Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Mini Spy Hidden Camera,NIYPS 1080P Portable Small HD Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detective,Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera for Home and Office

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The Mini Spy Hidden Camera is the only spy camera you will ever need for your home or personal security needs.

So far the Mini Spy Hidden Camera is one of the smallest hidden cameras in the world, measuring 0.87 inches and 0.7 ounces. Its diminutive size makes the Mini Spy Hidden Camera very convenient when you need to hide it to make some recording. It will make an ideal housekeeper/nanny camera for recording videos without attracting attention to the subject.

For its size, this hidden camera can capture high-quality images; for instance, it can record exceptional 1920 x 1080 HD at 30 frames per second. It can also record images in low light with its enhanced night vision feature.

It also has a motion detector which allows the camera to record videos only when it detects movement. Which means you don’t have to keep the camera always on when you’re certain that there is no action happening at a specified period. It also comes with a loop recording feature which automatically overwrites older video files the moment the SD card goes full.

The Mini Spy Hidden Camera is easy and straightforward to use, so you don’t have to worry much on how to operate it.