High End vs. Low End Beauty Products

When buying beauty products, it is always a conflict between low-end brands versus high-end brands. Some low-end beauty products give quality products where you could say that it is a good deal. However, it is also nice to invest in some high-end beauty products that are truly worth your money. People are debating whether to buy high-end beauty products or low-end beauty products, but what are the differences between them?

makeup brushes laid on a black pouch, cylindrical containers of foundation, lipsticks with different shades


Nars, Dior Beauty, Laura Mercier, Chanel Beauty, Estée Lauder- these are just some of the well-known high-end brands in the cosmetic industry. Luxury or designer brands claimed to have better quality ingredients than the usual drugstore beauty products. High-end beauty brands have premium formulas and higher and better quality ingredients. They also use more expensive technologies in creating their beauty products. These things result in outstanding quality and pigmented products and a wide range of shades that will suit every individuals’ skin. Regarding the quantity of the ingredients, high-end beauty products are more consistent with the quantity and formulation of their ingredients. Therefore, the quality of the products that they produce is very consistent. High-end beauty products are formulated to be suitable for an individual’s own goals and preferences. These products are also created to provide a more specific function in an individual’s beauty routine.


L’Oreal, Morphe, Maybelline, Covergirl, and Revlon are some of the low-end beauty product brands. We are all quite familiar with some of these brands since these are what we usually use in school, work, or daily. These beauty products are what you frequently see in drugstores and department stores like Target. They are much more affordable than your high-end beauty products. In terms of the ingredients, low-end beauty products use more synthetic and more affordable ingredients. These brands usually incorporate talc in their products. This ingredient could help bulk up the product as an alternative for higher quantities of ingredients used in high-end beauty products. When you are just starting with makeup, it is ideal to use low-end beauty products. That way, you could experiment with your look without thinking of the budget as an issue.


When to Splurge

It is good to splurge on skincare products, the base of your makeup (primer, concealer, foundation, and setting powder), blushes, and a good set of makeup brushes.

Good makeup begins with healthy and beautiful skin. Investing in high-end skincare products can be a big help to your skin. High-end skincare products contain good quality and natural ingredients that help in rejuvenating your skin. High-end brands also produce skincare products that are suitable for any skin type.

It is very smart to invest in a high-end makeup base because they go directly on your skin. A high-end foundation tends to look and feel better on your skin. High-end brands produce better and a wide-range of shade selections, so it would most likely look mimics the look of your real skin. A high-quality foundation, concealer, and setting powder would enhance the good skin that’s underneath.

High-end blushes can also be excellent investments. Their pigments are milled finely, which makes a smooth and easy application on your face. A cheap blush could potentially irritate your skin, so it is important to invest in a blush that has quality ingredients. Also, blushes have a long lifespan, so it is good to invest in a high-end one.

For makeup brushes, high quality and well-made brushes would last longer. They would feel softer on your skin, and they would make a huge difference in how you apply the makeup to the specific areas of your face.

When to Save

Purchasing your eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascaras, and eye pencils from low-end brands is a good call.

Mascaras need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months. They probably have the shortest lifespan in all the makeup products, so you should likely buy from low-end brands.

Eye pencils are similar to mascaras, and they should be replaced quite often. So, drugstore eye pencil is a really good choice.

Drugstore brands offer the latest trends of eyeshadow palettes. They are of good quality and are also pigmented. There are also various colors and different shades that are perfect for every mood and occasion.

There is not much difference between high-end and low-end lipsticks. They have almost the same pigmentation and formula. There are tons of lipsticks with different shades and formulas that could be found in drugstores that will last long on your lips.