You're are looking at the first mass-produced and truly affordable underground dog house! The DogEden works great as a standalone pet shelter or is the perfect add-on accessory for those who already have a traditional above ground dog house. If your dog is one of the 15 million plus dogs in America that live outside most of the year, this is a must-have! Or if you have noticed freshly dug holes in your lawn and wondering why? The simple answer is your dog is searching for a warmer or cooler place to go when the weather is extreme. The DogEden 60 \"K\" is our Kennel Series best for kennels or fenced yards where your dog can freely use this home. Whereas the DogEden 60 \"A\" the Anchor Series is a tie-out system that allows you to leave your dog alone without fear of entanglement.

Make your kitty the envy of every feline on the block by getting him this amazingly awesome taco cat bed. It’s made out of soft, padded fleece and micro fiber yarn for utmost comfort, and can be used in a folded taco style or a flat tostada style.

Keep your canine companion from freaking out during stressful situations by using this canine anxiety relief system. The harness fits comfortably over the torso to deliver acoustic and vibration therapy designed to relax your stressed out pooch.

Keep your feline friend entertained even when you’re not home by using this smartphone controlled interactive cat toy. It features a built-in camera so that you can see your kitty as you control a cat teaser using your smartphone.

Rid your home of that nasty litter box smell with the toilet training system. Within eight short weeks your cat will leave his primitive ways behind and learn to do his business in a toilet like a refined feline. It’s a win-win for everyone except your cat-poop-eating dog.

Give your pooch the feeling of less restraint without compromising the safety of being on a leash using this two-way dog friendly leash. It creates a direct connection between your hand and your canine’s mouth to give him a sense of freedom during walks.

Keep your energetic and adventurous pooch from dirtying up your floors by keeping their paws clean using this dog paw cleaner. This mug-like device is lined with bristles to gently wipe your dog’s paw clean without causing discomfort or irritation.

Have you ever wanted to lick your cat? Sure you have! Well now you can finally fulfill your motherly instincts & desires to groom your feline using your tongue – but without the furballs! Simply place the hair brush in your mouth, and get to lickin’!

Find out your puppy’s breed without having to spend a small fortune by using this at home DNA test. With just a simple cheek swab you’ll be able to find out valuable information about your canine’s breed and reveal their genetic background.

Give your furry friend the freedom to come and go as he pleases with this microchip pet door. It’s compatible with all worldwide microchip formats, can be set to lock and unlock at specific times, and only works with your pet’s microchip – preventing strays from entering.

Safely walk your pooch while you enjoy a nice ride by using this hands free bicycle leash. It’s composed from a long stainless steel rod that’s complemented by a military-grade paracord leash designed to keep your doggy at a safe lateral distance while you pedal.

Keep your prideful kitty in check and looking respectable by covering up her ears with one of these bonnets for cats. Made from 100% cotton with satin lining, the bonnets feature a quaint floral print and come with straps to ensure a secure fit.

Give your feline friend a cozy place to call their own by adding this spherical cat cave bed into your home. This cozy birch green bed is handmade using natural sheep wool that is super soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned.

Ensure your precious pooch stays happy and healthy by entertaining them using this automatic pet ball launcher. Equipped with multiple safety sensors, it features 9 distance and 6 angle settings so it can launch the ball anywhere between 8-30 feet.

Keep your energetic pooch entertained for hours on end by installing this self tugging dog toy in your yard. Once affixed to the ground, simply attach the knotted rope toy to the 55 inch pole and watch as little Rover goes wild.

Ensure your furry little friend gets a first-class view of their surroundings as you take them around town in this bubble backpack pet carrier. The ergonomic design leaves your hands free at all times and features a small bubble dome your pet can peek through.

Keep your energetic pup from running off every chance he gets by heading out with this hands free retractable dog leash. Instead of having to constantly hold the leash, simply strap it to your wrist like a bracelet so your hands remain free at all times.

Keep your furry best friend safe during nighttime walks by taking him out in this illuminated and reflective dog vest. The waterproof design comfortably fits a variety of different sized breeds, and comes fitted with LED fiber optics so you can customize the colors.

All kitties like lurking in the shadows – so keep your feline friend protected and happy by buying him a cat cave bed. Handmade from felted New Zealand wool, each bed has a truly unique look and shape to match your special fluffball.

This refined wood litter box cabinet provides a discreet spot for your feline friend to do his business without taking away from your home’s elegant decor. The cabinet sports a nice Mahogany finish and features a side entrance for easy in and out access.

Keep your pooch happy and fed even when you’re not home using this WiFi dog treat dispenser. After downloading the app and connecting the dispenser to your home’s network, you’ll be able to give them a treat as well as video chat with them via the app.

Keep an eye on your adventurous pets even when you’re not around by placing these digital pet trackers collar on them. This waterproof tag contains all your pet’s contact info, works within a 200 foot range, and can be used by anyone with the app to locate them.

Stimulate your furry friend’s senses during his next meal by serving his chow on this food maze dog bowl. This dishwasher-safe bowl provides a fun challenge for your pup while slowing down the rate at which he scarfs down those delicious brown pellets.

Give your pup a little extra room to lounge around by moving him into this dog bunk bed. Designed for small breeds, this durable pet home offers your furry friend both a cozy indoor environment and an open air rooftop so he can enjoy the weather.