Unusual Furniture Designs for Unusual People

Though furniture comes in a million different types, we still tend to run into the situation where most houses and apartments tend to look very similar. Though different types of themes and layouts for your home are possible, people usually stick to what’s common in society or what social media and the entertainment industry has normalized for everyone.

But if you feel like you want to stand out from the crowd and put together a house that will intrigue and mystify, the examples of wacky and uncharacteristic furniture below ought to give you a few leads on how to do just that. From chairs and tables to beds and doors, anything can be visually and functionally unique if you put your mind to it and are just creative enough.

Aesthetic or Functionality?

When designing unusual furniture for yourself, it can be quite easy to get carried away. Before you know it, you’ll be staring at weird shapes littered all over your house that can barely be used for anything. But isn’t different functionality a necessary part of unusual furniture? Sure, most of the time it is. But that doesn’t mean that you have to design something not only different, but also stupid.

“If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.” Keep these true words close to heart when designing or choosing unusual furniture for yourself. Don’t be afraid to go beyond what is considered normal, but don’t sacrifice functionality for it along the way. Keep evaluating the design at every step of the way and you’ll be golden.

Unusual Beds

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, and is normally the first thing a person focuses on when entering the room. If you’re looking to make a strong impression with an untraditional bed, the examples listed below should give you more than a few ideas.

While round beds might not be as uncommon as you would imagine, they’re still a relatively rare and cool piece of bedroom furniture. A round bed like this one is roomy as well as unique, and thus stands out while still fulfilling its purpose brilliantly.


This is a fun way to design a bed. The barrel shape can of course be replaced with anything of your choosing; Pringles can anyone? With a bed like this, coming home from a long day at work is going to be a treat.


If the above two examples haven’t been unusual or weird enough for you, this one has to be. Personally, we think coming home to sleep in a coffin that closes in on you is terrifying, but maybe it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Not for claustrophobic people.


Unusual Couches

Couches and sofas are perhaps the furniture item that sees an equal or slightly less amount of use to a bed. The living room couch is your friend if you like lounging on it for hours on end binging Netflix, and let’s be honest; who doesn’t? So make your lounging as weird as the shows you’re watching, with a little help from the imaginative couches listed below.


If you’re the weirdo that liked the coffin bed above, you’ve probably already got a terrifying praying-hands couch in your living room.


Bring your childhood dream of everything being constructed of pillows to life with this pillow couch. Just construct a pillow fort around it and it’ll be like your pre-teen years all over again.


What if you took an ordinary couch and then stitched a massive teddy bear on its back? This picture answers that weirdly specific question, and also makes you wonder if humanity has a bit too much free time on its hands.


Unusual Desks

If you work at home, or play video games after coming back from the office, you know your desk like the back of your hand. So let’s undo that, and construct a desk that baffles you so much you end up losing every game. Just don’t make another hand-themed piece of furniture, that’s just terrifying.


You know what? That hand-themed desk plan doesn’t seem half bad now. Who wants to be stared at by a shark whose eyes cover 20% of its surface volume while trying to snag a victory in Call of Duty?


If you’re fine with a smaller desk, this little doggy seems like a cute potential candidate. Let’s just say you haven’t lived till you’ve done advanced calculus on the head of a dog table.

Unusual Lamps

Of all the types of furniture listed till now, table lamps and floor lamps are the ones that get away with the most different designs under normal circumstances. But not to worry, we’ve dug up some designs that really should have remained buried if we’re being honest.


We don’t know about you but to us, this black and white tentacle worm mushroom hybrid seems like nothing short of a messed-up horror movie prop. The colors, the shape, the design, everything is awful and perhaps just unusual enough for you.


Why does this exist? Because the Earth was a mistake, that’s why. A picture speaks a thousand words, and we feel this one doesn’t need any extra.


Now this is a design we can get behind. Unusual, yet classy and tasteful. Books and a light bulb, representing knowledge and science’s way forward how it makes the future bright. At least, that’s how we interpreted it. Perhaps you see an alien craft on a helipad.


A Few Other Unusual Bits and Pieces

Let’s close off the list with a collection of a few different types of furniture that didn’t make its own heading, but still deserves a mention due to its presence in your home.


You didn’t know you wanted a sassy cabinet until you saw this, and now you’re already placing a custom order with a carpenter. With this stern-looking goofy cabinet, you can be judged by an inanimate object all day long.


For the freaks who went for the coffin bed and the hands couch, this unsightly abomination completes the trio. Please don’t leave the house too much.


Here’s a little shelf with stairs. You should store your action figures here so they can visit each other above and below when you go to sleep.


If the holy trinity of freakiness wasn’t enough to satisfy your carnal desire for abominable furniture, here’s an eye clock staring into your soul every second of every minute of every day.



That should’ve more than fueled your imagination for some wacky furniture. And for some, perhaps nightmares have been fueled up more. Nevertheless, creepy or not, all of that was some really unusual furniture. You’ve never seen anything like this stuff before have you now?