Traveling is a good way to explore and relax. However, going somewhere far by yourself can make your family feel worried. But today, you no longer have to worry about that because there’s a way for you to stay in touch globally and keep them updated. It is by taking the Garmin inReach Mini with you on your trip. With its inReach connectivity, you will be able to send and receive text messages anywhere on your journey.

With its spacious cabin comfort design and huge screened-in front porch to take in the outdoors bug free, this 10-person tent feels more like a house than a tent. Setup is a breeze with color coded, chain-corded steel poles and quick connect frame hubs. To keep you dry the tent has Everdry coating, large rainfly with taped seams and a tub style floor. A privacy divider is included so you can have 2-rooms with a large front and back door for easy access. With 6 large inside zip windows and full mesh roof there’s plenty of ventilation through-out the tent for comfortable camping. There’s plenty of storage with two hanging shelves and wall organizers that have integrated smart tablet display pockets. When it’s time to go home, the Front Porch packs up into a durable, expandable wheeled storage bag for easy handling.

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was a period of currency instability that began in the late 1990s shortly after the confiscation of private farms from landowners, towards the end of Zimbabwean involvement in the Second Congo War.

Transform your vehicle into a rolling bedroom using this inflatable air mattress. It features an ultra-thin design that folds at the sides to better fit inside the car – making this a must-have for any outdoor excursion – or just for living in a van down by the river.

Improve your experience on the road by outfitting your ride with the smart rear-view mirror. It comes with a touchscreen surface for easy navigation and features two dual mounted cameras that eliminate blind spots to help you avoid accidents.

Save a bundle on roaming fees while you travel around the world by staying connected using the global WiFi hotspot device. It requires no embedded SIM card, simply switch it on and enjoy surfing the web in over a hundred different countries at discounted rates.

Experience the smoothest ride possible while you’re being towed across the water by riding atop the hydrofoil wakeboard. The hydrofoil lifts the rider over the water’s surface for an incredibly smooth and fun ride – even on choppy days.

The Waterskipper sea scooter lets you glide across the water’s surface with incredible grace simply by hopping up and down. The up and down motion propels this eco-friendly watercraft with very little drag, letting you reach speeds up to 17 miles per hour.

Build a kickass fort in mere seconds using this air fort inflatable tent. The tent works with any portable fan to instantly inflate and provide your little ones with a cool, secluded, and breezy hangout that they can set up anywhere.

The inflatable motorized stingray water board delivers all the fun of a stand up paddle board without the tiresome paddling part. It’s powered by a compact 12-volt battery, has a 200 pound capacity, and features a 6 inch thick bottom PVC layer for added durability.

Give your little tadpole an amazing view of the underwater world by placing them aboard this clear bottom inflatable raft. This small vessel comes with a fully transparent floor that provides incredibly clear views of the deep without the need for a snorkel mask.

Turn heads while you’re riding through the city or boardwalk by hopping on the transparent longboard. The virtually indestructible 100% recyclable polycarbonate deck provides a unique and smooth ride with the flex of a snowboard and the flow of a surfboard.

Get on the fast track to striking it rich by exploring your local waterways with this waterproof metal detector. It features three sensitivity levels, is waterproof up to 10 feet deep, and comes painted in a bright orange color that makes it easy to spot in case it falls into the water.

The world is a scary place and you should always carry protection – and with the DSLR camera condom you can protect your high end camera from just about everything. It’s perfect for snapping photos or video where the environment is less than hospitable.

Upgrade your mobile workstation by plugging in the Asus Zenscreen portable USB monitor to your laptop or tablet. This 15.6 inch LCD monitor is compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A sources and weights just 1.7 pounds so you can easily carry it around.

The Que collapsible water bottle is the container that can shrink in size when needed without sacrificing style. Made from food-safe silicone, it features a unique spiral design that allows you to collapse the bottle to nearly half its size for easy portability.

Chill your drinks while you chill your body with this revolutionary air conditioner drink cooler! It works by circulating the chilled water through a radiator and blowing cold air onto you – making it perfect for outdoor sporting events, the beach, or just anywhere hot!

Conserve precious energy by saving yourself the arduous walk from the trailer park to the picnic site by riding on the motorized beverage cooler. The 49 CC engine provides just the right mix of power and speed to get you and your drinks where you need to be.

Enjoy first class beverages while flying the friendly skies by preparing your own drinks using the airplane carry on cocktail kit. This TSA compliant kit comes in a sturdy tin which houses the accoutrements necessary to mix up some tasty mile high concoctions.

Carry a portable water container virtually anywhere you go without the bulk by using the collapsible water bottle. This handy disposable bottle alternative is made from food safe silicone and is designed to fold down to a compact package that fits in your pocket.

Keep thirsty blood-suckers from turning you into a tasty buffet by heading outdoors dressed in this insect repellent clothing. These machine washable garments are treated with insect repellent technology that protects against bugs like ticks, ants, and mosquitoes.

Store a backpack’s worth of useful tools in your back pocket by slipping this credit card sized survival tool into your wallet. Crafted from stainless steel, it comes packed with 14 useful tools such as a bottle opener, a nail pry, a hex wrench, and a handy saw.

Get a close up view of King Neptune’s vast underwater realm by heading out on this transparent kayak. This two person kayak features a see-thru 100% UV resistant polycarbonate hull that gives you a crystal clear view of everything going on underneath the surface.

Avoid losing your belongings while traveling by sticking this GPS luggage tracking device in your bag. This compact device fits discreetly in your suitcase and allows you to locate and track your belongings using the included app.

Learn about the best locations and experiences our planet has to offer by reading 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. This fact-filled read features 600 full color photographs, and showcases 1,000 incredible destinations spanning over 28 different countries.

Keep your valuables – and pot – safe and sound by hiding them inside this secret stash water bottle. The bottle’s interior comes hollowed out while the exterior is designed to look exactly like a real water bottle – complete with a top compartment you can fill up.

Keep your daily essentials organized and at hand during your travels by carrying everything inside this fold-out toiletries travel bag. The functional fold-out design provides ample storage while also creating extra counter space for greater comfort.

Conquer hills taller and steeper than you ever thought possible while riding atop the hammer head sled. It features a sturdy powder coated aluminum frame, stainless steel leaf spring steering, and rubber ski boots to deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Say good bye to zippers forever! Now you can instantly and securely open and close your sleeping bag with the NOZIPP sleeping bag. It features a convenient magnetic closure system to offer effortless entry, unparalleled venting and a unique expandable shape.

Enjoy quality time outdoors without exposing yourself to the elements by relaxing inside this hanging tree pod. It can be easily placed on almost any sturdy tree branch and provides a spacious 7.5 foot tall by 5 foot wide interior with a 500 pound weight capacity.

Give your outdoor adventures a heart-pumping soundtrack by strapping on this waterproof backpack speaker. This Bluetooth enabled speaker can last for up to 12 hours on a single charge, doubles as a power bank, and comes with both AUX and USB ports.

Stay warm and toasty without limiting your mobility by slipping into this napsack wearable sleeping bag. This 100% nylon machine washable sleeping bag comes with zippered openings at the side so you can stick out your arms and features an open bottom for walking.

Safely walk your pooch while you enjoy a nice ride by using this hands free bicycle leash. It’s composed from a long stainless steel rod that’s complemented by a military-grade paracord leash designed to keep your doggy at a safe lateral distance while you pedal.

With the world’s toughest coffee maker at your disposal, nothing will stand in the way of getting your piping cup of joe. The extremely rugged design of this coffee brewer is built to perform in the harshest of environments – making it ideal for construction jobs.

Prevent your clean and organized clothes from morphing into a disastrous ball of wrinkled fabrics while traveling by placing it inside the stand up dresser suitcase. The ingenious design instantly props up and transforms into a mobile closet.

Get a unique glimpse of King Neptune’s vast underwater realm by exploring it on the see-through kayak. Thanks to the kayak’s sturdy and transparent GE Lexan frame you and a friend get to witness the majesty of the ocean first hand.

Keep your valuables safe when you hit the beach or pool by wearing these secret stash flip flops. They’re made from a durable synthetic material and feature a small concealed compartment in the sole that is just big enough to fit cash and credit cards.

Harness the power of the sun to prepare your meals using this solar powered balloon cooker. This portable solar device weighs under 6 ounces, can reach temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and is compact enough to fit inside your backpack.

Move through the water like an enchanting mythical creature by diving in with this mermaid tail swimsuit. While its design may render you motionless on land, the huge vibrantly colored fin will have you swimming faster than ever before.

Keep all your devices visible and at hand when you need them by storing them in one of these Grid-It organizers. The rubberized woven straps help keep all types of gear and gadgets firmly in place while allowing for endless storage configurations.

Stay clean while you’re roughing it outdoors by bringing along the Simple Shower. This ultra portable device weighs only 2 ounces and instantly turns most standard 1 or 2 liter plastic bottles into an overhead shower that you can use anywhere.

Make a splash during your next day of fun in the sun by hitting the water with this gigantic pink flamingo float. It’s made from heavy duty vinyl and rises over 5 feet high when fully inflated – making it large enough to easily accommodate two people.

Ensure you can conveniently charge all your electric devices while traveling abroad using this four-in-one global adapter block. The block comes with a color coded map of the world that shows you which colored adapter piece you’ll need in the country you visit.

Help preserve the life and appearance of your garments by drying them off in this portable electric clothes dryer. It comes with a built-in ultraviolet sanitizer that kills all harmful bacteria and measures 25″ wide giving you ample room to hang your load.

Keep your spare cash protected and always at hand by placing it inside this keychain safe. Crafted from corrosion resistant stainless steel, this compact storage vessel features a water tight seal and is big enough to perfectly fit US currency.

Keep your gear safe while it’s unattended by storing it inside this portable lock box safe. It features a customizable 3-digit combination and comes with a strong flexible steel cable so that you can secure it to nearly any fixed object.

Catch some Z’s while you travel by resting your noggin on this J shaped headrest travel pillow. The design helps keep your spine aligned while providing full support for your head and neck, so you can rest in total comfort.

Make your alfresco meals a more pleasant experience for everyone by bringing along this picnic table briefcase. It features a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame that’s built to last, along with a high impact wooden top and seating for four.

Learn everything there is to know about everyone’s favorite food by reading the “Where To Eat Pizza” book. This super informative read shows you where to find the best slices when you’re scouring the globe for the perfect pie.

Easily sneak a sip at any public place where bottles aren’t allowed by bringing along this hidden flask ice pack. This stealthy flask is made from food-safe BPA-free plastic and features a formidable 14 ounce capacity so you can share with friends.

Capture the perfect shot no matter where you are by placing your camera on this flexible GoPro tripod. This versatile tripod’s design features five movable arms you can bend and wrap around any structure to keep your camera secure and leveled.

Stay afloat in the water without exerting yourself by using this hands-free flotation device. Capable of holding up to 180 lbs, it’s covered in a soft water-resistant fabric that is complemented with a neoprene crotch for comfort in the loins.

Get a fire going even when the weather isn’t cooperating by sparking up this all weather lighter. This refillable butane lighter sports a tough exterior complete with a locking cap and is designed to be completely windproof and waterproof.

Transport drinks and snacks off the beaten path with ease by placing them inside this all-terrain cooler. Unlike traditional coolers, this 66 liter beast comes equipped with massive 10 inch wheels that are ideal for use in sand and other unforgiving terrain.

Power up all your essentials while you’re living off the grid by using this compact portable 120,000 mAh generator. It can by charged by solar power or with an A/C plug and offers triple output modes – a 12V car socket, A/C outlet, and 4 USB ports.

Warm up your outdoor gathering in no time at all using this self-contained portable bonfire. It’s made from all natural wood and comes with a handy fatwood stick that you light and throw into the chimney hole to enjoy a toasty flame that will last for over three hours.

Have a little fun while keeping track of your many adventures by using this scratch off globe. Every time you visit a new exotic destination in the world, you get to scratch it off on the globe using a coin – revealing the colored geography underneath.

Rinsing off after a rigorous day in the great outdoors has never been simpler thanks to the portable pressurized shower. This handy 2 gallon capacity tank can be filled in just 20 seconds and delivers a cleansing 65 psi stream for up to 4 minutes.

Make trips easier when travelling with the little one by bringing along this ride-on carry-on suitcase. It comes with a handy built-in chair that unfolds instantly go give your tired tike a comfy place to rest while still fitting in most overhead compartments.

Get a fun and vigorous cardiovascular workout by hopping on this outdoor elliptical bike. The unique design lets you move forward without any harmful impact on your joints while also allowing you to easily climb up any street or hill.

Improve your performance on the water by strapping on this Powerbreather snorkel. The unorthodox design enables you to intake air from the top while you exhale through the bottom so you breathe 100% pure oxygen, not mixed with Co2 like traditional snorkels.

Minimize the risk of drowning while you’re out on the water by wearing this emergency flotation wristband. Capable of handling a body weight up to 280 pounds, it can instantly inflate a life-saving personal flotation device when you pull the lever.

Avoid becoming shark bait next time you’re out in the water by wearing this shark repellent band. Requiring no batteries or charging, this life saving device fits comfortably around the wrist or ankle and employs magnetic technology to deter sharks.

Eliminate dangerous blind spots while on the road by equipping this potentially life saving hand mirror. The small mirror comes with an adjustable Velcro strap, features a vibration free lens, and can be used on either the right or left hand.

Battle the cold by staying warm in more ways than one using these hidden flasks mittens. Apart from shielding your fingers from the frigid weather, the left hand mitten comes equipped with a discreet three ounce flask you can sip from your thumb.

Enjoy a peaceful night’s rest when roughing it outdoors by keeping yourself off the uneven ground with this sky nest hanging tent. After suspending the tent from two points, you and all your gear will remain high and dry during the night.

Camouflage yourself while traversing mosquito country by using this mosquito repellent wristband. This ingenious little rubber band easily slips on to provide over 120 hours of mosquito repelling relief without the sticky feeling normally associated with sprays.

Improve visibility during the dead of night like never before using this waterproof compact quad ray flashlight. Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, it features 8 distinct brightness levels ranging from 3 to 3800 lumens.

Conveniently carry a multitude of useful tools without encumbering yourself using this pocket size multi-tool. The compact and slender design is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and comes stocked with 20 useful tools ranging from a wrench to a cutting blade.

Ensure you’re never caught unprepared in the wild by bringing along this survivalist’s multi-tool shovel. The shovel can be dissembled for easy transport and conceals an array of tools along the handle ranging from a hammer to a wire cutter.

While a knife is indispensable in the wild, this survival bandana shines where other tools just can’t. Printed with vital survival information, this soft-brushed polyester triangular bandana can be used for tasks like providing shelter, signaling for help, and an arm sling.

Avoid getting stranded when you run into adverse weather conditions by using these tire traction blocks. They easily attach to any wheel to provide added traction and get your vehicle out of the mud, snow, or sand without needing a tow truck.

Keep your fingers from falling off on extra cold days by staying toasty with this Zippo hand warmer. Weighing only 5 ounces, it sports a sleek yet rugged design and produces a flameless and virtually odorless heat that’ll keep your hands warm.

Increase your chance of survival during a disaster with this emergency kit backpack. Made to last four people up to three days, it comes with a plethora of gear such as purified drinking water, food rations, dust masks, emergency blankets, and a first aid kit.

Make your campsite a little more habitable by replacing your traditional tent with this standing room tent. When fully erect, the tent stands at six and a half feet so that you can move around and change comfortably without hurting your back.

Power up your electronic devices even when there’s no outlet in sight using this portable solar panel. Shaped like a giant daisy flower, this waterproof panel can easily be placed on top of any roof, beach umbrella, or even the ground – to charge up to two devices at once.

Keep all your dining utensils from spilling over when you dine al fresco by storing everything in this wicker basket picnic organizer. It sports a durable metal frame and features seven compartments designed to accommodate everything from napkins to plates.

Turn the foulest of watering holes into a viable drinking source with this water filtration bottle. Capable of filtering up to 4,000 liters, it removes all viruses, parasites, bacteria, and other microbial waterborne pathogens without causing an unpleasant taste.

This multi-tool survival axe is the only tool you’ll need next time you head into the wild. Made from carbon steel, you’ll be able to easily perform tasks like cut down a tree, tell time, shoot an arrow, or single-handedly rebuild civilization.

Turn your local park into a winter wonderland by hitting the hills with this inflatable snow tube sled. Ideal for adults and kids alike, the sled is made from a super heavy duty material, features double reinforced handles, and is coated with a cold-resistant treatment.

Quit your day job and get on the fast-track to success using this gold panning kit. Just walk to up to your local river or park, scoop up some dirt and watch in amazement as you find nothing of value gold nugget after nugget right below your feet.

Protect yourself and all your gear from the elements by heading out with this expedition camping tent. It features sturdy anodized tent poles, a double wall design to eliminate condensation and enough room to store your motorcycle.

Increase your chances of survival in an emergency situation by carrying this sardine can survival kit. Despite its compact size, it holds a plethora or useful tools like matches, first aid instructions, and duct tape inside a sturdy waterproof case.