Most Effective Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips

Carpenter ants are capable of doing the same amount of damage as termites. The main difference is that termites eat the wood, carpenter ants simply remove it to make their nests. The average carpenter ant is between 0.3 and 1 inch long, black in color, and looks surprisingly similar to many other species of ants.

These ants are attracted to moist, decaying, or hollow wood, they construct tunnels in the wood to create their colony. You will often find the tunnels emerge at a food point, keeping the carpenter ants largely hidden.

If you see any ant in your kitchen, specifically a black one with a reddish tinge, you will want to take a closer look. In fact, it can help to click here and get the professionals to identify them for you and then eradicate the issue for you.

Don’t forget that seeing a carpenter ant is a strong indication that there are a lot more nearby. They will eat your wood causing structural instability and damaging your home. It’s a good idea to take steps to prevent them from invading.

Look For Water

Carpenter ants like moist wood. That means the best way to prevent them from visiting you is to ensure your wood is dry.

The first step in this is to check for water leaks. Simply take a water meter reading and then don’t use any water for a couple of hours. You can then take another reading and, if it has changed, you know you have a leak. You’ll need to identify it and eliminate it.

It is also worth looking at the gutters on your house. Making sure they are clear will prevent them from overflowing and the water soaking your house walls.

Finally, check for pools of water around your home, these can attract a variety of pests, including carpenter ants.

Wood Piles

If you keep firewood outside then make sure it is as far away as possible from your home. This will ensure any ants or termites attracted to the wood will not continue their journey and enter your home.

Seal Your Home

Carpenter ants are small, which means it is fairly easy for them to get into your home. But, that doesn’t mean you should make it easier. Go around your home and inspect the walls for cracks and gaps, then fill them all in.

Pay particular attention to areas around doors and windows. You should also add brushes to the bottom of the doors to ensure they don’t come in through these tiny gaps.

Treat Your Wood

It is possible to treat any visible wood with a special solution. It can be sprayed or painted onto the wood. You will want to wear a ventilator when doing this and cover as much of the wood as possible. The treatment prevents termites and carpenter ants from eating into the wood as the treatment deters them and will kill them if they eat it anyway.

Of course, if you already have an infestation, the key will be to get the professionals to eliminate it for you. You can then repair the damage and take steps to prevent future carpenter ant invasions.