Have a Fun Family Reunion

Creating custom shirts using t shirt printing Singapore professionals is not just something businesses and other large organisations can take advantage of. Creating customised shirts could be a fun project to do for your next family party or for your friend’s hen night! It is a great idea for a different gift, maybe you could have hilarious pictures from the last get-together on the shirts for the next one! When creating your own tshirts there are some things to think about to make the best choices. 

Do you want a small logo as well as a larger image?

As well as choosing an image for the front or back, or even both, you could also add a smaller logo somewhere. Create a fun family crest or something that tells a story about the family or is special to the person the top is for. Consider that a logo that works on Uncle Jack’s Double XL top might not look the same when put on the youngest and smallest shirt.

Take care with your colour choices

Think about what purpose the shirt has as well as being fun or a trip down memory lane. If you also need family members to stand out from a large crowd, maybe you are all heading to Disney World, then you can have a bright colour shirt and images over that so you can spot each other. On the other hand, not all images work on bright coloured backgrounds, sometimes that simple white tshirt is best for tshirt printing Singapore. If you are hoping they are going to be worn beyond the trip or party you might also not want to make them too awful!

Choose an experienced tshirt printing business

The place you choose for your t shirt printing Singapore needs is important. Somewhere that is experienced, you can see they are skilled at their positioning and lettering and online reviews are positive is best. If you need help with something unique in design then look for somewhere that offers design support. If you want to add some embroidery to the shirts then look for a printer that also offers that service. Embroidery costs a little more, you tend to pay per stitch, but it is a great way to personalise the tshirts. Keep in mind when looking for a printing service that some have minimum orders and that in order to get more of a discount they might want you to order a certain quality.

Consider who the shirts are for

It is crucial to think about who will be wearing the tshirts when you design and order them at a tshirt printing Singapore printing business. Get the right sizes for your family members so that they are comfortable. What you might put your nieces in is not necessarily what you would put Uncle Jack in. What style of tshirt do you want to order? Again if you want them to wear it repeatedly then go with styles that will suit everyone rather than a one style suits all thing.