Must Haves for Book Lovers

Have you ever read a super good book where you become absorbed, you forget to eat, miss your bus stop, or even fail to remember that you have somewhere to go? 

Most bookworms would say that reading is not all about books. It is also about your experiences as you go on with your book. And, you do not want to have bad experiences that would ruin your mood while you read your favorite novel. With this, we made a list of the things every book lover must-have

1. 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List by James Mustich– If you think you have read all the great books published, then you are wrong. In this book, James Mustich made a list of 1,000 books that you must read before facing death. The list includes different kinds of books- it may be children’s books, science fiction, romance, any genre you like. If you can read one book per month, then you will have the next 80 years of your life finishing all the 1,000 books. 

2. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader– This ebook reader helps you comfortably read different books on one tablet. One nice thing about Kindle is that it contains millions of titles you might like. You can select and buy the ebook that you want to read for three dollars or less. Aside from that, you can adjust the font sizes, you can also set the screen brightness to your liking, it does not glare from the sunlight, and it lasts for a month without charging.

3. Old Book Candle Set the mood and have a great reading experience with the old book candle. It is a scented candle that would entirely give you the old-school reading vibes. This candle has a smell of the sweet, papery scent of old books- perfect for the bookworms who can’t get enough of the pleasant aroma of the aging books. 

4. Literary Book Bags– You might want to spice up your outfit with a bag that has a print of your favorite novel! They make the purses look like the front cover of some classic books. It has the name of the author and the illustrated cover art of your favorite novel. The great thing about these book bags is that you can choose any design you like. You can choose between authentic or faux leather, what book you want to have as a design, and the size and the color you want your bag to be. 

a cup of coffee, white flowers, a hand on a book

5. Foldable Book Lamps– When folded, they might look like some ordinary book. But when it opens up, you will have a bright book-style lamp. Foldable book lamps have a LED glow and have USB ports for charging. These lanterns may serve as your nightstand lamp and can also be your reading lamp. They are foldable and very compact and handy, so you take them anywhere you like. 

6. Book Weight– If you worry about your book turning pages while you are doing something else, then transparent book weights might be for you. Book weights can be great bookmarkers. They help hold the pages of your book when you are busy doing things. They also make good magazine holders. Plus, they protect your books from unwanted spills of water or coffee. You can use transparent book weights when you’re eating, cooking, studying, or reading by the beach. 

7. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit– You won’t have to worry about unreturned books because you have a Personal Library Kit. With the help of this, you can track who borrowed your beloved books, and you can make sure that they return what they borrowed. It is also a fun way of adapting the library circulation system with your friends and family. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit can help you keep tabs on the borrowed books and avoid the risk of losing one of them. 

8. BookEnds– If you are scared of your books falling over from your bookshelf and damaging their pages, shop for some bookends. Bookends support and hold your numerous books on your shelf. You can always buy statement-making bookends that would bring style to your room’s bookshelves. You can also acquire those bookends inspired by your favorite novel. Bookends are not only functional items, but they can also serve as accessories in your room. 

9. Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelves– You can mount these bookshelves on the wall and create the style that you want for your room. These bookshelves can hold books that weigh up to 15 pounds. Having a room with floating bookshelves as wall decoration speaks loudly about how much of a bookworm you are. On the plus side, floating shelves create additional space in your house.