Mighty Handle – 2 Pack

Mighty Handle is the easiest way to carry groceries, shopping bags and dry cleaning quickly and comfortably. This patented bag carrier distributes weight evenly allowing you to carry more grocery bags, articles of clothing or housewares in one trip.

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Mighty Handle - 2 Pack

Tired of struggling with carrying multiple grocery bags? Mighty Handle provides a more convenient way to carry not just grocery bags, but also articles of clothing and housewares while walking from the car to the house, or doing short errands, or climbing up a flight of stairs.

Mighty Handle comes with an ergonomic design that makes transporting groceries and other household items more quickly and comfortably. It also allows you carry more than one grocery bag at the same time, without the hassles of tying the bags together. It also features the unique Twist-Lock(TM) function which allows you to close off your grocery bags, preventing the possibility of leaks and spills.

Using the Mighty Handle is quick and easy. All you have to do is to to place your grocery bags on the Mighty Handle and prepare for an easier, more convenient and less tiring shopping experience! The Mighty Handle proves to be very useful that you cannot leave for the grocery store or supermarket without it!