Radio Controlled Cooler

The Radio Controlled Cooler or simply RC cooler is the world’s first radio-controlled beverage cooler. It is an upgraded version of the traditional coolers most of us use. Aside from keeping the drinks cold, it can also be controlled to wherever you want it to be. They are great for serving drinks to guests at parties and it does it in a very entertaining way.

Radio Controlled Cooler

This cooler can be easily collapsed for easy storage. It is made with semi-rigid silver plastic and heavy-gauge blue denier nylon. There are two, plastic snap-down locks located on opposite ends when it is in its collapsed state. It releases the cooler’s top to the bottom which expands the cooler to full-length.

Its top has two metal zippers to securely close the circular entry point. The purpose of its zippered lid is to keep pests out of the drinks. The denier nylon sits a bit lower than the plastic rim. It also has four easy glides heavy-duty 2 1/2-inch wheels. These wheels are made of black hard plastic and strategically placed equally at different ends to provide maximum balance.

This remote-controlled cooler works well either indoor or outdoor. It has the ability to handle multiple types of smooth to semi-smooth surfaces such as kitchen floors, docks, and patios.

Below the RC Cooler, you will see a screw secured battery compartment located at the center of the wheels. It requires one 9V for remote and 6C size batteries for it to operate. This radio controlled coolers use radio signals for you to remotely control it, and it has a frequency of 27MHz.

Its remote has a round-shaped with four full-function buttons that are capable of moving the cooler forward, backward, right, and left directions. This navigation will allow the operator to navigate around obstacles if there are any. You also can control it with a four-channel remote that has a more than 35-foot range. It has an effective radio range of 35 to 50 feet. The cooler’s bottom has the on/off switch button. With this option, you can save some of its battery life while it is not in use.

It has a sturdy construction that can hold up to 10 kg or about 22 pounds of drinks and ice. It can deliver a maximum of 12 cold drinks and beverages to parched party guests.

Coolers are primarily used when going on some activities such as boating, camping, and travelling. Fortunately, this cooler has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it wherever you may go. The strap is removable via two plastic black insert snaps.

It is a very convenient thing to have. You do not need to go to the cooler or to the fridge to get drinks especially when you are comfortably seated on your couch, you can just control it to go near you.

It is capable of driving over most relatively flat floors or docks. It is a fun way to serve guests during a pool party, and a great thing to send as a gift to someone special to you as well. Anyone will absolutely like it. Any age or any gender will certainly be amused with this fun and incredible cooler.