Electrical Outlet Bed Risers

Eliminate unsightly electrical cords and power strips in the room with the electrical outlet bed risers. These ingenious risers contain two electrical outlets in addition to a USB port so you can charge virtually any device without creating tripping hazards in the room.

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Electrical Outlet Bed Risers

You have used bed risers at one point, mostly to create an extra storage space under your bed. But how about a bed riser that also functions as an electrical outlet? That sounds neat, doesn’t it?

These Electrical Outlet Bed Risers ably do the double function of adding extra height (and storage) to your bed and charging your devices. These bed lifts are fashioned in a way to keep those unsightly electrical cords and power strips out of the way as you can hide your devices under your bed as they’re being re-charged. No wayward and entangled electrical cords on the open floor that will otherwise cause tripping accidents.

These clever and brilliantly-made bed risers do not only feature electric outlets. Apart from the twin electrical outlets, they also feature two USB 5-volt DC with charging light for fuss-free charging of your favorite mobile devices. They also come with 6’L cord plugs into the nearest outlet.

And oh, of course these electrical bed risers do the basic job of raising extra height to your bed, by 7 inches. Another great thing about them? No assembly required! Just use them as they are.