CreekKooler Outdoor Insulated Floating Cooler

Preparing for an afternoon barbecue party by the pool, lake, or beach is never going to be an issue with this CreekKooler Outdoor Cooler. It is a floating, insulated and watertight cooler. It is amazing because it can keep your food and drinks cold for about 48 hours within your reach.

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Floating Insulated Cooler

This is a great cooler that will make you feel at home anywhere especially on the water. It is a floating cooler with a kayak-like hull design that can navigate behind the kayak, canoe or boat for easy access to the favorite food and beverages on the water. It has a dual-wall patent design with two inches of foamed insulation to keep everything cold. With this construction, it will be able to keep drinks cold for up to 2 days.

This cooler has a threaded watertight locking lid and 0-ring design to be used as a secure dry storage. It features a 1/8 turn locking lid that prevents any unwanted water from entering it. It can be used on the water as well as in the snow. You can also use it to put your important things inside. It will ensure you that the goods will stay dry.

This cooler can hold a capacity of 30 quarts or 30 pieces of 12-ounce cans and it can keep those drinks cool with 20-pounds of ice inside it. It also features four drink holders located on deck.

CreekKooler is portable because it can be pulled behind any self-propelled personal watercraft such as a kayak, and floats atop the surface of the water with ease. It is a floating cooler that can save space in your small watercraft and it can be towed.

Although CreekKooler is a water buddy, it can still be used as a perfect cooler on a backyard barbecue party or in a family picnic at the park. It has three skids on the bottom of the hull that allows it to be dragged over the dry or wet ground.

This cooler is a great companion for any adventure such as kayaking, canoe trip, fishing, boating, beach hopping, or just for a pool party. It can also be used as a storage for freshly caught fish because can keep fish fresh for a long time as well.

CreekKooler is also best for people who take a lot of friends with them when boating because it can be attached to the boat letting it float and tail at the boat’s end leaving more room for people on the boat. Aside from boating, it is also highly recommended for any adventurous activity. It is convenient to float alongside you while keeping your drinks cold nearby at the dock, at the beach, off the boat, or in the pool.

CreekKooler is a great storage if you need to bring important things on your adventure and keep them dry. It is able to keep everything in the best condition. It is one of the best coolers available that can be used with any kinds of activities, either on an outrageous adventure or in a lively party.

CreekKooler is indeed an amazing item to have for a beach or pool party. It is perfect for weekends on the water to keep your drinks cold and the party floating.