This is the amazing and unique True Mirror, the world's only mirror that reflects you without reversing your left and right sides. Discover your true nature in the true image reflection, and see how much the backwards mirror has changed how you see yourself.

Mighty Handle is the easiest way to carry groceries, shopping bags and dry cleaning quickly and comfortably. This patented bag carrier distributes weight evenly allowing you to carry more grocery bags, articles of clothing or housewares in one trip.

Stay one step ahead of your assailants with the anti-kidnapping watch wrist band. If you’re going to be travelling to possibly dangerous destinations, this watch accessory provides you with the tools you may desperately need in order to evade your captors.

Cut out that greedy licensed middle man you call a dentist and take matters into your own hands by improving your smile using the teeth whitening kit. The kit will take years worth of stains off without causing any added sensitivity to your precious chompers.

Shave a few years off your appearance by keeping your skin looking young and radiant using these 24K gold foil sheet masks. Each leaf is made from 24K edible gold sheets designed to prevent wrinkles and soothe skin.

Add a touch of technicolor wonder to your special day by walking down the aisle in this whimsical LED wedding dress. This gorgeous piece is made from satin and a special fiber optic fabric that makes it glow in one of seven beautiful shades.

Stay warm without sacrificing style by slipping into a pair of these knee high no show socks. They feature a moisture wicking property to help keep your feet dry and odorless while also helping to prevent blisters – so you can remain comfortable throughout your day.

Improve your complexion by getting rid of unsightly blackheads using this remover and pore cleanser. After washing your face, apply the strips, wait 15 minutes then remove and look in curious disgust at all the grime and filth you’ve removed from your face.

Keep your feet nice and toasty on cold days by slipping into these microwavable boots. They’re made from a plush fabric that’s soft to the touch and can either be heated up in the microwave or stuffed inside a freezer so that they can be used as cold packs to treat injuries.

Keep your partner from stealing your precious blanket in the middle of the night by outfitting your bed with these blanket hogging prevention clamps. They work on all bed configurations, won’t damage your sheets, and can hold up to 50 pounds of force.

Learn about the remarkable women that changed our world in the Bad Girls Throughout History book. This highly informative read highlights figures like Billie Holiday, Cleopatra, Harriet Tubman, and Georgia O’Keeffe – demonstrating their impact on the world.

Help maintain a more youthful appearance without going under the knife by using this facial fitness device. Although it may look a bit silly, it’s designed to tone and firm weak facial muscles with just two short 30 second sessions per day.

Give your look an out-of-this-world touch by slipping into these purple galaxy leggings. Available in sizes ranging from XS-XXL, these machine-washable leggings feature a superb fit along with an eye-catching graphic depicting the cosmos.

Instantly increase your height by placing these invisible heels inside your shoes. These durable heels are made from soft memory foam and help lift the bottom of your soles, so that your legs and overall figure appear longer and slimmer.

Sleep cozier than ever by transforming yourself into a cute critter with this panda pajamas onesie. These relaxed fit pajamas come with buttons along the front for easy removal, and are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Keep all your beauty products perfectly organized and accessible by storing everything inside this acrylic makeup organizer. The set is composed of three individual organizers which you can arrange in any order to best suit your needs.

Avoid exposing your body to harmful chemicals by switching over to this all natural deodorant. Apart from its pleasant lavender aroma, the deodorant contains no GMOs, aluminum, or toxic chemicals, and works all day long so you feel fresh and dry.

Move through the water like an enchanting mythical creature by diving in with this mermaid tail swimsuit. While its design may render you motionless on land, the huge vibrantly colored fin will have you swimming faster than ever before.

Transform your manicure’s appearance instantly by painting your nails using this shade shifter mutichrome nail polish. This unique shade changes depending on the way the light hits it, making it appear as red orange, purple, blue, cyan, and many other colors.

Turn your ball of frizz into silky smooth locks using this hair straightening heater brush. It heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in just 90 seconds and features ceramic plates that detangle, straighten, and help your hair retain moisture to keep it smooth for days.

Improve the look and feel of your skin by scrubbing away toxins using this activated bamboo charcoal soap. It works by drawing out bacteria, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface, helping your achieve a flawless complexion.

Bring some humor into the bedroom with this novelty “his” and “hers” duvet. This queen sized bed cover is made from 100% cotton and sports a design that divides the bed equally between you and you sweetheart.

Brighten up your Plain Jane face by complementing your look with some rainbow blush makeup. It offers a vibrant palette that leaves a long-lasting, shimmering metallic effect that you can easily wash off using just soap and water.

Enjoy a soothing, pain-relieving massage from the comfort of home using these spiky massage balls. They’re designed to reduce tension, improve circulation, and relax muscles while providing you with a blissful deep tissue massage.

It’s never been easier to protect yourself from harmful sun rays than with this roll on sunscreen applicator! This compact device can be easily refilled and comes with a handy roll on top so you can apply the cream without ever dirtying your hands.

Get a leg up on the whole parenting thing by studying “The Infant Survival Guide”. Perfect for newbie parents, it comes filled with helpful tips and tricks such as the proper spot to place your baby while you’re doing chores.

Whiten your teeth the natural way by using this antibacterial bamboo charcoal and gold toothbrush. It combines the antibacterial properties of gold combined with the natural teeth whitening properties of charcoal to give you a truly radiant smile.

Discreetly carry your piece without creating a bulge by strapping on this women’s concealed carry holster. It’s made from gently tapered military-grade elastic to ensure a comfy fit and is designed to hold up to 4 compact weapons and 3 magazines.

Burn off some much needed calories while you’re anchored to your desk with help from this sit down elliptical machine. The patented hinges allow your feet and lower legs to move as they please without disturbing the rest of your body.

Avoid accidents by staying visible on the road at night by placing this solar powered bike tail light on your trusty ride. This easy to install light comes with two LEDs embedded inside a waterproof casing that charges with sunlight and glows for up to eight hours.

Experience the magic of metamorphosis every time it rains by taking out this butterfly umbrella. While in its case, the umbrella is designed to look like a small caterpillar who then bursts out of its cocoon and spreads its wings to shield you from the rain.

Ensure your bundle of joy remains safe when you head out by placing them inside this military grade baby carrier. This tactical baby carrier features a MOLLE attachment system on the front and back, a sun shield, and a sturdy 100D nylon outer construction.

Keep yourself from spending all your money at once by placing your disposable income in this money maze bank. After inserting the money inside, a locking mechanism is activated and can only be released after solving the complex ball maze.

Camouflage yourself while traversing mosquito country by using this mosquito repellent wristband. This ingenious little rubber band easily slips on to provide over 120 hours of mosquito repelling relief without the sticky feeling normally associated with sprays.

Avoid heartache from the opposite sex by trading your undeserving boyfriend in for the perfect man chocolate. He’s sweet, a great listener, and has a physique that’ll put any guy to shame. Best of all, he’s made out of rich milk chocolate.

Say goodbye to disgusting hair clumps in your brush by swapping your old one out for this quick cleaning hair brush. The innovative design incorporates two buttons that you squeeze together in order to retract the bristles for easy cleaning.

Keep muscles from atrophying during a long workday by outfitting your chair with this workout device. It quickly attaches to the back of your chair and allows you to perform a variety of useful resistance based upper body exercises.

Snap into a healthy version of a Slim Jim by chomping down on one of these grass fed beef snack sticks. Made from only the freshest of natural ingredients, they’re gluten-free, paleo friendly and contain no antibiotics, hormones, or nitrates.

Upgrade your beauty station by placing all your cosmetic products inside this makeup organizer station. Crafted from bamboo, it features a removable mirror, docking station for your tablet or smartphone, and comes coated with a stain-resistant sealant.

Shine brighter than anyone on the the dace floor by complementing your look using these flashing LED earrings. They’re battery powered and are designed to glow in seven vivid colors making them ideal accessories for parties and festivals.

Ensure your infant is in good health while they slumber by placing the Snuza baby movement monitor on him. The device clips over your baby’s diaper waistband and vibrates to stimulate movement from your baby – if no movement is sensed, it emits an audible alarm.

Easily carry everything you need to survive the great outdoors in your pocket with this compact wilderness survival tool. Forged from metal, this credit card sized tool contains six useful tools ranging from fish hooks to snare locks and sewing needles.

Keep your skin looking healthy and radiant by slathering on this organic coffee bean scrub. It is made from all natural ingredients including coconut oil, sea salt, and vitamin E – and features a delightful coffee scent that’ll leave you feeling fresh all day.

Stay dry while trudging through Mother Nature’s wettest terrains by wearing these waterproof socks. Each pair features a singular 3 layer construction designed to provide a comfortable and breathable fit no matter what the conditions are like.