Why You Need a Powerful Blender

Are you tempted to buy a high-speed blender? What is it anyway, and what’s so special about them? Do you actually need them? After all, a blender is still a blender. There are no differences, right? Well, there is.

Types of Blenders

Like most of your kitchen appliances, choosing the right blender from a variety of choices can be pretty intimidating; you can spend as little as $50 or as much as $700. And although blenders all appear to do similar tasks, there are many different types, each with its unique highlights.

The four main types of blenders are:

High-Speed/High-Performance Blenders

This type includes the most versatile and powerful blenders available on the market. They can do more than just what standard blenders can do, including heating soups, crushing ice, making smoothies and purees, mixing sticky dough, grinding grains into flour, whipping up ice cream and sorbets, processing nuts into nut butter, and more.

Standard/Conventional Blenders

These blenders are best for tasks that require lower intensity, such as fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

Personal/Space-Saving Blenders 

Personal or Space-saving blenders are meant for people who like their smoothies and shakes on the go since the blending container can double as a travel jar. These blenders aren’t designed for hard-core blending.

Immersion/Hand Blenders 

Immersion or hand blenders complement a counter-top blender rather than replace it. They are meant for blending soups and sauces right inside the pot without the need to transfer everything to a counter-top blender.

Of course, it’s clear that high-speed/high-performance blenders are the most versatile type, but how exactly do they differ from standard blenders?

High-Speed Blenders vs. Standard Blenders

High-speed blenders are usually professional blenders that provide high wattage, producing powerful speed and better performance. Initially, these blenders were only seen in commercial kitchens, but now that their cost was brought down significantly, they’re a much more common kitchen essential for home cooks.

The main differences between a high-speed blender from a standard one are the design, motor speed, and controls. 

Why a High-Speed/High-Powered Blender?

a glass of strawberry smoothie, strawberries, tabletop, grass

Performs tasks standard blenders can’t do.

High-speed blenders can perform specific tasks that the standard blenders can’t do, such as grinding coffee beans, making very smooth drinks, and creating nut butter.

Best for making green smoothies

High-powered blenders are the most suitable for making green smoothies. They blend the tough leafy greens such as parsley, kale, and collard greens thoroughly, so you no longer have to sip and chew or find fiber strings in between your teeth.

Produces the creamiest and richest smoothies

These blenders also make some of the creamiest and richest smoothies, making them so addictive that you’re compelled to crave and make them every day.

Makes food easier to absorb

Numerous nutrition specialists say that with a high-speed blender’s ability to break down food into tinier portions, our bodies can absorb them much easier and give us the most food value per food unit. High-speed blenders blend food so thoroughly that they can break down cell walls and unlock the maximum amount of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and nutrients that just chewing alone can’t manage.

Fully utilizes some fruits and vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables like pineapples are fully utilized with the use of a high-speed blender since it can puree and pulverize the tough core that’s typically thrown out. In fact, a pineapple’s core holds most of the Bromelain— a potent digestive and anti-inflammatory aid, usually in higher concentrations within the fruit’s core, that only a high-speed blender can unlock.

Less waste

High-speed blenders produce less waste since they can utilize the entire parts of fruits and vegetables, such as leafy green stems, apples and pear seeds, the greens atop a strawberry, and pineapple cores. Everything gets pulverized and pureed into a creamy, rich smoothie without bits or chunks to chew.

Your creativity is the limit

When you use a high-speed blender, there’s no limit to what type of smoothie or other recipes you’d like to create. For example, you can produce a hot soup in just 3 minutes or less. You can simply put your desire vegetables into the blender and pour in hot water, press blend, and right in around 45-90 seconds; you’ll be pouring yourself a hot soup. The blades’ speed chops up the vegetables entirely and generates heat through friction.

Expands food options

With a high-speed blender, you’ll be presented with a lot more food options and be allowed to enjoy new creations.

Lasts for a long time

High-speed blenders typically last for a very long time (a lifetime even). You can choose from either commercial or professional blenders. Often, most of these blenders have extended warranties, and if you use them frequently, you’re guaranteed a return on investment.

Save you time

High-speed blenders generally save you time by handling most of the hard work that usually occupies most of your time. They also clog up much less and reduce the blending time. In addition, high-speed blenders are easy to clean.

Saves you money

High-speed blenders save you money in the sense that they can replace your other kitchen appliances such as grinders and food processors since they can handle most such tasks.