Shocktato Party Game – The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

Extreme: Move the Game Mode Selector Switch to the position that says Extreme. This mode is for true Shocktato™ players. This mode got its name because it has no music, just a surprise buzzer and emits a shock.

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Shocktato Party Game - The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

Pull up a fun and (literally) electrifying party with the Shocktato – the Shocking Potato Game. It is a simple toy but it brings loads of enjoyment and loads of laughter among your friends and party mates. It combines the classic “hot potato” game with the lighting reaction.

Just turn the Shocktato on, choose the game mode and hit start. Pass it around your group of friends just like you guys are playing ball. But a little warning: don’t let yourself holding the Shocktato for long, or else you’ll jolt out of your seat because of the shock that this wicked potato would bring to your hands! Toss this potato as fast as you can to avoid the shock.

It has three game modes; the “Extreme” mode is for the true Shocktato players because it doesn’t have any music or any pre-warning sounds so get ready for an electrifying, shocking finish.

When you are done with playing the Shocktato and set it aside for awhile, the toy’s auto shut off will prevent its batteries from draining when not in use.

The Shocktato will definitely send your friends laughing especially when it ultimately shocks its unsuspecting target. Pass it on to your friends… literally!