Post Modern Art Cloud Chandelier

droplight type:fabric chandelier. Intelligent type:could not support smart. shape of lamp:Unusual shaped chandelier. Irradiated area:10©O-15©O. the main materials of the lights:Polymer

Price: 294.00

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Post modern art cloud chandelier

The Post Modern Art Cloud Chandelier is one of the best modern chandeliers that we see lately. It just looks like a real rain cloud that hovers above you, but thankfully it won’t strike a lightning or pour any rain. Just soft lights that will illuminate beautifully in your room.

This postmodern art-inspired chandelier is constructed with polymer material which gives it the appearance of a real cloud floating in the sky. It is the ideal decorative element to complement your home’s interiors.

It emits a perfect amount of light – soft, muted and evenly. Plus you have the option to choose a variety of colored light bulbs to suit your preference and mood.

You can hang anywhere – living room, bedroom, dining room, anteroom, study room, play room, AVR, bar, cafe, etc. You can also use it on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family dinners, Valentine’s Day, etc.

One of the best things about this cloud-like chandelier is that it is compatible with world-wide voltage that ranges from 110v to 240v. Just make sure that you use the correct voltage of the light bulb.