Excalibur PR640S-1 RC Drink Float

Have you ever experienced swimming or floating in the pool then you suddenly feel the need for a drink? Isn’t it a bit annoying to get out of the pool and jump back again in after having a drink? The best solution for this is to have this amazing product called Excalibur PR640S-1 RC Drink Float. It will help your drinks cold while floating around the pool.

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Excalibur PR640S-1 RC Drink Float

Excalibur Radio Control Float much known as Excalibur RC Float is a battery operated remote-controlled tray that allows you to share drinks and snacks without the hassle of getting up from your comfortable lounge chair. It carries up to 5 drinks with 12 ounces for each can, and can carry snacks on its center without tipping over.

It uses radio signals to remotely control devices and has an easy to use the radio-controlled unit. It requires one 9V battery for its remote and six D cell batteries for the tray to operate. The remote control has four functional buttons that easily controls the tray on a forward, backward, left, and right motions. It is also capable of making 360-degree turns. Plus, every Excalibur RC Float has a 90 Day warranty.

This RC Drink Float can serve drinks and snacks to guests on a pool party. You can use it to pass the beverages to your friends around the pool without leaving the comfort of your seat. You will not be stressed about going in and out of the pool area just to make sure that the drinks are being served to your beloved guests. Just use the controls and it will go directly where you want it to be.

It is also guaranteed that the radio-controlled tray will not tip over with its equally balanced design. It assures you that the drinks and snacks will get to you and to your friends nice and dry. It can also be used inside the bathtub for additional relaxation. It floats while keeping your drinks cool.

Everyone in your pool party will surely enjoy this fun and functional drink float. It will definitely amaze all of your friends and family. It will also keep you relaxed especially in the hot humid summer weather, because you do not need to move to use it because of its radio-controlled tray. With this, you will be able to enjoy 5 of your favorite drinks together with a yummy snack in the middle.

It is also a great gift idea that every age will absolutely love. It is very entertaining and at the same time a very functional and a convenient gadget that will always come in handy. No matter what the occasion is, you can certainly give this as a gift and anyone would certainly appreciate it.

With the Excalibur RC drink and snack float, you can enjoy a nice cold drink and some yummy chips while swimming without the need to go out of the pool. It is a much greater way to enjoy and feel relaxed while in the pool. It is something that will make your staycation, pool party, and any other events much more entertaining and livelier.