Utilizing Lists on Amazon

It’s fun to browse through different items in an online shopping app. It gives you an idea on what to buy next or what gifts to buy a friend for an upcoming birthday, or wedding. But isn’t it better if you can save the items you’ll like for future purchases? For example, you don’t have the budget yet but you saw an item you really like, it’s great if you can save that item for you to buy once you have the money or once that item goes on sale. That’s one good feature Amazon has. By utilizing lists on Amazon, you’ll be able to save the items you want.

If you want to try and utilize the lists on Amazon, here are the different kinds of lists you can use and how they work.

Shopping Lists and Wish Lists

The Amazon shopping list is the list you can use in the app to keep track of the things you’re eyeing, and the wish list is something you can use to let other people know the items you want as a gift.

To be able to create a list, click on “List” at the top of any Amazon.com page and select “Create a list” from the drop down. Then click on “Create your list”. After that, your list will be available and you can also change its name by clicking on the “Edit list name” link. After setting a name for your list, click “Save” then try browsing for an item. When you find an item you want to save, click on “Add to List” under the Buy box on the right-hand side of any item’s product detail page. You can add any item on your list except for those:

  • out-of-print books
  • out-of-stock products
  • phones with service plans
  • items that do not have release dates
  • and items with quantity restrictions

Gift givers will be able to see the name, city and state of the shipping address you select. Amazon will also use your birthday to remind customers and to generate information on the site.

You can create multiple lists by repeating the process and there is no limit for it. You will have one default list where your saved items will go to. But it you want to move items to a different list, you just have to click on “Move” under the item you want to change then select in the pop-up the list or Registry you want to move the item to.

Gift Idea Lists

Amazon’s Gift Idea List will let you create a collection of items found on Amazon and anyone with your list will be able to use it to shop and buy for themselves. It can be for your own private use or anyone with the list web link will be able to use it.

To be able to create an Idea List, go to https://www.amazon.com/ideas then click on “New Idea List”. It will ask you to enter a name for your Idea List, you can also add an optional description for it. After that, click “Create”. Once the list has been created, click on “Products” then in the “Search” box, type the items you want to look for. Once you find the products you’d like to add in the list, click the drop-down menu in the detail page next to “Add to List”, then click the “Idea List” you just created.

You can add and remove items from an Idea List easily. You can also share the list to your friends using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, or paste the link to your Idea List into an email. Just click on any Idea List marked as “In Progress” then click on” Publish” then on “Publish Now”. A “Published” confirmation box will appear. There, you can copy the short URL which you can use to share your list to social media sites or email.

Wedding Registry

If you have an upcoming wedding, you can also use amazon to create your wedding registry. This way, you will be able to select the products from Amazon that you want to receive as a wedding gift.

To create a wedding registry, all you need to do is click on “Wish List” at the top of any Amazon,com page and select “Wedding Registry” from the drop-down. Click on “Get Started” and an on screen instruction will appear.

The shipping address you will choose is confidential and the people who will view your registry will only be able to see the name, city and state. You can select in the preferences your wedding registry to appear on WeddingChannel.com but it may take up to 36 hours for it to appear there.

After choosing your preferences, click on “Submit”. Once your wedding registry is created, you can start searching for items you want to add in it. Just click on “Add to Wedding Registry” under the Buy box on the right-hand side of any item’s product detail page.

You can always edit your profile information any time by clicking “Manage your registry” then click on “Your Registry Information”.

Baby Registry

Aside from the wedding registry, Amazon also has a baby registry feature. Just like creating the wedding registry, just click on “Gift Cards & Registry” from the navigation menu and click on “Baby Registry” from the menu. An on-screen instruction will appear once you click on “Get Started”. After following the instructions, click “Create Baby Registry” and it’s ready.

Note that you can edit the default name and e-mail address you entered in “About You”. You can also add a co-registrant so that your friends and family will be able to find your registry by searching for the name of the co-registrant. Your registry can also appear on TheBump.com when you choose it in your preferences but you’ll have to wait for 72 hours before it appears there.

Utilizing lists on Amazon is useful because it can help you save time compared to searching for the products you like over and over again to check on it. The wish lists and the registries it features can also help you let your friends and family know what gifts you’re looking into receiving. If you haven’t tried Amazon’s lists, and you’re eyeing lots of items, you might want to give it a go.

Utilizing Amazon for Your Wedding Registry

A wedding registry can help you and your fiancé start your married lives with the things you really want. One of the great wedding registry platforms you can sign up to is Amazon’s wedding registry. Whether you want traditional gifts like china sets and bath towels, an alternative like scuba diving experience, or a combination of the two, Amazon’s wedding registry is prepared to deliver. It offers a great inventory selection, as well as discounts for unpurchased gifts.

If you’re looking into creating an online registry on Amazon, here are the things you need to know.

How Amazon Wedding Registry Works

To be able to create an online wedding registry, you will need an Amazon account. Your guests will also need an Amazon account to be able to purchase the gifts.

When you register, it will ask you for certain information such as, your name and your partner’s name, the shipping address where you want the gifts to be sent, the date of your wedding, and the location of the event.

After completing all the information and saving your wedding registry, you can start adding items in it. You can either search for the things you want or browse curated lists where you can also find inspirations.

Amazon Wedding Registry Features

More than being a wish list for your upcoming wedding, the Amazon’s wedding registry offers noteworthy features for your convenience.

  • Variety: Amazon has wide variety of products, therefore, you can add any of the over 200 million products it offers to your wedding registry list. You can add anything from decorative pieces, kitchen utensils, bedding, bathroom, furniture, clothing, and so much more.
  • Bonus Gifts: There are some brands in Amazon that throw in free gifts when certain registry items were purchased or when minimum purchase amounts are reached.
  • Universal Registry: Amazon’s wedding registry is universal, meaning, you can add items from other sites on the web using the Amazon Wish List button. You can install it as a browser extension and conveniently add any item of your choice to your wish list.
  • Gift Prioritization: The Amazon wedding registry will allow you to mark items in your registry high or low priority to guide your guests.
  • Thank you list: Amazon can record who bought each item that is purchased from your wedding registry, making it easy to follow up and to send thank you messages to them.
  • Registry Completion Discount: Amazon will send you a discount code for the remaining gifts on your list after your wedding day. If you’re a Prime member, you will receive up to 20% discount, if not, you will receive 10% discount.

Wedding Registry Access and Privacy

When you set up a wedding registry on Amazon, you can make it visible only to you, only to people with the link, or you can also make it public where anyone can search for and view it. You can also share your wedding wish list to your friends and relatives via email, Facebook, and Twitter by providing them the unique URL. If your registry is public, your guests will be able to find it by visiting Amazon.com/wedding and entering your name.

Registrants will be able to edit your wedding registry list. You can add your partner’s email address so you both can make changes on the list from your individual accounts in Amazon.

Wedding Gifts Shipping Cost and Tracking

The shipping cost and speed of the items ordered will depend on your guests’ membership status. For non-Prime members, a free standard shipping is offered for orders of $25 and up. For Prime members, there is the usual free two-day shipping on eligible items. The tracking details of the products will only be available to the purchaser.

Wedding Gifts Return Policy

The return policy for Amazon’s wedding registry offers free returns within 180 days from the delivery date. Refunds will be sent in the form of an Amazon gift certificate. If the items are purchased outside of Amazon or from third-party websites, they are subject to the policies of their respective sellers.

Amazon’s Wedding Registry Completion Discount

This is probably one of the best things Amazon can offer if there will be gifts left unpurchased in your wedding registry list. Amazon gives a one-time-use promo code for the remaining gifts you might decide to buy. You can also add other eligible items to the order. All you have to do is enter the code that will be given to you at checkout to redeem the discount. The discount will expire in 90 days after your wedding date at exactly 11:59 pm Pacific time. If you want to know more about the terms and conditions Amazon have for discounts or their wedding registry, you may visit their website.

The features that Amazon offers are truly promising and convenient and they have a wide variety of items to choose from. If your wedding is coming up and you haven’t chosen any wedding registry yet, you might want to give Amazon a try.

What is Amazon Basics?

What is Amazon Basics?

When finding deals on Amazon, it’s hard not to notice AmazonBasics. Launched in 2009, AmazonBasics is one of the online selling giant’s popular private level brands, along with Amazon Gear Store and Pinzon Bedding & Bath.

AmazonBasics provides a huge set of choicesAmazonBasics provides a huge set of choices for everyday items such as electronic accessories like batteries, earphones, keyboards, HDMI cables as well as home necessities like bath towels, dinnerware sets and bed sheets. If you need a school backpack for your kid, a dog bowl for your pet, or an ergonomic chair for your home office, it’s all covered in AmazonBasics.  Basically, it provides the type of items that are basic and commoditized – everyday items you don’t want to waste time shopping for.

Products sold on AmazonBasics are not different with off-brand versions of popular products other retail stores offer. Amazon seems to be into targeting products that sell very well on other sites and brands, and then creates their own that are often nearly identical to the original, launching them as new AmazonBasics products.

If that’s the case, you might be asking what is their products’ edge from the popular brands. The most obvious benefit would be the low prices offered for electronics. None of these would be the flashy type of items that will make your friends green with envy, but it will surely get the job done with less expense.

PackagingFor Amazon, their advantage would be less expenses in packaging. Amazon’s packaging is easy to open, cheaper to produce, more environment-friendly and less expensive to ship because they don’t need to compete with packaging of other brands on store shelves.

Judging by the number of positive reviews the products have gotten, AmazonBasics is doing pretty well. Most of the products have several thousand user reviews, each with four-plus star averages, while none of them have fewer than 3.5 stars. Users are saying their purchased AmazonBasics products still work well after a few years. It is because Amazon is excellent at benchmarking and has a very strict quality control. Products that mostly get low star ratings are discontinued as soon as Amazon starts struggling with it, so they don’t drag the average down. They make sure that they provide a decent amount of selection which are actually of great value.

The list of product categories for AmazonBasics include:

  • Audio accessories
  • Computer accessories
  • Audio/visual accessories
  • Camera accessories
  • Batteries
  • Office accessories
  • Storage & organization
  • Bedding
  • Bath
  • Kitchen & dining
  • Patio, lawn & garden
  • Pet supplies
  • Sports
  • Travel accessories
  • Outdoors


Best SellerAccording to CNET, the #1 best seller at AmazonBasics for February 2017 is its 48-pack of AA Performance Alkaline Batteries, which boasts of superior performance that perform as good or better than the most popular battery brands on the market.

Next in line would be the Portable Bluetooth Speaker BTV1 and its smaller brother, the BTV2. Both are available in different colors and are sold on a low, low price.

To get more insights on AmazonBasic products and to get the best Amazon deals, it would be helpful if you would check out some site and Amazon shopping user reviews. With AmazonBasic, the e-commerce site promises “to make products that you need, want, and above all – love.”

Love Audio Books? Check Out Audible from Amazon

Love Audio Books? Check Out Audible from Amazon

You don’t need to curl up in a corner and spend hours focused on reading to finish your favorite writer’s work. With audiobooks, you can be more productive as it allows you to feed your mind or be entertained while doing your own thing at any place. You can enjoy your favorite genre of literature while working out, doing chores and commuting.

Sign Up for Audible today!Amazon’s Audible, an audio programming online service, offers you a large library of more than a hundred thousand high-quality audiobooks to choose from. By signing up, you can gain access to different audiobooks, with categories ranging from fiction to non-fiction in different genres, types and languages. Check it out and see the benefits for yourself.

Once you subscribe to Audible, your first month is free. Plus, you can get to pick two free audiobooks that are yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription.

After your 30-day free trial, Audible will cost you only $14.95 a month. You will receive one monthly credit for any audiobook and a 30% discount from any purchase. And if you don’t like an audiobook you bought, Audible will refund you the cost of your book, no questions asked. Amazon deals are truly worth it, even for literature lovers!

Audible is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Using the search box, you can search the inventory by title, keyword or author. Or, you can simply browse its categories to find a book of your choice.

One amazing feature of Audible is that you can get to listen to best-selling authors narrate their own books! You can actually get to listen to the book the way the author meant for it to be understood. In some cases, professional actors get to narrate popular classics and other books. How cool is that?

Now, if you have a Prime membership, you will always have the edge. Besides the free shipping and tons of other perks, Amazon offers its Prime members free access to Audible Channels – a new service featuring a collection of content from original content producers. It offers talk show-type streams and ad-free programming of recordings from well-known publishers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Charlie Rose, The Onion, McSweeney’s and more. You can also gain easy access to its 20 Audible playlists spanning around comedy, news, meditation, science, history and more, and to a rotating selection of more than 50 audiobooks.

Sign Up for Audible today!To access Channels, Prime members can download Audible for Android, iOS and Windows 10. This service costs about $5 a month for non-Prime members, so you’re getting an extra more content with your $99-a-month Prime membership if you would enjoy and make use of Audible Channels.

So, do you love Amazon shopping? Maximize your benefits by finding deals on Amazon and trying out their great useful and entertaining services like Audible.

Check Out Amazon’s Baby Registry

Check Out Amazon's Baby Registry

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby RegistryIf you are expecting for a baby, probably you are very stoked right now with the idea of buying baby stuff. Those little shoes, extra small outfits and fluffy animal sheets – they’re too cute to ignore. But because you know you can’t afford them all, you wish your friends and family knew what you wanted for your child and have them buy those baby stuff for you.

Now, that’s enough reason to build your own baby registry. For some, it may seem selfish, tacky or childish, but the truth is, it benefits both sides. For the mom-to-be, it would be very helpful and practical. And because most people get excited with buying gifts for newborn babies, a baby registry will actually do your friends and family a favor, since we all want to give gifts that will be appreciated and used by the recipient.

Amazon can offer you the best baby registry service you could ever wish for. Check out its benefits:

Tons of products to choose from1. Tons of products to choose from

Amazon is proudly offering the biggest selection of baby products. Almost always, what you need is available at Amazon. You can choose from various brands at different prices that will complement your givers’ budgets.

Easy to use2. Easy to use

Having a baby is difficult and overwhelming enough, so you need everything else to be light and easy for you. Amazon provides a helpful starter checklist, where they suggest things you most probably need. You can easily look at the best Amazon gift ideas, most popular and top-rated items for babies you can add to your registry. You can also manage your list conveniently on any device – giving you access anywhere you go.

Discounts and bonus items3. Discounts and bonus items

With Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom, you can have a chance to get a free parenting eBook, welcome box and maternity savings. These are great membership opportunities that will surely offer you reasonable Amazon deals. You will also be eligible for 10-15% completion discount, compliments of Amazon Family. Plus, there will be no hassle because shipping is fast and free!

4. Universal Registry

If you badly want some items but it’s not available on Amazon, you don’t need to sign up with another registry or shop from others. With Amazon’s Universal Registry, you can add items from another website to your wish list! You just need to install a free Registry/Wish List Add-on to your Firefox browser.

5. 90-day returns

If the item you or your recipient received turns out into not what you expected it to be, you can return it to Amazon with no questions asked within 90 days.

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry6. Automatic “thank you” note

Amazon sends out Thank You cards to people who buys something from your online list. If you have no time to thank people for their generosity, don’t worry – Amazon will do it for you.

Finding deals on Amazon might be easy, but the Amazon baby registry will help you take care of your baby’s needs with less cost, less effort and less time! Happy Amazon shopping!

Interesting Facts about Amazon

Interesting Facts about Amazon

check-out-amazon-prime-fee-for-30-daysAmazon started as an online book seller in the garage of Jeff Bezos’ home in Bellevue, Washington. With humble beginnings, Bezos dreamed big as he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store” from the very start.

Now with over 310 million active customers worldwide, let us show you interesting facts about Amazon you may not know:

Amazon was almost “Cadabra” and “Relentless.”1. Amazon was almost “Cadabra” and “Relentless.”

Jeff Bezos originally picked the magical word “Cadabra” as a name for the company. However, Amazon’s first lawyer told him it can easily be misheard as “cadaver,” especially over the phone.

Bezos also considered Browse.com, Awake.com, Bookmall.com, MakeItSo.com (inspired by Star Trek) and Relentless.com. He really liked the last one, as he bought the URL in 1994 and it still redirects to Amazon.com until today. His friends told him that Relentless sounded a little bit sinister, so he changed it again.

With the help of a dictionary, Bezos finally picked Amazon, as it meant “exotic and different,” just like how he wanted his business to be. It was also inspired by the Amazon River being the largest in the world, as he intends to make his store the biggest in the world, hence influencing the company’s first logo. Plus, starting with letter “A” was considered as an advantage because website listings were alphabetical at that time.

The first book Amazon sold was about a research on artificial intelligence2. The first book Amazon sold was about research on artificial intelligence.

In April 3, 1995, software engineer John Wainwright placed the first order on Amazon for Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought, a scholarly book on artificial intelligence and machine learning by Douglas Hofstadte.

3. Amazon used to have a bell ringing every time they received an order.

According to Brad Stone’s book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, a bell would ring in the Amazon’s office every time someone made a purchase during its early days, and everyone would gather around to see if they knew the customer.

After a few weeks, the bell was ringing frequently that they had to shut it off.

Amazon employees used to have meetings at Barnes & Noble, which turned out to be a rival4. Amazon employees used to have meetings at Barnes & Noble, which turned out to be a rival.

During its early days, Bezos, his wife MacKenzie, and Amazon’s first employee Shel Kaphan held their meetings inside a local Barnes & Noble store. Eventually, Amazon became Barnes & Noble’s biggest competitor as it is today.

During Amazon’s first year, it hired mobile billboards that displayed the saying “Can’t find that book you wanted?” with Amazon’s web address and drove it near Barnes & Noble stores.

In 1997, Barnes & Noble sued Amazon for using “the world’s largest bookstore” slogan, claiming that the latter is not a bookstore but a book broker. The lawsuit was later settled out of court and Amazon continued to use the slogan.

Amazon hired many seasonal workers after its crazy Christmas sale in 19985. Amazon hired many seasonal workers after its crazy Christmas sale in 1998.

Amazon was gravely understaffed and every employee had to take a graveyard shift during the Christmas season that time. They would often sleep inside their cars before going to work the next day and brought their friends and family to meet orders in the fulfillment centers.

The company learned from the experience and promised it would never happen again, so it has hired many seasonal workers ever since.

Kindle was originally named “Fiona.”6. Kindle was originally named “Fiona.”

When Amazon’s Kindle was in its developmental stages, it was codenamed as Fiona, a character from a book named The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. In the book, Fiona has a book-like device that holds all human knowledge.

The team who developed Amazon’s e-book reader persuaded Bezos to take it as the device’s name as they saw it perfectly appropriate for it. However, Bezos preferred Kindle because it suggests the idea of starting a fire.

7. During stressful seasons, Amazon employees were allowed to scream to express relief.

Even with additional seasonal workers, the logistic teams were still under high tension and stress during the holiday season. Amazon’s operations manager in 2000s, Jeff Wilke, allowed any team or employee who achieved a significant goal to yell into the phone at him as a therapeutic release for stress. Some of the screams blew out his speakers, Wilke told Brad Stone.

8. A 40-minute website down lost Amazon almost $5M.

When Amazon’s website went down in August 2013, the company lost around $4.8 million. Time is literally money when you’re an online selling giant.

Amazon’s fastest delivery may have been 23 minutes9. Amazon’s fastest delivery may have been 23 minutes.

When the same-day delivery for Amazon Prime was launched in Manhattan, New York, the company claimed that a customer got an order, which was an Easy-Bake Oven, in a record of 23 minutes.

10. Bezos introduced the “two-pizza team” concept to in 2002.

Amazon believed in teamwork, but it must be done with few members so that a team could work autonomously. For Bezos, small teams – a group that should not be larger than what two pizzas can feed – make it easier to communicate more effectively.

Bezos also encouraged employees to set strict goals with “fitness functions” as an equation to measure success. Many employees were stressed with the expectations of the fitness functions and hated the “two-pizza teams.”

11. Beszos was known as a tough and demanding boss at Amazon who would often explode at employees.

When a colleague couldn’t meet his standards, Bezos could become sarcastic or explosive. He was capable of being harsh when he heard something he didn’t like. According to Amazon’s employees, Bezos has delivered these cold statements:

“Are you lazy or just incompetent?”

“I’m sorry, did I take my stupid pills today?”

“Do I need to go down and get the certificate that says I’m CEO of the company to get you to stop challenging me on this?”

“Why are you wasting my life?”

check-out-amazon-prime-fee-for-30-days12. Amazon has a bear skeleton displayed at its main office.

When Bezos tried to compete with eBay’s auction platform, he purchased a $40,000 skeleton of an Ice Age cave bear and displayed it in the lobby of its Seattle headquarters. The idea flopped, but the specimen is still there, along with the sign “Please Don’t Feed The Bear.”

13. Many of Amazon’s former employees started their own successful companies.

Charlie Cheever, the founder of question and answer site Quora, and Jason Kilar, the CEO of online streaming business Hulu, were both Amazon alumni. The Indian online shopping website Flipkart.com was also founded by Amazon’s former employees Sanchin and Binny Bansal.

History of Amazon

History of Amazon

check-out-amazon-prime-fee-for-30-daysAmazon started as an online bookstore and it turned out to be the largest online retailer in the planet. It is also known as “The Everything Store,” as anything you might need from A to Z can be found on this virtual store.

Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in his garage in Seattle, Washington, Amazon now has distribution centers all over the United States. It also boasts an international presence as it owns separate websites worldwide for the US, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Japan, and Australia.

Jeff BezosAmazon was born because of Bezos’ interest with online retailing. The idea of starting an Internet-based business was fueled by the statistics that said World Wide Web usage increased by 2,300% every month. Bezos quickly recognized the vast potential of selling online, so he listed 20 potential products he could sell via the web, but decided later on to start with books.

In 1994, Bezos decided to leave his senior vice president post at  Wall Street investment firm D.E. Shaw & Co. to work on an electronic retailing business plan. He chose to move to Seattle with his wife MacKenzie and start his business there, as it was in close proximity to the Oregon warehouse of Ingram Book Group.

He started his new company on July 5, 1994 and chose a magical word – Cadabra – as a name for it. However, he changed his mind about it after it was misheard as “cadaver” by his lawyer.

Bezos considered other names, such as Relentless. In September 1994, Bezos bought the web address Relentless.com. The name stayed only briefly as Bezos’ friends thought it was sinister. However, the URL was still owned by Bezos as it still redirects to Amazon.com today.

Bezos finally came up with Amazon after browsing a dictionary. Amazon was an exotic and different place, and the name sounded good for his business. Also, since the Amazon River is the largest river in the world, he settled on it because he wanted his online store to also be the biggest in the world. The company’s original logo was based on the Amazon River. Moreover, website listings that time were alphabetical, so he believed it was good to go with a name which starts with “A.”

Amazon’s first ever sale occurred in 1995, for a book entitled Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought by Douglas Hofstadter. In 1996, the company was reincorporated in Delaware. The following year, it filed an initial public offering for $18 per share, and traded under NASDAQ symbol AMZN. It also opened its second warehouse in Delaware in 1997, expanding its distribution network beyond Seattle.

By June 1998, Amazon had expanded beyond books and added music to its product offering. It also expanded into Europe by establishing websites in UK and Germany. That year, the company also acquired IMDb, or the Internet Movie Database.

As the company continued to become popular, Time magazine has featured Jeff Bezos as Person of the Year in 1999, calling him as the “King of Cybercommerce” for popularizing online shopping.

During the turn of the 21st century, Amazon changed its logo featuring the company name with a smile-shaped curved arrow connecting A to Z, to emphasize that the company offers all items from A to Z. It came along with the launch of Amazon Marketplace, wherein companies and individuals were allowed to sell new or second-hand items using the Amazon platform.

In the fourth quarter of 2001, Amazon reported its first profit. Don’t feel bad about it though; Bezos’ initial business plan was that the company would not expect to earn for four to five years to focus first on brand recognition. Plus, Amazon survived the dot-com bubble burst during the start of the century, while many other e-companies crashed, closed, or filed bankruptcy.

Amazon continued to expand in the early 2000s. In 2002, the company launched Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform. In 2003-2004, Amazon’s products included jewelery and shoes. Amazon also reached Asia in 2004 as it acquired Joyo, an online bookstore in China, which later became Amazon China. Lots of features and upgrades were also incorporated with the platform, and the company teamed up with many companies to offer their products through Amazon.

In line with its vision to be the world’s most consumer-centric company, the Amazon Prime was launched in 2005. Prime was a membership subscription that offered free two-day shipping within the contiguous United States for an annual fee of $79. (The price has increased to $99 per year in 2017.) Amazon Prime eventually offered exclusive access to music, videos, and more as the years passed by. Two years later, Prime was also launched in the UK.

The year 2007 was full of new beginnings for Amazon. It offered home grocery delivery service in August with the launch of AmazonFresh, opened an online music store in September named Amazon Music, and debuted its own e-book reader in November – the Amazon Kindle. Kindle was Amazon’s biggest invention and it has contributed greatly to the company’s revenues. By 2010, Amazon announced that e-book sales for Kindle outnumbered the sales of hardcover books for the first time in history.

The company’s growthThe company’s growth and success were sustained through the years. In 2009, Amazon acquired Zappos.com, an online shoe and apparel retailer. The year later, Amazon started its own original content creator for its video streaming services, Amazon Studios.

In 2011, the Amazon Video service was re-branded as the Amazon Instant Video, adding 5,000 more content offered for Prime members. The Amazon Appstore for Android was also launched that year, making the service available in around 200 countries.

During the same year, Amazon debuted its own tablet computer, the Kindle Fire, which ran on the Fire operating system, a customized version of Android OS. The tablet was intended to compete with Apple’s iPad with its lower price. Kindle Fire was later renamed as Fire, and has spread also to two more models: Fire HD and Fire HDX with different generations.

By 2013, Amazon began its expansion to India, and also acquired GoodReads. Its major plan that year was Prime Air, a drone-based delivery service. The first successful delivery happened in the UK in December 2016.

Amazon continued to introduce technological innovations during the decade. Even with the strong but already established competition in the smartphone market, Amazon made a solid effort to participate with the launch of Amazon Fire in 2014, the company’s first smartphone that ran on Fire OS. However, the Fire phone flopped due to lack of apps and had no newer versions to date.

That same year, Amazon Echo was introduced. Echo is a wireless speaker and voice command device for smart homes powered by Alexa – an intelligent personal assistant developed by the company.

check-out-amazon-prime-fee-for-30-daysAs Amazon works to make life easier and less costly for its consumers, it launched Amazon Restaurants in Seattle in 2015. This new service delivers food from nearby restaurants. It also launched an Android app named Amazon Underground, which enables users to gain free access to games which otherwise need a fee.

Considering all the products and services Amazon currently offers, the future for this company is exciting. Can you predict what Bezos and his team will be up to next? We will have to wait to find out once they finally do it, as Amazon truly exceeds expectations and defies easy analogy.

Amazon Shopping Secrets

Amazon Shopping Secrets

check-out-amazon-prime-fee-for-30-daysAlmost everyone has bought an item at Amazon at one point in their lives. It’s convenient and prices are competitive. However, not all people know the different ways they can use to get the best value for their money while shopping at Amazon.

Here are some shopping tips you need to know to get the best deal out of Amazon:

Be familiar with Amazon deals1. Be familiar with Amazon deals.

Finding deals on Amazon is so easy because the online selling giant offers its users a lot of perks. Every day, you can find great discount offerings by checking out the Deals of the Day and Lightning Deals. Keeping Amazon Coupons also helps.

You may have heard of Amazon’s Prime membership. It’s a deal in itself because for only $99 a year, you can enjoy free shipping, tons of other free stuff, and exclusive privileges. For Amazon Family, you can save 20% on diapers and wipes, and 15% off of your baby registry. Amazon Warehouse is the place to go if you’re looking for used, pre-loved items to gain additional 15-20% discounts. You can also check the Amazon Outlet for great deals on close-out or overstocked items for 30% off or more.

Order your household staples with Subscribe and Save2. Order your household staples with Subscribe and Save.

Save more when buying various grocery items you need on a regular basis through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. If you subscribe to one item, you get a 5% discount. If you subscribe to more than five, you get a 15% discount for all of them. Plus, the items will be delivered to your doorstep. Totally effortless!

Monitor prices daily and buy at their lowest point3. Monitor prices daily and buy at their lowest point.

Amazon’s prices change daily, so if you want to save on an item you don’t urgently need, check its price history at CamelCamelCamel.com. The website has a price tracking service that can keep you notified when an item you want from Amazon goes down in price. You just have to copy and paste URL of an item from Amazon and it will display the price history. Using this may help you observe a pattern on specific times its price goes the lowest so you can plan your purchase.

Gain Amazon gift cards in exchange of your old stuff4. Gain Amazon gift cards in exchange for your old stuff.

Books, electronics, video games, and other eligible stuff that you don’t use anymore can be traded in for Amazon for gift cards you can use to purchase new items at the site.

Get shipping refund or Amazon Prime extension if a shipping date is missed5. Get shipping refund or Amazon Prime extension if a shipping date is missed.

Amazon sets a guaranteed delivery date for your orders, and if items you purchased did not arrive by that time, you can contact Amazon’s customer service to get a refund on shipping fees. If you’re a Prime member enjoying free shipping perks, you can get a one-month free extension on your subscription.

Choose no-rush shipping with Prime to get store credits6. Choose no-rush shipping with Prime to get store credits.

Patience is not only a virtue – it also pays. If you’re a Prime member, you can opt for standard shipping for your non-urgent items to get a complimentary promotional credit you can use for future purchases with Amazon.

Add a pre-order item to skip the minimum needed to buy discounted add-ons7. Add a pre-order item to skip the minimum needed to buy discounted add-ons.

Amazon’s add-on items like lip balm and toilet paper are offered at a very low price, but your orders should at least cost $25 to use the discounts. You can add a pre-order item to your purchase and check out, but if you change your mind about it in the future, you can cancel it and still keep your add-on items.

Spice up your Amazon shopping experience with browser extensions8. Spice up your Amazon shopping experience with browser extensions.

To add functionality and make some tasks a lot easier, you can install browser extensions that can enable you to track price changes, add to your wish list, donate to charity and more.

Get a refund if you see price drops after your purchase9. Get a refund if you see price drops after your purchase.

Amazon is willing to issue a refund for the price difference on an item you purchased from Amazon if you end up seeing its price drop within 7 days. Sweet!

Find a person’s Amazon Wishlist with just their name or email10. Find a person’s Amazon Wishlist with just their name or email.

Not sure if you can choose the best present from Amazon gift ideas? If your recipient is an Amazon member, you can search and look for their wish list, baby, or wedding registry easily by typing in their full name or email address.

Check Out Amazon’s Home Service

Check Out Amazon's Home Service

Try Amazon Home ServicesAmazon has become the go-to place when you need to shop online. From appliances, electronics, books and digital content –  Amazon has it all. But they do not stop there. Besides Amazon shopping and Amazon deals, it also offer Amazon Home Service. The company does not want to be your only online seller; it also wants to be your plumber, your iPhone repair man, your car stereo installer, and your guitar teacher.

In 2015, Amazon launched its Home Services business to connect customers with service providers such as electricians, painters, plumbers, home cleaners, and almost every type of professional you need for a home service. Amazon took on the burden of looking for the right professional personnel for a service you need. The company hand picks them and does a criminal background check on them. You can also read reviews of the service providers from verified customers.

House CleaningHundreds of services are offered, with featured categories such as:

  • House Cleaning
  • Smart Home Services
  • TV Wall Mounting & Home Theater
  • Assembly
  • Home Improvement
  • Yard & Outdoors
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Custom Services

New Furniture Get It AssembledCommon services offered include plumbing, painting, TV-wall mounting, car maintenance, furniture assembly, appliance repair, and house cleaning. Prices are shown up front, so you don’t need to get a quote from the contractor. For a custom job, a quote will be delivered to you after you indicate and specify the details.

Amazon’s smart devices like the Fire TV, Echo, and Dot need set up and configuration, so you can also hire someone from them to install these for you. If you have a smart home, Amazon lets you hire their own employees, not contractors, for expert recommendations for smart home products that are compatible with Alexa and how they will work for your home.

Amazon not only offers home-related services – it can also provide lessons and classes. The company has experts who can give one-on-one voice lessons and teach you how to play guitar, piano, violin, and drums. If you need tutoring in math or in languages such as English, Spanish and French, Amazon has instructors you can choose from to tutor your. You will also be the one to choose the frequency and duration of your lessons. Amazon can personalize curriculum for your skill level for better learning.

You can also hire a goat to graze your lawn (no kidding)! The price will depend on how much yard you need the goat to eat in.

Game Table AssemblyAmazon guarantees your satisfaction as well. Each of its services are backed by its Happiness Guarantee. If the service you ordered was not done the way you wanted it to be, or if your product or property was damaged as a result of the service, you can submit a Happiness Guarantee claim and Amazon will work with you and your contractor.

However, professionals are not always available in every area. Key in your zip code and Amazon will show if there are available pros near you.

Finding deals on Amazon is not the only option to save money and effort. If you need experts to come to your home for a needed fix – Amazon Home Services could come in very handy.

How Can I Find Amazon’s Best-Selling Products


Are you looking for the hottest items on the hottest online selling site? You may not know this, but Amazon is keeping its own “Best Sellers” list so that you can check out products that most shoppers are buying.

Look no further and check out https://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers. Whenever you decide to go Amazon shopping, this might be of help to you. Continue reading

Shop Amazon’s Daily Deals


Everyone likes savings and discounts — well, who doesn’t? If you’re a certified cheapskate, you might need to shop at Amazon whenever you have a need for a new gadget, an appliance or any item, because great savings await you there.

Finding deals on Amazon is very easy. From Amazon’s home page, you just need to click on “Today’s Deals” on the top portion, and thousands of discounted products will be displayed. It’s also called the Amazon Gold Box – where Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals and different kinds of savings are offered. Deal offerings that vary every day are the first two, which are: Continue reading

Shop Amazon Most Wished List For Gift Ideas

Shop Amazon Most Wished List For Gift Ideas

Due to the fast-paced lifestyle of most people nowadays, shopping for gifts may not fit into their own schedules. Because millions of different products can now be purchased online, many people are relying on online shopping, especially on Amazon, to get started with their gift buying.

However, there are times when you can’t think of a perfect gift to give – something that your recipient will surely love. Especially if you don’t know the person closely. Continue reading

Introduction to Amazon’s Technology


Amazon is not just an online shopping site, as most people know today. It started as an online bookstore and now, it offers downloads and streaming of video, music and audiobook content, software, videogames, furniture, apparel, food, toys, jewelry, household items – in short, almost everything!

Amazon is also a notable producer of consumer electronics, especially its e-book readers. Here’s a list of technologies Amazon is offering in its product pipeline: Continue reading

The Benefits of Amazon Prime


check-out-amazon-prime-fee-for-30-daysIf you are a frequent online shopper, being an Amazon Prime member for only $99 a year to get free two-day shipping will already be worth it. But, Amazon Prime offers you a whole lot more exclusive benefits that will surely give you more than what you paid for. Are you aware of them?

If not, here are the perks of being an Amazon Prime member, starting with the most favorite one: Continue reading

How to Find Deals on Amazon


Amazon shopping itself can save you money, time and effort compared to conventional shopping. And compared with other online retailers, Amazon offers cheaper-priced items of the same quality. But it doesn’t stop there. Amazon gives you many ways to grab an even better deal for a great selection of products.

Finding deals on Amazon is never hard, but you might need to be acquainted with what those cost-saving offerings are. Here are some of Amazon’s deal options: Continue reading