The Smart Lunchbox

Save money by packing your own healthy lunch inside the smart lunchbox. Apart from insulating your food so it stays fresher for longer, it also features a series of removable modular leak-proof containers that can be mixed and matched.

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The Smart Lunchbox

This lunch box is not just your run-of-the-mill lunchbox – the Prepd Pack Lunchbox with Modular Food Storage Containers and Chopsticks Set from Prep’d is one smart lunchbox!

You can call it the “beauty and brains” in the lunchbox realm. The Prepd lunchbox is a combination of Asian aesthetics (as it is handcrafted from natural bamboo) and modern technology. This cleverly designed and beautifully handcrafted lunchbox definitely redefines the idea of “brown bagging.”

It features an insulation which helps in keeping your food fresh and nutritionally intact whenever, whereever you take it. It makes for preparing more creative, more exciting as well as healthier packed lunches.

The Prepd packed lunch also features a removable modular food storage container system, which consists of one large and two small containers. You don’t have to worry about food safety issues with this smart lunchbox, as its containers are BPA-free and even approved by the FDA!

Looking for some awesome lunchbox recipe ideas? You can also download the Prepd App which is filled with fresh, healthful and exciting lunch box recipes prepared by no less than professional chefs and nutritionists which are specifically made to conform a wide range of diets, appetites and “healthy eating” goals.