Essential Cleaning Items for Home

Your home is your personal space, and it’sstate reflects your personality, which is why it’s important to keep your home as clean as it can be.

Keeping your home clean takes effort and doing it without the essential tools will have you struggling. There are supplies for each type of cleaning needed, and having the correct items ensures that your cleaning would be as easy as possible.

Listed below are the essential cleaning items.


Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner isn’t just for carpeted floors. This must-have item is great for cleaning remote areas that are not easily accessible and are hard to clean, such as upholsteries, hard floors, and air vents. Vacuums also have different attachments depending on the type of cleaning you’re going to do.

Microfiber cloths

These cloths are used to clean any type of surfaces, including glass and stainless steel. They are gentle enough to not leave any scratches behind. They are also reusable. All you need to do is wash them regularly to maintain their cleanliness.


A bucket isn’t really used as often as other cleaning items when cleaning, but it’s also essential to keep one if you need it. It can also serve as storage for your other cleaning supplies, which you can carry from one room to another.

Broom and dustpan

This pairing should never be missing from your cleaning supplies. The broom and dustpan take care of cleaning dirt, dust, fur, and everything else that ends up on the floor. Long brooms can also be used to take down cobwebs found in the corners of your home.

Flat mop

Also known as a dust mop, a flat mop is a great alternative to the standard yet unruly mops that people often use. It usually has a disposable pad attached to it and doesn’t require a bucket of water or solution. Flat mops are great for regular everyday cleaning.

Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are necessary when it comes to cleaning with chemicals. A thick set of these protect your hands against harsh chemicals and grimes you might encounter when cleaning. Rubber gloves also last much longer than nitrile or latex gloves. They can also be used in the kitchen to protect your hands from scalding water.


Squeegees prevent the build-up of soap scum on shower tiles and save you a lot of cleaning time in the future. They also come with suction attachments so that you can easily place them on the wall and use them when needed.

Toilet brush and holder

A toilet brush is an essential cleaning item to have in your home as it helps keep your toilet bowl sparkling clean with little effort. Toilet brushes are available in one-use varieties and reusable ones that can be replaced as needed.

rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, bucket, toilet brush, flat mop, spin mop, trash bin, dustpan, broom

Cleaning Solutions

When you’re doing deep cleaning, just using water isn’t enough. You also need to use other cleaning solutions that are more suited for it.

All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is one of the essential cleaning items needed in your home. It is effective in cleaning different surfaces and takes care of stains, grease, and dirt. All you have to do is to spray the surface and wipe the dirt out.

Glass cleaner

Glass cleaners are specifically formulated for glass surfaces such as tables and windows. They are effective in cleaning these surfaces without leaving behind any smears or streaks.

Wood cleaner

Just like the glass cleaner, a wood cleaner is also specifically formulated to clean one surface, which is wood. Water and all-purpose cleaning sprays usually damage wood and varnish, so it’s best to have a wood cleaner around your home. 

Antibacterial spray or wipes

These antibacterial cleaning products are great for sanitizing and disinfecting your home. Often used together with the all-purpose cleaner, these products are useful in germ-heavy areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

Tile cleaner with bleach

You cannot avoid the build-up of mold, rust, soap scum, and mildew in your baths and showers, but a tile cleaner with bleach can definitely remove these types of grime. When doing so, don’t forget to gloves and open your windows to protect yourself against the harsh chemicals.

Toilet bowl cleaner

Using a toilet bowl cleaner, especially a bleach-based one, makes cleaning your toilet easier. You can use this alongside your toilet brush so you can scrub your toilet bowl sparkling clean.

White vinegar

Although usually used in the kitchen, this item is also great to use as a cleaning tool. It has several disinfectant properties and is also great at removing dirt and dissolving grease. They’re good for swift clean-ups and light disinfecting.

Baking soda

This cleaning essential is great at lifting and absorbing odors. It takes care of unpleasant smells such as those from garbage disposals.