Should You Adapt Marie Kondo’s Cleaning Ideology

Have you ever stumbled upon organizational tips that would help boost up your decluttering game? If not, then maybe you need to check out Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying guru. She has these steps and methods in decluttering your things which she calls “The Konmari Method.” She was the author of the bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Marie Kondo also has a Netflix show called “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” The question is, are her organizational tips practical? Should you adapt Marie Kondo’s cleaning ideology?

Know More About Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning consultant. She is also an author. She wrote four books about decluttering and organizing. As a child, Kondo has been passionate about organizing stuff. According to her, she would always sneak into her classroom to clean and organize the bookshelves while her classmates are out, doing activities for their physical education class. When she turned 19, she decided to work as a professional “tidier” and became an organizational consultant to her peers. Marie Kondo helped a lot of people in organizing and decluttering their stuff. She encourages individuals to tidy up to have a serene environment.


The KonMari Method, in simple terms, is about discarding and organizing. The first is discarding the things that are of no use to you and your home. Kondo based her KonMari Method on the ideological pillar: sparking joy. Keep only the items that make your heart feel joy and discard the things that no longer give you joy. Get rid of the things that bring stress to your life. However, it does not necessarily mean living a minimalistic life. The second part is organizing items and designate them into their own places. According to Kondo, categorizing objects based on their type is more efficient than categorizing them based on their location. The followers of this method are taught to have a mindful approach in cleaning and how we think about our possessions.

yellow sponge, oil inside the bottle, white bathtub, bath bombs in a basket

Marie Kondo’s Organizational Tips

Everything should have its place

Marie Kondo has been practicing putting different things in the same spot. Everything you own should have its own designated place. Knowing where to put a specific item and making this a routine could make your life easier. Label all storages so that everyone in the household would know where to look for the things they need.

Arrange your things vertically

According to Marie Kondo, using vertical arrangement could save you some more space in the storage. It also helps in finding your belongings easily.

Keep only the clothes that bring you joy

Kondo said that it is important to get rid of unnecessary clothing. Unused clothes should be thrown away or donated so that there will be enough space for other items.

Keep coins and change inside your wallet

Putting change inside jars and piggy banks renders your money useless. Kondo suggested sliding your coins inside your wallet immediately. In that way, you could spend your money and not keep it inside a jar for years.

Being nostalgic will not help you

When cleaning out, you will always stumble upon old letters, memorabilia, and unnecessary things from the past. These things could make you lose focus in cleaning. You read that one old letter that you found in your drawer, and suddenly you are out there reading a bunch more from your high school sweetheart. Avoid doing this, and it will save you some time to declutter your closet!


Honestly, Marie Kondo’s ingenious ways of decluttering and organizing stuff could benefit you and your homes. Aside from making your environment clean, this method could also help in improving a person’s well-being. The lesser clutter we have in our surroundings, the easier we could focus on what we are doing. Study shows that too many things and choices could lead to indecisiveness and possible paralysis. The fewer things are indeed better.

It is challenging to have everything in place at all times. Practicing the KonMari method is quite time-consuming at first, but it can be pretty fun. Getting rid of unused items and organizing your things can be satisfying. Marie Konda’s cleaning ideology is indeed helpful and effective. However, it all comes down to you and your consistency in practicing this method. If you are very consistent in using the KonMari method, then you will achieve a pleasant, serene environment that sparks joy in your hearts.