Ultimate Guide To Checking For Bed Bugs In A Hotel

If you have ever experienced bed bugs you will know how annoying they can be. These small creatures are barely visible to the human eye but will spend the night feasting on your blood. In reality, they consume very little of your blood and don’t carry disease. That means they aren’t a health threat.

But, the bites are unsightly and very itchy.

It’s a good idea to check your hotel room for bed bugs before you unpack your bags as, if you notice any issues, you will want to change rooms. Don’t forget, bed bugs multiply rapidly and are experts at climbing into your luggage. This means a bed bug infestation in your hotel can quickly become an issue at your home. An issue that will probably need the help of your local pest control company to resolve.

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How To Check For bed Bugs

The first thing you should do on arrival at a hotel room is to check your bedsheets. Any small rust spots are likely to be bed bugs that have been squashed during the night. Naturally, there shouldn’t be any evidence like this if your room has been cleaned properly.

Therefore, if you see rust spots you will want to consider whether you are in the right hotel or if it is time to change hotels.

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Check For Certification

You can find out more from your local pest control firm regarding certification. But, in essence, a certificate is issued to show that the premises have been inspected. If the hotel is having this done at least once a year then there is much less chance they have a pest problem of any sort, including bed bugs.

Store Your Case First

Most hotel rooms have a luggage rack where you can rest your bags while you are sorting them out. Put all your bags onto this or, if there isn’t one, put them in the clean bathtub. This eliminates the chance of bedbugs getting to them and hitching a ride to your house. Meanwhile, in case you are staying in a small apartment, here are some of the most important storage solutions tips for small apartments that you must know.

Use A Torch

The simplest approach is to use the torch on your phone. Turn it on, pull back the covers to expose the bed mattress, and shine the torch into all the crevices. You are looking for the bed bugs or small blood spots that show they have been there.

Bed bugs are approximately half a centimeter long and dark-colored. Don’t forget to check all the folds and crevices of the bed frame.

Check Furniture

Once you have done the bed you will want to do the same with any chairs and other upholstered furniture in the room. Bed bugs like to be close to the bed but they can travel a surprising distance overnight. Check all upholstery and even look at the curtains.

If you see any bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs leave the room and demand another. If there isn’t one available or you find bed bugs in the second room then leave the hotel.

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