Must Haves for Book Lovers

girl sitting on a chair, girl reading a kindle, wooden chair armrest

Have you ever read a super good book where you become absorbed, you forget to eat, miss your bus stop, or even fail to remember that you have somewhere to go?  Most bookworms would say that reading is not all about books. It is also about your experiences as you go on … Read more

Top reasons to get house plants

Today, gardening has become a fad, and for good reasons. More than the aesthetic value, plants offer psychological and physical benefits to us. Houseplants or indoor plants are good for the health. Besides, you can grow herbs indoors and enjoy them fresh for cooking or by making some tea. Plants Purify The … Read more

Must Haves for a Skincare Routine

woman with a beauty mask in a spa

Skincare has been an emerging trend since the rise of the beauty industry in recent years. Most of the content on skincare comes from beauty influencers and brands. Therefore, cosmetics and skincare usually go hand in hand. However, skincare itself has its complexity and process. Therefore, it is essential to know the … Read more

Must-Haves for Starting a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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The term “zero waste” was initially used in the 1970s by Paul Palmer in association with the usage of industrial chemicals. In 2008, Bea Johnson, an author from Zero Waste Home, came up with the zero-waste lifestyle, popularizing the Zero Waste movement.  Living a zero-waste lifestyle isn’t a luxury only some can … Read more