Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

Complement your tunes with some killer visual effects by playing them out of these levitating Bluetooth speakers. Apart from providing lossless audio, the embedded LEDs give off brilliant visual effects as the speaker orb hovers and rotates clockwise.

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	Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

Sometimes, having speakers is not enough – they should also have some pretty awesome visual impact. So how about levitating speakers? This idea excites you, right?

Well, it’s not just a figment of someone’s imagination any longer because this is actually real! Get these levitating Bluetooth speakers from Music Angel and make your listening station looking a lot cooler than ever.

The orb-shaped wireless speaker seems lighter than air, constantly spinning above cool flashing lights from its base between a 14 millimeter ground clearance.

Although this is a portable and lightweight speaker, don’t belittle it because it provides an incredible hi-fi acoustic sound. So even though this levitating speaker goes around 360 degrees as long as it’s turned on, that won’t affect or distort its sound quality.

This levitating speaker uses the advanced Bluetooth version (Bluetooth 4.0) technology, which allows itself to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices easily such as smartphones and tablets within a 10-meter wireless field.

And well, come on… it’s a beautiful work of art, don’t you think? It’s both functional and fashionable. It’s the perfect stuff to show off to your friends! It also makes an excellent gadget to include in your parties, musical banquet, conference calls, personal phone calls, or simply a personal accessory for your living room, bedroom or office.