DogEden 60 K (Kennel) Series

You're are looking at the first mass-produced and truly affordable underground dog house! The DogEden works great as a standalone pet shelter or is the perfect add-on accessory for those who already have a traditional above ground dog house. If your dog is one of the 15 million plus dogs in America that live outside most of the year, this is a must-have! Or if you have noticed freshly dug holes in your lawn and wondering why? The simple answer is your dog is searching for a warmer or cooler place to go when the weather is extreme. The DogEden 60 \"K\" is our Kennel Series best for kennels or fenced yards where your dog can freely use this home. Whereas the DogEden 60 \"A\" the Anchor Series is a tie-out system that allows you to leave your dog alone without fear of entanglement.

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Dog houses are responsible for protecting and giving our pet dogs shelter from the hot summer and the cold winter. Therefore, it is important to give them a nice and comfortable dog house to stay into. Many people build amazing and beautiful dog houses for their pets, but if you’re looking for a dog house that is unique, convenient, and affordable, you can try this cool underground dog house. The DogEden 60 K (Kennel) Series uses the power of underground heating and cooling which makes it a great option for a dog house.

Miller Pet Products launched their DogEden 60 series after few exhaustive field testings. The series comes with two varieties: the DogEden 60 A series and the DogEden 60 K series. The DogEden 60 series is called DogEden because it is considered a “Paradise for Pets” with its natural control temperature system. Its temperature inside automatically adjusts without the use of any dangerous electrical wires. It is the original self-heated and self-cooled dog house that assures your dog’s comfort in staying in their own home. The dog house is sturdy, so it will not crack even in freezing weather. The DogEden maintains a constant natural ground temperature about 60 degrees around it without the need of power supply. It is the first underground insulated dog house you can afford.

If you are worried about your dog’s safety when heavy rains pour down, this underground dog house is the solution to your problem. The product’s clever design is inspired by nature that ensures water will not get inside the dog house and it will stay dry. It’s because the dog house’s door sits three inches above the ground, meaning, water will stay outside even when the ground is flooded.

This product is advisable to be placed in fenced yards and it is designed to be installed underground, therefore, you need to dig first. The installation process includes six easy steps you can follow. The side of the DogEden also has clear markings to guide the installer on exactly where the ground level should be. Also, cedar chips are recommended as bedding inside. If the bedding needs to be replaced, just sweep it up or use a vacuum to suck it out, then replace them with new cedar chips.

It has dimensions of 36 inches high by 18 inches wide by 36 inches long. It will only fit small to medium-large dogs or kennels that weighs around 60-pounds or less. They do have larger versions coming soon.

The DogEden 60 K Series is a low profile, low maintenance, and easy to use underground dog house. Aside from being a high quality product, every purchase of it includes a lifetime warranty. Grab yours now and you will surely be impressed instantly with its ingenious design and durable quality.