7 Habits of People Having a Healthy Skin

Do you ever wonder how people have healthy-looking skin? How about wishing your skin to start looking like theirs? If you want to know more, then this one’s for you. Here are 7 habits of people with healthy skin.

1. Deep Breathing

Getting rid of stress is good for both your body and mind. By doing slow and controlled breathing exercises, you shift your body’s balance of oxygen vs. carbon dioxide into energizing the stress suppressing oxygen. Practice regularly doing it twice a day. Focusing on just breathing removes stressors that cause skin breakouts.

2. Active Lifestyle

People with an active lifestyle often do workouts and exercise to keep a healthy body, clear mind, and healthy skin. Working out or even just putting your body in motion for more than 30 minutes each day causes sweat which, in turn, causes your pores to purge themselves of toxins and bacteria that cause pimples. Being physically active also increases blood circulation, giving cells an oxygen boost. Your body also releases repressed anxiety that’s trapped inside, making you relax better.

Try exercising every day as it only manages stress for more, not more than 24 hours. By doing it every day, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits it brings you. Some of the said benefits are boosts in your circulation, delivering more nutrients to your skin. Exercising also increases your lung capacity, fights age-related ailments, and reduces stress.

3. Healthy Diet Without Excess Sugar

As the saying goes: “We are what we eat.” This is true when it comes to our skin. Eating the right food can be a huge help to having healthier skin. Those with healthy skin often consume food rich in antioxidants such as berries, oranges, and tomatoes. Too much sugar is bad for your body, so it’s probably best to stay away from sweet food.

It’s also best to have a well-balanced diet. Try eating more lean protein like eggs, poultry, fish: walnuts, and low-fat dairy foods. A lot of these foods are good for your skin and help in reducing stress and fighting wrinkles.

Always be mindful of what you eat all day, but most especially in the mornings. Eating protein early in the morning doesn’t just help avoid afternoon cravings, but protein-rich foods are also the key to preventing energy dips and avoiding mood swings. It aids in maintaining the healthy blood sugar balance of the body. A healthy blood sugar balance keeps certain hormones in check.

4. Focus on the Good Things

Being stress-free is a great help to having healthy skin, and one way to achieve it is by focusing on only good things. From your day-to-day activities, make a list of those you are grateful for or things that went well. Go get a journal or a notebook you like and try writing down these things at the end of each day.

Do this every night as a part of your nightly winding-down routine. Keeping a record of good things you’ve encountered helps on squashing all that negative energy that goes into your mind.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Another habit that greatly affects the condition of your skin is your sleep habit. People often forget to add sleep to their skin routine, and some have trouble maintaining it. Beauty sleep should definitely be included in one’s sleep routine as enough sleep helps in the repair process of our bodies. Having adequate sleep improves blood circulation, which gives that natural glow when you wake up.

Always make it a goal to sleep for as much as you need so that you’ll feel alive and productive the whole day after waking up.

6. Taking Time for Themselves

Most people barely have any time for themselves. They become very busy with the daily schedules that they forget to slow down and take time for themselves. It’s rare to set aside a time for yourself doing absolutely nothing—no agenda, no plans, no schedules; and just simply relax. Try finding a comfortable place to quietly exhale all the bad energy, be still, be yourself, and just simply relax. You can do this once a day for around 10-20 minutes and more if you can fit it into your schedule.

By doing this, you create a sense of tranquility in your life, keeping you stress-free. It also opens the door to new possibilities, new perceptions, and new solutions; and gives your whole body, mind, and soul a break.

7. SPF Everyday

three fingers, cotton pad, a part of a human’s face

As told time and time again, our skin needs to be protected from the sun. Always apply sunscreen daily, whether it is sunny or not. It is always important to protect your skin by putting on enough sunscreen before going about our daily lives. Sun damage is responsible for the emergence of the early signs of skin aging and other spots such as wrinkles and fine lines.