Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Service

No matter how clean you try to keep you room, house, or office, it is bound to get dirty sooner or later. Dust has this very annoying habit of materializing out of thin air and settling down on your precious belongings. Grime and muck forms over time or is dragged in from outside. And in general, little bits here and there continue to make their home in your carpets and keep piling up the waste.

Now, you might not exactly have time to deal with all these problems yourself. Or maybe you just don’t want to get your hands dirty or tire yourself wiping your desk. Be it your house or your company headquarters, hiring a cleaning service to handle this work for you is a smart decision to take. Let’s talk about cleaning companies and what you should be on the lookout for before hiring one.

What are Cleaning Companies and How Do They Work?

Cleaning companies, or services, are organizations that assemble teams of personnel whose job is to clean your place for you. You can hire a cleaning service just once for a thorough cleaning of your house’s every nook and cranny, or you could hire them to visit and clean your place every few days.

If you own and manage a large building, a cleaning crew is almost a must have. It’s impossible to go around cleaning every room on every floor by yourself, especially if you other work in the office that needs doing. And a regular and well-trained cleaning crew will keep your building looking appealing at all times of the day to every visitor that comes through. And of course, a dirty building makes for a very strong negative first impression.

Make Sure They Can Stick to a Schedule

When hiring a cleaning service, make sure to ask them if they can follow a schedule properly. Frequent late or missed shifts are going to result not only in a filthy establishment, but also frustration for your workers and employees who might have to reschedule their work because of the cleaning crew’s tardiness. If hiring a service for your house, you wouldn’t want them showing up too early in the morning or too late in the evening, nor when you come home if you want them in and out when you’re at work.

Find Out How Long the Company Has Been in Business

Checking how long a potential candidate for a cleaning company has been in business is also a solid way to avoid disappointment down the line. Chances are, a company that has only recently just opened might not be too great at their jobs. An older company also means that its trustworthy, especially if there are many good reviews for them on websites not owned by them. This is a simple enough check that could help you out in ways you might not even realize.

Is the Cleaning Service CIMS Certified?

The CIMS certification is a way to tell for absolute certainty if a cleaning company is worth hiring. If a cleaning company is CIMS certified, it means they have been proven to get the job done properly every time and have followed all the rules and regulations and the standards as well of the cleaning service industry. Hiring a CIMS certified cleaning service is the best way to make sure you’re getting yourself a competent cleaning service.

Ask the Company About Their Employee Training

Before settling on a cleaning service, ask them how they train their employees. This is a good way to get the measure of a cleaning service. A good cleaning company has a well-defined and structured training regime that ensures all workers possess the same level of competence when it comes to cleaning. They should be trained to handle all sorts of possibilities and complications that may arise during the course of their duties, and they should also be well-versed with standards that are to be expected by customers.

Check If the Cleaning Company is Insured

A cleaning company should assure you that they are insured for any outcome. There are multiple different types of insurances a cleaning company may have, including but not limited to insurance for any material damage by the cleaning crew and any accidental harm to the cleaning crew including injury up to even death. Insurance would give you ease of mind regarding leaving the cleaning crew to their duties rather than having to stalk their every move to keep track of anything that may go wrong.

Will the Regulars Remain Regulars?

The sweet spot you want to hit with a cleaning crew is having the same people come in every time. If you can find yourself a dedicated crew, you will not only feel more comfortable around them in time, but they would also become familiar with your place of residence or work. This mutual understanding and establishment of comfortable boundaries between the crew and you or your employees will result in a better work environment for all involved and also mean better work done by the crew.

Does the Cleaning Company Conduct Background Checks on Their Employees?

Though rehabilitated people with criminal pasts should not be discriminated against to allow them a fair second chance, you should nevertheless ask if the cleaning service you’re looking to hire conducts basic background checks before employing someone. These checks can serve two purposes.

For starters, no cleaning service worth bothering with would employ anyone that walks in the front door. Background checks are necessary to weed out potential future problem-employees. People with some form of criminal background, especially if they have never served time for it, and liable to committing further crime. The last thing you need is a cleaning crewmember losing his temper in or stealing something from your building.

Secondly, background checks for prior experience with cleaning services ensures employees who know what they’re doing. There is a proper method to being a part of a cleaning service, as evidenced by the point about employee training above, and no Tom, Dick, or Harry can be a good cleaner. People with experience in the cleaning industry are naturally better employees, and cleaning companies who hire these people are naturally better choices for hire.


Though at first it may not have seemed to be a matter too difficult to approach, hopefully reading through this post has helped you make a more informed decision about hiring a cleaning crew. Invest time into proper research before hiring a service and you’ll be looking forward to years of successful cooperation between you and your hired cleaning company.