrant pizza graphic that won’t fade when you wash them and are made from a Dri-style fabric that is designed to wick away sweat.

Make your alfresco meals a more pleasant experience for everyone by bringing along this picnic table briefcase. It features a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame that’s built to last, along with a high impact wooden top and seating for four.

Transport yourself to a lush and exotic location with every shower you take by outfitting your bathroom with this drenching rainfall showerhead. It’s designed to mimic a gentle rainfall and can be adjusted so that the water falls directly downward or at an angle.

Easily rid your home of creepy arachnids without using deadly force with this harm-free spider catcher. It efficiently allows you to trap spiders and other insects from a safe distance and place them outside – making it ideal for the arachnophobic pacifist.

Listen to your favorite tunes like a loyal Imperial by blasting them out of this Death Star floating speaker. Inspired by the Empire’s most destructive weapon, this Bluetooth enabled speaker can go for 8 hours on a single charge and glows in the dark.

Transform your vehicle into a smart car without breaking the bank by using this automobile heads up display. It mounts discreetly onto your dashboard and projects driving stats like mileage, speed, and average fuel consumption right onto your windshield.

Double your phone’s battery life without adding weight or bulkiness to it using the world’s thinnest iPhone charger case. It features a powerful built-in 2600 mAh Li-polymer battery that provides up to 10 extra hours of talking time or 7 extra hours of web browsing.

Infuse your breakfast with a variety of sauces and condiments using this stuffed Belgian waffle maker. Sporting an elegant stainless steel finish, it comes with removable plates for easy cleaning and allows you to adjust the temperature, so you can cook to perfection.

Remove years of built-up wax easily and efficiently using this medical grade ear wax remover. This slightly revolting yet oddly satisfying device inserts into the opening of your ear and showers it with a solution of peroxide and warm water that will drive out the wax.

Down your brew in the same manner as your favorite GoT characters by drinking out of this viking horn cup. Crafted from 100% natural horn, it’s treated with a food safe lacquer to prevent spills and features a sizable handle so you can grab on tight while you chug.

Make mealtime fun for the entire family with help from this egg monster bread cutter mold. This easy to use mold is made from a sturdy food-safe plastic and allows you to create whimsical little cyclops monsters with a big fried egg for an eye.

Learn everything there is to know about everyone’s favorite food by reading the “Where To Eat Pizza” book. This super informative read shows you where to find the best slices when you’re scouring the globe for the perfect pie.

Bring vibrant color into any room of your home by creating a Japanese themed garden using this magic Sakura cherry blossom set. Simply prop up the paper tree, pour the solution over it, and watch as it blossoms into a small pink tree within an hour’s time.

Put your puzzle piecing skills to the ultimate test by attempting to complete one of these gradient puzzles. Each 500 piece puzzle is printed on high-quality art paper and features an extremely challenging gradient color motif designed to test your patience as you build.

Pickling your food has never been easier than with this mason jar anaerobic fermenting kit. The kit works with any mason jar and makes fermenting in small batches easy by releasing carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen from coming in.

Improve the look and feel of your skin by scrubbing away toxins using this activated bamboo charcoal soap. It works by drawing out bacteria, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface, helping your achieve a flawless complexion.

Try your odds against your friends in the nerve-wrecking water roulette game. After placing the special hat on, players take turns flicking the spinner, and then proceed to remove one or more of the rods on top of the hat and pray they don’t get drenched.

Bring some humor into the bedroom with this novelty “his” and “hers” duvet. This queen sized bed cover is made from 100% cotton and sports a design that divides the bed equally between you and you sweetheart.

Bring your old school console into the twenty-first century using this NES retro receiver. It allows you to use wireless controllers on your original NES system and is designed to support all 8Bitdo controllers and arcade sticks.

Get into the spirit of the game by lifting yours with a few brews served out of this football beer mug. It features a scratch resistant design and holds up to 18 ounces in a half-football – making this ideal for your next tailgate.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of Uranus? One? Two? Ah-Three? Ah-Three! With these solar system lollipops you can experience the thrilling rush of devouring a planet in a single bite, or deliciously licking it down to a non-planet status size.

Bring your favorite pocket monsters to life in a fun new way with these Pokemon nanoblock kits. Each kit comes with vibrantly colored tiny blocks that you piece together to create cute little versions of some of your favorite Pokemon characters.

Bring an air of elegance to happy hour by serving your favorite whiskies in these diamond-cut Scotch whiskey glasses. These old fashioned styled glasses are machine crafted to perfection and come in a stunning red box with a silver crest embossed on the front.

Make lunchtime fun for the kids by animating their meals using this smiley face sandwich cutter. It’s made from food-safe BPA plastic and is ideal for adding a cheesy grin to any bread or toast without breaking apart the entire sandwich.

Now you can neatly place everything – from groceries to purses to clothes – in your car using these multi-purpose headrest hooks. Crafted from durable metal, they’re designed to easily slide onto your headrest and can hold up to ten pounds each.

Avoid misplacing your belongings with help from the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth location tracker. Simply stick this small tracker onto any item and open the app on your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to locate it within a 150 foot radius.

Illuminate your world even when there’s no electrical outlets nearby using these portable string lights. These battery operated lights comes in a seven foot long ultra thin strand that can light up for over 48 hours of continuous use.

Kick it old school by protecting your tablet using the composition book iPad cover. This stylish covers offers complete front and back protection while allowing full access to the touchscreen. Closing it up transforms your iPad back to a nostalgic composition book.

Treat your taste buds to a little southern hospitality by preparing some of the dishes in The Southerner’s Cookbook. This fascinating read comes chock-full of delicious recipes like “minorcan chowder”, alongside information about each recipe’s rich history.

Keep your phone juiced up on long trips by bringing along this solar powered window phone charger. The device features an internal 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery that charges in 4 hours and comes with a suction cup for easy mounting on windows.

Visualize your next tattoo idea before permanently placing it on your body using this tattoo practice notebook. Each page in this A5 sized notebook comes with images of different body parts so you can doodle your ideas on them before committing.

Breathe new life into any pair of sneakers by lacing them up with the LED shoelaces. Each lace is powered by a small battery that makes them glow in a solid, flashing, or strobe mode that lasts for up to seventy hours of usage.

Stay warm by transforming yourself into a magical sea creature with this crochet mermaid tail blanket. Available in a range of gorgeous colors, each beautifully sewn tail is extremely soft to the touch and comes in various lengths to accommodate all sizes.

Enjoy a savory ice cream sandwich whenever the mood strikes by whipping some up using this special mold. It comes with an easy to follow chocolaty recipe and features a convenient design that lets you pop them out like ice cubes when they’re ready.

Prepare 5-star drinks from the comfort of home using this Craft Cocktails book. World-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern teaches you everything from the best ingredients to use to industry trade secrets – for the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted.

Cook in true hobo fashion without fear of poisoning everyone at the patio table by preparing your meals in this garbage can charcoal BBQ grill. The simple trash can design makes it extremely portable, easy to set up, and offers a huge cooking capacity.

Stockpile firewood in a fraction of the time with this easy log splitting axe at your side. The bold design of this tool shifts the center of mass to the side so that you generate rotational torque as you drive the axe downward in order to split the log using less force.

Make your favorite Autobots and Deceptacons come alive like never before by reading this Transformers pop-up book. Each page features amazing full color illustrations so you can watch your favorite warriors shift before your very eyes.

Ensure your precious pooch stays happy and healthy by entertaining them using this automatic pet ball launcher. Equipped with multiple safety sensors, it features 9 distance and 6 angle settings so it can launch the ball anywhere between 8-30 feet.

Make your bathroom a more hygienic environment for everyone using this touchless toilet flush kit. This battery operated kit works on most standard toilets so you can easily flush afterwards without having to place your dirty hands on it.

These bullet shaped whiskey stones are the ultimate way to cool your drink without diluting it like regular ice cubes would. Capable of freezing in just under an hour, these 304 stainless steel stones can chill your drink in just 3 minutes.

Make the girls go waka-waka over your impeccable fashion taste by dressing up in this stunning Pac-Man suit. Every square inch of this slim fitting 3-piece suit comes adorned with vintage Pac-Man graphics, featuring all the characters form the original game.

Pay homage to one of the greatest gaming consoles ever built by having your morning coffee out of these Super NES controller mugs. Each ceramic mug is styled to look exactly like the iconic grey controllers, making it perfect for you and your “Player 2”.

Avoid misplacing your electronic devices in the dark by plugging them in with this glowing USB wall charger. With a total 2 amp output, this compact dual-sided charger features an embedded light that emits a cool colored glow when plugged in.

Make walking obsolete by hopping on this Segway Mini Pro. It features a lightweight magnesium alloy frame capable of holding up to 220 pounds and comes with a 1600 watt motor capable of travelling up to 14 miles on a single charge.

Bring some excitement to your boring muggle life by unleashing your creativity on this Harry Potter coloring book. This 96 page book comes decorated with gorgeous and detailed line drawings depicting characters and scenes from the films.

Give The Donald a piece of your mind by bashing in this Trump piñata. He comes dressed in a dapper black suit, signature toupee full head of luscious hair, and is large enough to hold up to 5 pounds of candy.

Slice through your savings in one fell swoop by placing this Kaiun Ryoukai sword in your online shopping cart. Representing the Kyoto and Yamashiro provinces, this beautifully crafted weapon is modeled after the upper old Japanese era.

Easily sneak a sip at any public place where bottles aren’t allowed by bringing along this hidden flask ice pack. This stealthy flask is made from food-safe BPA-free plastic and features a formidable 14 ounce capacity so you can share with friends.

Bring a touch of whimsy to your kid’s reading nook by propping up their literature with these balloon animal bookends. They’re crafted from resin and are available in a range of vibrant colors like orange, green, and yellow to create a festive atmosphere.

Marvel at the beauty of our planetary neighbors every time you send out some snail-mail by using these USPS planetary stamps. The pane comes with 16 full color stamps with visually compelling images of nearby planets captured by our unmanned spacecraft.

Create the perfect sloppy Joe or pulled pork sandwich by tearing your meat apart using these meat shredding claws. They feature sturdy teeth that interlock in two different positions for maximum shredding and come with long handles to keep you from getting dirty.

Receive a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home by resting your tired bones on this full body massage chair. It features patented body scanning technology that locates shiatsu points to provide just the right amount of pressure.

Put every other aquatic sport to shame by playing the most exciting one of them all – Watermelon Ball! Designed to look and float like a real watermelon, the ball sports an extremely durable vinyl membrane that can be dribbled on land or passed underwater.

Give your ceiling some added dimension by lighting up the room with this domino ceiling light. The futuristic-looking cubed design lures the eyes and radiates an impressive 5850 lumens – making it ideal for large rooms.

Make your homemade treats extra sweet by eating them with a delectable chocolate spoon. The spoon mold is made from food-safe silicone that’s resistant to extreme temperatures so you can make up to half a dozen edible spoons at a time.

Perfect your percussion technique without receiving noise complaints from the neighbors by using this air drumming percussion instrument. It’s compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems and is portable enough to take virtually anywhere.

Experience what the rainbow tastes like by having a go at this giant whirly lollipop. This whimsical tooth-rotting treat measures 4.5 x 10 inches and features an eye-catching multicolored design along with a deliciously fruity flavor.

Improve your comfort level while you surf the web by placing your laptop on this angled stand. The wedge design helps increase airflow around your laptop to keep it cool while also keeping it at a more ergonomic angle for you.

Two of the most iconic games in history have now combined forces to break up your family like never before. The pieces are styled to look like pixelated characters while the board is designed to look like a level from the classic NES game.

Capture the perfect shot no matter where you are by placing your camera on this flexible GoPro tripod. This versatile tripod’s design features five movable arms you can bend and wrap around any structure to keep your camera secure and leveled.

Stay afloat in the water without exerting yourself by using this hands-free flotation device. Capable of holding up to 180 lbs, it’s covered in a soft water-resistant fabric that is complemented with a neoprene crotch for comfort in the loins.

Keep your prized scotch chilled without it ever becoming diluted using these stainless steel whiskey stones. They’re made using high quality steel with natural antibacterial properties and come in a handy plastic box for easy storage.

Brighten up your Plain Jane face by complementing your look with some rainbow blush makeup. It offers a vibrant palette that leaves a long-lasting, shimmering metallic effect that you can easily wash off using just soap and water.

Get a fire going even when the weather isn’t cooperating by sparking up this all weather lighter. This refillable butane lighter sports a tough exterior complete with a locking cap and is designed to be completely windproof and waterproof.

Transform your couch into the ideal place to work or surf the web by using this foldable lap desk. It’s made from 100% corrugated cardboard that folds flat enough that it can actually fit into an envelope – making it extremely easy to transport.

Experience a heavenly breakfast by whipping up a mouth-watering meal using this bubble waffle maker. It comes with an easy locking mechanism to prevent messes and features a nonstick-coating to prevent your fluffy waffle from ripping apart.

Discreetly carry around a handy blade without arousing suspicion by wearing this circle knife necklace. It features a sturdy stainless steel handle and comes with a unique locking mechanism so the blade won’t ever accidentally slip out while you’re wearing it.

Craft perfect looking rolls every time by preparing them using this sushi making kit. It features a simple ergonomic design that allows you to easily make impeccable looking rolls in just four simple steps – making it ideal for kids and beginners.

Turn your bed into your personal canvas using this doodle pillowcase set. One side of the pillow is designed with a decorative frame while the other side comes styled like a lined sheet of paper so you can unleash your creativity using the 10 included markers.

Gently sooth your tired feet during a stressful day by stepping onto this anti-fatigue faux grass rug. The lush looking synthetic grass rug is designed to be extra soft to the touch and measures 30″ x 24″, so it can fit discreetly under any desk.

Geek up your kitchen atmosphere by recreating a level from your favorite game using this Super Mario Bros. magnet set. The set includes 80 Super Mario themed magnets – each shaped like a different character or model in the iconic game.

Archive generations worth of passed down recipes by writing them in this “My Family Recipe” notebook. Apart from providing helpful cooking guides and tips, the notebook features template space for you to store over eighty of your own secret recipes.

Turn a day on the water into an intergalactic battle for the fate of the galaxy using these lightsaber pool noodles. They’re available in either a geeky blue, green, or red “blade” and come with a specially designed lightsaber hilt.

Improve your visibility during those all night study sessions by lighting your work space with this USB astronaut light. The tiny astronaut comes tethered to a flexible cord you can move around to point the light in any direction and create the illusion he’s floating.

Turn any day out on the water into a magical experience by spending it atop this giant inflatable unicorn. At eight feel long, it provides ample room for laying out and is built with a special valve that allows for easy inflation.

Remain as dapper as ever without breaking the bank by accessorizing with one of these MVMT watches. This affordable yet fashion forward collection offers a wide selection of high end watch faces and interchangeable straps that you can mix and match.

Make playtime more rewarding for your beloved pooch with help from this wobble ball treat dispenser. Simply place the yummy snacks inside and they will only get released as your dog moves, bites, and plays around with his toy – forcing him to exercise for his food.

Get the perfect fit every time by wearing this micro-adjustable no-holes belt. The ingenious design features a solid buckle that clamps onto the belt at the exact point you need – making it ideal for those holiday feasts where your waistline expands in a single sitting.

Turn your next arts and crafts project into a gorgeous gift for any loved one using this make your own snow globe kit. Intended for ages six and up, the kit includes everything from a plastic globe, polymer clay, and glitter so you can let you imagination run wild.

Whether on land or in the water, this modular inflatable pool/patio furniture will ensure you’re always incredibly comfortable. Using strap connectors and built-in magnets, the pieces can be mixed and matched with each other to accommodate to any space.

If it’s neatness you seek, this R2-D2 desktop vacuum is definitely the droid you’ve been looking for. It’s built with a convenient USB port for easy charging and is activated by a simple push-button located at the top of R2’s head.

Just like with mini-golf, we are witnessing the birth of a new sport: mini-pool. This fun little mini pool table not only looks cool, but is a completely functional pool table complete with balls, sticks, a rack, and a stick sharpener.

Unleash the plague of the twenty-first century upon the world by building your very own horde of zombies using this kit. The kit comes with four differently colored and reusable air-dry doughs that you can use to sculpt your undead friend however you wish.

Transport drinks and snacks off the beaten path with ease by placing them inside this all-terrain cooler. Unlike traditional coolers, this 66 liter beast comes equipped with massive 10 inch wheels that are ideal for use in sand and other unforgiving terrain.

Power up all your essentials while you’re living off the grid by using this compact portable 120,000 mAh generator. It can by charged by solar power or with an A/C plug and offers triple output modes – a 12V car socket, A/C outlet, and 4 USB ports.

Enjoy a soothing, pain-relieving massage from the comfort of home using these spiky massage balls. They’re designed to reduce tension, improve circulation, and relax muscles while providing you with a blissful deep tissue massage.

Start your day off on the right foot by giving your morning cup of joe an extra kick of flavor with this barrel aged whiskey roast. It offers a distinct flavor with raw Peruvian coffee beans that have been soaked in authentic oak whiskey barrels.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in outer space? Well wonder no more – “What’s It Like In Space” combines funny, strange, and often awe-inspiring stories from dozens of real astronauts from around the globe.

Turn football season into an ongoing drinking game by watching every game with the touchdown beer mug. The unique mug features down marker lines so you can pace your drinking according to your favorite team’s progress on the field.

Turn any soda bottle into a glorious water powered rocket using the bottle launcher. The compact design provides a sturdy base for the bottle and allows you to safely launch a 2 liter plastic bottle straight up into the cosmos using nothing more than a hand pump.

Warm up your outdoor gathering in no time at all using this self-contained portable bonfire. It’s made from all natural wood and comes with a handy fatwood stick that you light and throw into the chimney hole to enjoy a toasty flame that will last for over three hours.

Transform your kitchen into a hip Korean BBQ joint using this stovetop grill pan. It features a spiral pan structure for even thermal efficiency along with DuPont Teflon coating to ensure your food won’t ever stick to the surface.

Tear up the streets long after the sun goes down by riding atop this light up skateboard. The eye-catching 7-ply hard rock maple deck comes embedded with LEDs all along the bottom that you can easily turn on and off to light up your path.

Reverse the roles and consume the brains from the undead by storing your liquor in this zombie head decanter. This glass decanter is crafted to look like a ghoulish zombie and comes in either a 450ml or a sizeable 650ml option.

Conveniently cook meals without having to create an immense bonfire by using this hot ash wood burning stove instead. It sports a rugged metallic body and helps get rid of harmful creosotes found in traditional campfires.

Ensure the chips and dip get passed around without the risk of spills using this detachable 3-piece serving bowl. It’s crafted from BPA-free acrylic and features two small serving bowls that securely latch onto the edge of the main bowl.

Build a roaring bonfire without fear of setting your surroundings ablaze by using this ion fire pit. It features an all steel construction that creates a safe space in which to build a fire – making it ideal for any backyard.

Bring a bit of the natural world into your urban landscape without the mess and responsibility of real plants using this blooming lotus desk lamp. It creates a futuristic 3D illusion and can be alternated between one of 7 vibrant colors.

Give your meals a spooky touch using this skull egg mold. Simply place any peeled hard boiled egg into this food-safe plastic mold and it will magically transform it into an eerie skeleton’s face – making it perfect for Halloween themed snacks.

Keep your firearm from falling into the wrong hands while still keeping it easily accessible by storing it inside this smart vault biometric safe. Capable of storing up to 15 different fingerprints, it’s designed so you can easily open it up with the swipe of your finger.

Keep your cutlery as sharp as the day you purchased it by storing it inside this self-sharpening knife block. The wooden block is complemented by a built-in ceramic sharpener that automatically sharpens the knives every time you slide them inside.

Give poker night a geeky touch by swapping out your standard deck for these retro Super Mario playing cards. Each card comes decorated with a colorful and nostalgic pixelated image from the iconic Nintendo game.

Bring the Red Keep to life by recreating some of your favorite scenes using this Iron Throne room playset. The set is meticulously decorated to portray the Iron Throne with a stone backdrop and includes figures such as King Joffrey Baratheon.

See who’s knocking at your door even if you’re half way across town by using this smartphone connected video doorbell. It comes with built-in two-way communication, night vision, motion detection, and can be accessed using any smartphone or tablet.

Maintain a dry, fresh, and odor-free environment easily using nothing more than this natural air purifying bag. This compact bag comes filled with natural bamboo charcoal which effectively absorbs allergens and natural pollutants.

Increase your chances of staying alive when the undead rise up by carrying this zombie apocalypse survival kit. This reusable tin comes jam packed with 24 items that are crucial for your survival, such as a fire starter, compass, and tactical card knife.

Experience what it’s like to soar like a bird by taking to the skies with this remote control flying bionic bird. Charging in just 12 minutes, it features an ultra-light indestructible foam body and is complemented by a carbon fiber tail and wings.

It’s never been easier to protect yourself from harmful sun rays than with this roll on sunscreen applicator! This compact device can be easily refilled and comes with a handy roll on top so you can apply the cream without ever dirtying your hands.

Get a leg up on the whole parenting thing by studying “The Infant Survival Guide”. Perfect for newbie parents, it comes filled with helpful tips and tricks such as the proper spot to place your baby while you’re doing chores.

Create out of this world treats that the kids will love using this Star Wars cookie cutter set. Each cookie cutter is made from BPA-free ABS plastic and comes in one of six different iconic characters from the film series like Yoda, Chewy, and Princess Leia.

Whiten your teeth the natural way by using this antibacterial bamboo charcoal and gold toothbrush. It combines the antibacterial properties of gold combined with the natural teeth whitening properties of charcoal to give you a truly radiant smile.

Transform yourself into your favorite Wookie by dressing up in this Star Wars electronic Chewbacca mask. It features a detailed movie-like design, comes with a strap for easy adjustments, and makes classic roaring sounds that amplify as you open your mouth.

Widen your repertoire of culinary talents by learning how to make masterful desserts with the “Ice Creamery Cookbook”. It comes with over 40 delicious recipes as well as helpful tips to ensure your frozen treats always come out delicious.

Draw the attention of everyone at the park by taking to the skies with this giant octopus kite. As this mammoth 15 meter long octopus gracefully floats through the air, its long, brightly colored tentacles flap around so you can easily spot it from down below.

Introducing CLUE: The Game Of Thrones edition – the only version where everyone is probably the killer. The double sided game board lets you play in 2 different locations while the 12 suspects are represented by characters from the highly acclaimed TV series.

Carry an entire three course meal in one hand at your next cookout using this food and beverage plate. It’s made from sturdy resin polypropylene and is designed to fit most cans and cups so you can always have one hand free to stuff more food in your fat mouth.

Have a little fun while keeping track of your many adventures by using this scratch off globe. Every time you visit a new exotic destination in the world, you get to scratch it off on the globe using a coin – revealing the colored geography underneath.

Prepare a bakery quality loaf in your very own kitchen using nothing more than this silicone bread maker. The partially closed design allows steam to circulate inside so the dough stays moist while giving it a nice golden texture.

This USB 3.1 powered 8TB drive offers unprecedented storage capacity in a compact package you can easily take on the go. Apart from its formidable storage capacity, it features Seagate Ignition Boost technology that eliminates the need for an external power source.

Rinsing off after a rigorous day in the great outdoors has never been simpler thanks to the portable pressurized shower. This handy 2 gallon capacity tank can be filled in just 20 seconds and delivers a cleansing 65 psi stream for up to 4 minutes.

Use your bathroom time more efficiently by perfecting your aim with this toilet basketball set. The set includes a hoop, a floor mat for your toilet, and three small balls that come in a specialized canister that you can easily install on your wall.

Start your day off with an extra kick of energy courtesy of the insanely strong Banned Coffee. This potent blend carries a rich aroma in addition to a high caffeine content, and comes packaged in a resealable bag to ensure freshness.

This below cabinet kitchen vacuum makes it remarkably easy to keep your kitchen floors immaculate. The vacuum installs discreetly under your kitchen cabinet without taking up any additional space, so you don’t have to bend over with a dustpan.

Make trips easier when travelling with the little one by bringing along this ride-on carry-on suitcase. It comes with a handy built-in chair that unfolds instantly go give your tired tike a comfy place to rest while still fitting in most overhead compartments.

Get a fun and vigorous cardiovascular workout by hopping on this outdoor elliptical bike. The unique design lets you move forward without any harmful impact on your joints while also allowing you to easily climb up any street or hill.

Give any part of humble abode a quaint hipster vibe with one of these solar powered jar lights. They feature a timeless mason jar design and come with a tight waterproof seal that make them ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.

Transform your dull facial hair into a shiny and shimmering mane using this glitter bead kit. The kit includes an all natural serum that won’t harm your beard, golden glitter, and a handy bib that’ll keep your body clean as you’re applying the glitter.

Maintain an elegant appearance at the dinner table while you entertain by setting out this lovely swan cutlery holder. Each stainless steel holder is crafted to look like a graceful swan and comes with four dessert forks and spoons.

Witness the flow of electricity as you charge your device using this LED charging cable. The cable features a hypnotizing flowing blue LED that activates as your device charges, ensuring your phone always remains visible.

Discreetly carry your piece without creating a bulge by strapping on this women’s concealed carry holster. It’s made from gently tapered military-grade elastic to ensure a comfy fit and is designed to hold up to 4 compact weapons and 3 magazines.

Marvel at the majesty of the cosmos while indulging on one of these 3D planet lollipops. Each lollipop in this six piece set features a cool three dimensional image of a planet in our cosmic neighborhood against a marvelous space themed backdrop.

Improve your performance on the water by strapping on this Powerbreather snorkel. The unorthodox design enables you to intake air from the top while you exhale through the bottom so you breathe 100% pure oxygen, not mixed with Co2 like traditional snorkels.

Extend the life of your devices while you’re out on the go with this solar powered charging hat. Available in a range of vibrant color schemes, the visor comes outfitted with solar cells that let you charge your devices by plugging them into the back of the cap.

Facilitate the learning process for beginners by having them practice on this lucite 3-string electric guitar. It’s crafted using real wood and features a simplified 3-string design that narrows the neck, making it easier for kids to form chords.

Craft your little crime fighter a cape befitting of his/her legendary status against evil doers by using this DIY superhero cape kit. It comes with everything from the cape itself, to foam sheets, glitter, and stars – so you can customize the cape in a variety of styles.

Give any room in your home a sophisticated and cultured ambiance using this vintage world map wall mural. The mural comes in eight separate pieces for easy installation so you can place it on virtually any wall in your home.

Whether you’re looking to read a good book or just want to lounge around, you definitely need this back and neck support pillow! The unique shape provides excellent torso support, so you can comfortably read for hours without ever feeling any strain on your body.

Step up your snacking game by using this milk and cookies shot maker to craft some delicious edibles. This easy to use device comes with a non-stick silicone mold that lets you make six small cookie shot glasses that are ideal for filling up with milk.

Show everyone you’ve got your caffeine addiction under control by sipping from this giant coffee mug. Now rather than having to constantly perform tedious refill trips, you can serve your entire daily allotment of java inside this massive 64 ounce mug.

Easily add a little color to your home studio with these paint tube door stops. This doorstop’s creative design creates the illusion that a glob of paint has spilled onto the floor after being squeezed out of the tube by the weight of the door.

Control the room’s ambiance with the tip of your finger using this Wi-Fi enabled smart LED light bulb. The bulb is easy to set up and allows you to control the brightness and color of the light using just your smartphone.

Create a safer jumping environment for the kiddies by installing this in-ground trampoline kit. With the trampoline at ground level you’ll decrease the risk of serious injury and create a more aesthetically pleasing landscape in your backyard.

Take the guesswork out of cooking and prepare your meals to perfection with help from this intelligent frying pan. It features embedded sensors that constantly keep track of cooking temperature and syncs with an app that provides step by step instructions.

Ensure you’re prepared for your journey into the afterlife by studying the Handbook For The Recently Deceased. This unique prop is handmade with meticulous detail to resemble the one from the unforgettable Beetlejuice movie.

Give your backyard pool a little luxury resort flair with this inflatable pool bar. It measures sixty seven inches across when inflated, comes with built-in cup holders, and comfortably seats four adults – three customers and a bartender.

Give your already awesome gift an out of this world touch by using this galaxy wrapping paper. The set includes three 37×24 inch sheets – each depicting a differently colored image of our vast and captivating cosmos.

Who would have ever thought being bitten by a great white could feel so good? This shark attack blanket is made from ultra soft double-sided minky fabric and creates the illusion you’re being eaten alive when you wrap yourself up.

Give your bathroom an eye-catching wow factor by installing this color changing waterfall faucet. This stunning piece comes with built-in temperature sensitive LEDs that change color depending on how hot or cold the flowing water is.

Let the elusive Nessie keep you company by using this Loch Ness monster tea infuser. Nessie’s porous body will release the contents into the water while his long neck extends above the water’s surface so you can move him around.

Keep your most frequently used ingredients handy without sacrificing counter space by storing them in this wall mounted triple dry food dispenser. It comes with 3 13 ounce canisters and features a flexible paddle wheel that won’t ever crush your food.

Get a grueling workout without having to endure any of the adverse outdoor weather conditions using this indoor virtual bike trainer. It features a wheel off design to eliminate tire wear and provides a realistic road feel while you ride.

Bring a piece of your favorite sci-fi series into your bedroom by hanging up this “I Want To Believe” X-Files poster. It measures 24 x 36 inches and comes with the same graphic as seen in Agent Mulder’s iconic FBI office.

Give your party some added ambient lighting by chilling your drinks inside this blacklight LED cooler. The creative design comes with a side window and an internal LED that lights up so you can see the contents within the cooler without having to open it up.

Look no further for the next centerpiece in your home than this action figure of the great Vladmir Putin riding a bear. This work of art displays the infamous leader of Russia in his natural state – riding a bear, shirtless, while wearing combat boots and camo pants.

Give pool and beach days an awesome soundtrack by blasting your music out of this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It can go for 10 hours on a single charge, comes with a built-on Micro SD slot, and can be utilized as a handy speaker to make and receive calls.

Two of your favorite card games have joined forces to create the wildly entertaining Pokemon Uno. Each card in the deck features a vivid rendering of a different Pokemon character from the show, making this deck a great gift for geeks.

This high quality and super detailed camera lens is actually a coffee mug you can drink out of! The camera lens coffee mug is a great gift for photography enthusiasts, and will surely turn many heads when people see you drinking out of it.

Turn your morning showers into a fun psychedelic experience with the color changing shower head. Requiring no batteries or power, this unique shower head uses water pressure powered LED lights to transform the water into a cornucopia of color.

Beer and rock and roll have always gone together nicely, but this signature Marshall amp fridge takes the relationship to a whole new level. With control knobs that go all the way up to 11, this incredible fridge will hold up to 4.4 cubic feet of face melting booze.

Stay organized and quit poisoning your body with ink when writing self reminders on your arms, wrists, and hands. Now you can write a reminder to yourself on these wrist watch post it notes that you wear on your wrist like a regular watch or bracelet.

Minimize the risk of drowning while you’re out on the water by wearing this emergency flotation wristband. Capable of handling a body weight up to 280 pounds, it can instantly inflate a life-saving personal flotation device when you pull the lever.

Use the power of the Force to spruce up your room’s interior using this Star Wars lightsaber lamp. The lampshade features detailed images of the series’s iconic characters and features an eye-catching base made up of 3 incredibly detailed LED lightsabers.

Turn your house into a home of the future by making this touchscreen coffee table the digital heart of your living room. It boasts an ultra sleek 42 inch liquid resistant screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and offers a 120GB SSD drive.

Keep your floors looking pristine with minimal effort on your part using this mopping robot. Capable of both sweeping and mopping, this helpful robot features a precision jet spray paired with a vibrating cleaning head to tackle the toughest of stains.

Cook the perfect slab of meat every time by using this intelligent steak thermometer. Simply insert the wireless steel probe into your juicy cut and wait for the color coded led lights to flash so you know when your steak is just right.

Keep your drinks icy cold without ever watering them down by using these stainless steel chilling ice cubes. The cubes are crafted from food-grade stainless steel that’s easy to clean yet won’t alter the taste of your drink.

Rid yourself of those clunky remotes and bring your home into the twenty-first century using this home gesture control system. It connects with your home’s smart devices so you can easily control them with nothing more than a simple gesture.

Facilitate the opening of any can or bottle you come across with this all-purpose bottle opener. It’s designed to work on everything from plastic water bottles to pull-tab cans and features an ergonomic design that’s soft on the hands.

Give any plate an added dose of sweetness by topping it off with some brown sugar jerky candied bacon. These juicy slabs of prime hickory bacon are blended with brown sugar and maple syrup to create a delectable treat that’s both salty and sweet.

Keep a handy light source on you at all times by attaching this pixel flashlight to your keychain. This compact light sports a rugged stainless steel construction and features a super bright water resistant LED capable of producing 25 lumens.

Give your baked goods an extra dose of sugar love using this heart filled cake pan set. The pan makes it remarkably easy to create a yummy cake with a hollowed out heart shaped core that you can fill with whatever topping you desire.

Ensure your little monster stays warm when the temperature drops by feeding him to the sharks. Apart from creating the adorable illusion your baby is being eaten alive, this shark sleeping bag features a 100% breathable cotton exterior for maximum comfort.

Carve out a private sanctuary anywhere in your home using this hanging cocoon hammock chair. The chair hangs from a heavy duty anodized aluminum ring and features a spacious interior that’s large enough to accommodate two adults.

Make the best out of a bad situation by covering up your little princess’s ouchies with these Hello Kitty Band-Aids. Each of the twenty latex-free Band-Aids comes printed with an adorable pink Hello Kitty themed design any little girl will love.

Become the master of your dreams by taking control of them with help from this lucid dreaming supplement. The supplement uses a two pill approach that helps your body achieve the ideal conditions for lucid dreaming and improved dream recall.

Avoid becoming shark bait next time you’re out in the water by wearing this shark repellent band. Requiring no batteries or charging, this life saving device fits comfortably around the wrist or ankle and employs magnetic technology to deter sharks.

Make home improvement projects go as smooth as possible with help from this Isocore hammer. It features a shock control system designed to absorb impact and vibration in order to reduce the punishment on your body.

If you can’t stop dreaming about the cheesy stuff, this pizza slice night light is just for you. This cheese covered slice sits atop a paper plate styled base and comes with a simple on/off switch for added convenience.

Save the world from certain doom in this remastered version of the cult classic Day Of The Tentacle video game. Available on PC, PS4, and PS Vita, the game offers the same great game but with high quality audio and visual, along with developer commentary.

Every grill master needs this multi-function barbecue tool! This versatile gadget sports a durable stainless steel construction and incorporates seven useful tools like a bottle opener, spatula, and tongs – and makes an excellent Father’s Day gift.

Make short commutes more comfortable and efficient by riding around on this electric fold down scooter. It comes with enough juice to travel at speeds up to 12 mph with a range of 28 miles on just a 3 hour charge, and can fold down to 50% of its volume.

Treat your sweet tooth to a sampling of the Far East with this bag of assorted Japanese candy. This giant bag comes packed with 34 packs of 27 different hard candies, gummies, and crackers that are guaranteed to satisfy any palate.

Ensure you always have the upper hand by reading the Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life book. Former CIA operative Jason Hanson reveals helpful tricks like how to improvise self defense weapons and how to hone your positive awareness.

Keep your driveway looking like new by protecting it from all the liquids that fall out of your car using this automobile drip mat. The mat is available in a range of sizes and comes with extremely durable raised edges that help catch every drop of grease and grime.

Help protect your eyesight from the perils of nighttime TV watching with the addition of the ambient backlight display system. It creates an aura of similar colors to strengthen the presence effect and enhance your viewing experience without straining your eyesight.

Eliminate dangerous blind spots while on the road by equipping this potentially life saving hand mirror. The small mirror comes with an adjustable Velcro strap, features a vibration free lens, and can be used on either the right or left hand.

Heal those minor lightsaber and blaster related cuts and scrapes with these Star Wars band-aids. Each pack includes 20 sterile band-aids decorated with the series’s most iconic characters like R2-D2, C-3PO, and Darth Vader.

Help keep your home tidy in between cleanings by wearing these floor cleaning slippers. The soles of these super comfy slippers are removable for easy clean up and come lined with small thick microfiber fingers that help pick up dust as you walk around.

Serve up your delicious melty pie without spilling toppings all over by cutting the slices using this pizza scissors spatula. Once you begin cutting, the slice automatically falls onto the plastic ledge so your slice stays intact until you’re ready to devour it.

Give your performance the ‘wow’ factor it’s been missing by using this color adjustable fog machine. This powerful fog machine comes equipped with 9 built in LEDs that let you alternate between red, green, violet, and blue.

Unleash a zoo in your freezer by making some savory snacks using these zoo animals popsicle molds. The molds are easy to fill and clean – and can be used to create exotic looking frozen treats in the shape of a lion, monkey, polar bear, and elephant – oh my!

Battle the cold by staying warm in more ways than one using these hidden flasks mittens. Apart from shielding your fingers from the frigid weather, the left hand mitten comes equipped with a discreet three ounce flask you can sip from your thumb.

Rest easy while your tiny human is out of sight by placing this baby vital signs monitor sock on them. It utilizes pulse oximetry to keep track of your baby’s vitals and is programmed to send you text alerts if anything goes wrong.

Begin your days as if your were an A-List celebrity on set of a Hollywood blockbuster by waking up with this clapperboard digital alarm clock. Styled like the iconic film industry clapperboards, the time and date comes displayed in bright, legible red digits.

Make cassettes king once again by increasing your home’s hip factor with this cassette tape coffee table. The nostalgic design of this pinewood table features a gigantic cassette tape decal on the surface and features three small drawer like compartments.

Set your insides on fire by taking on the world’s hottest chili pepper. Verified by the good folks at Guinness World Records, this fiery pepper known as the Carolina Reaper boasts an insanely high 2,200,000 Scoville heat units – that’s more than pepper spray!

Get the kids excited about playing outdoors again by whipping out this giant multi-colored parachute. This versatile parachute provides loads of fun for all and comes in sizes ranging from 6 feet to 30 feet in diameter.

Get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings by soaring the skies using the 3DR SmartDrone quadcopter. Powered by two 1 GHz CPUs, it includes features like push button flight and computer assisted shots so that anyone can capture the best footage possible.

Relive your glorious old-school gaming days all over again by accenting your outfit with the Playstation console messenger bag. Styled like the iconic original console, the bag features a main storage compartment, zip-up pocket, and adjustable strap.

Give your home movies some added edge by capturing incredible footage using the 360 degree GoPro camera holder. The design allows you to mount up to six GoPros that face in every direction so you can capture every conceivable shot possible.

Have a little fun while you relax and booze it up by creating beautiful music with these major scale musical wine glasses. Simply fill your glass to the desired note, moisten your finger, and create a wondrous sound as you run it across the rim of the glass.

Avoid accidentally burning down your campsite by illuminating the area with this inflatable solar lantern. The lantern charges in only eight hours, and emits a bright white glow that lasts for up to twelve hours, so you’re never left in the dark.

Help your home or work space remain tidy with help from this electrical outlet plug organizer. Made from silicone, it easily sticks onto the wall so that you can conveniently hang the cords of appliances you’re not currently using.

Instantly transform your simple tub into a five star delight using the dual jet bath spa. This attachment fits all standard tubs and features adjustable jets and nozzles to create an enthralling whirlpool experience that’ll leave you fully relaxed.

Get yourself out of a jam quickly if your car won’t start by using this portable car battery jump starter. Though compact, it boasts a powerful 18000mAh battery that lets you start your car about 22 times and features ports so you can charge your USB electronic devices.

The future of formal wear has arrived in the form of this eye-catching light up fiber optic jacket. This luminous garment features a special fiber optic fabric capable of glowing in various vibrant colors such as green, red, and blue.

Ensure your zombie killing skills stay sharp at all times by practicing them on this impaled zombie pen holder. The holder is cast in durable designer resin and given an amazingly intricate paint job to add a touch of realism to the undead corpse laying on your desk.

Avoid having to bum a light off someone by carrying around this smartphone lighter case. The unique and practical design incorporates a sleek lighter along the back so can you easily flip it open with your finger and light up.

Capture the magic of a full moon during any night of the week with the moon night light. The realistic moon graphic on the night light displays a bright full moon you can turn on and off at the flick of a conveniently positioned switch on the bottom of the light.

Stop making a mess during your midnight trips to the bathroom by outfitting your toilet with this motion activated night light. The light is designed to fit any standard toilet bowl and emits a soft glow that won’t overwhelm your groggy state of mind.

Clear your driveway and walkway without enduring hours of backbreaking labor by firing up this electric snow thrower. The 13 amp motor picks up snow and launches it 30 feet away, creating a clear path 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

Teach your tiny human the finer points of relaxation from an early age with this baby hammock. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, this pint-size natural cotton hammock sways gently to lull your baby to sleep while keeping them safe and comfortable.

Steer clear of messes and spills by serving everyone’s drink into these interlocking coffee mugs. The functional design of these ceramic mugs allows you to link them together so you can carry them in one fast and easy trip.

Help keep human errors to a minimum during your next home improvement project by utilizing the digital tape measure. This handy tool makes measuring a breeze as it displays accurate readings on its digital screen that can be set to either U.S. or metric units.

Make your reading nook a little cozier by providing some ambient lighting using this old book scented candle. The candle is made from all natural soy wax and releases a delightful aroma reminiscent of a distinguished library into the air as it burns.

Alter the room’s appearance with the tip of your finger using this smartphone synced mood light. Apart from providing you with dozens of vibrant colors to choose from, it can be programmed to alert you to incoming calls or pulse to the rhythm of your favorite song.

Save yourself a few trips to the kitchen while you watch the tube by popping open your brews using this TV remote control bottle opener. This multi-functional control is compatible with a variety of devices and features a sturdy metallic bottle opener.

Now you can easily distinguish which chain is which with the fan and light bulb pull chains – brilliant! These novelty pull chains feature a high quality build and provide a small yet eye-catching detail that’ll make working the light and fan much easier.

Go on an out of this world mission to dreamland by sleeping in the purple galaxy bed covers. These lovely satin covers showcase a mesmerizing image of our vast cosmos with amazing detail and artistry that will captivate your imagination.

Take notes and brainstorm without wasting a ton of paper by writing down everything in this dry erase whiteboard notebook. This eco-friendly notebook features a detachable binding and comes with 25 reusable sheets.

Give your home or garage the added storage space it needs using one of these shipping container cabinets. These portable cabinets can be stacked up like boxes, provide a sturdy and safe place to store your stuff, and can be locked from the outside for easy transport.

Put an electric new twist on a classic game using this hot potato shock ball. The ball is encased in a protective plastic layer and emits small electric shock pulses at random intervals between the 10 and 30 second marks.

Show off your fondness for the classics with these geeky Vincent van Gogh paintings. Each vibrant work of art displays a unique and vibrant mashup of geeky franchises like Star Wars or Super Mario Bros. painted in van Gogh’s iconic style.

Cook an authentic brick oven like pizza pie on your plain stovetop using this ingenious pizza oven. You simply place the stainless steel oven right over the stove and within minutes it will reach temperatures of 600°F so your pizza cooks in mere minutes.

Keep your grocery cart from becoming a chaotic mess with help from these reusable fold-out shopping cart bags. These heavy duty bags allow you to keep everything organized while you shop, making them easy to grab and go once you’re done.

Channel the power of the Dark Side to protect yourself against grease stains by putting on this Darth Vader apron. This one size fits most cotton apron comes designed like Vader’s iconic suit and is machine washable so you can always keep it looking like new.

Keeping a clean home has never been easier thanks to this Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to control your smart vac using the app on your smartphone – so you can clean your floors at any time.

This holiday season give “the gift of nothing” to those who truly deserve it. Whether it’s a former lover, an evil boss, or just a spoiled little brat child, the gift of nothing will show how much you care and how much effort you’ve put into giving them something really special.

Produce cool visual effects every time you light up your cigarettes using this electric beam lighter. This USB rechargeable lighter comes in an ultra durable case and produces a small electric beam that’s proven to work in windy and watery conditions.

Now your kids can walk tall just like the mighty Bigfoot using these Sports Stomp Walker stilts. They come fitted with big ol’ soft foam feet that are easy to balance on, and are designed to handle children up to 100 pounds.

Burn off some much needed calories while you’re anchored to your desk with help from this sit down elliptical machine. The patented hinges allow your feet and lower legs to move as they please without disturbing the rest of your body.

Keep the game going long after the sun sets by playing with this glow in the dark NERF football. The football features the classic soft NERF exterior and emits a bright greenish glow so you can play for hours on a single charge.

Enjoy a peaceful night’s rest when roughing it outdoors by keeping yourself off the uneven ground with this sky nest hanging tent. After suspending the tent from two points, you and all your gear will remain high and dry during the night.

Add some color to your battlestation with this rainbow light up mechanical keyboard. The fastest and most programmable keyboard around, it features a low-profile layout and dual processors to ensure swift transitions with minimal fatigue.

Bring your humble abode’s plain walls to life using this living wall garden starter kit. Ideal for homes with limited space, this vertical garden installs in seconds so you can keep a lively and healthy garden on any wall without making a mess.