The Freewrite by Astrohaus is a distraction-free writing instrument designed to help the modern writer get in a flow state and stay there.

A nostalgic classic reborn with modern innovations fit for composing literary masterpieces. Introducing the Azio mk Retro, a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard.

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Give your arts and crafts projects a little added flair by using this glow in the dark adhesive vinyl for the job. This nine inch by four foot vinyl adheres to a variety of flat surfaces and can easily be cut – making it ideal for all types of projects.

Maximize your home’s limited space by storing your vast literary collection neatly inside the bookcase chair. This versatile piece of furniture provides a comfortable reading nook while giving you ample storage space to store your books in its accommodating frame.

Set up an impromptu event quickly and efficiently by using these foldable chairs. Each colorful seat is crafted from a single piece of durable polypropylene that’s designed to fold out into a fully functional chair without using any tools.

Thanks to these smartphone connected microphone gloves now you can easily take your calls without having to expose your hand to the brutal cold. They come embedded with a small tiny speaker located on the thumb and an accompanying mic placed on the pinky.

Bring an air of calmness into your home or business by placing this gravity-defying levitating flower pot on display. This eye-catching flower pot employs strategically placed magnets to keep the flower pot floating right above the illuminated rock base.

Melt your stress away by creating a soothing environment with this dragon incense burner. After the incense is lit, the smoke backflow gives the illusion that the exceptionally crafted fire breathing dragon has come to life as smoke flows out of its nostrils.

Effortlessly keep track of old items that you stuff into boxes with help from these smart storage labels. When a label is scanned with your smartphone, a detailed list of the items and location of the box comes up so that you can find items without having to rummage around.

Avoid dozing off during the workday by giving yourself a quick pick-me-up using these natural caffeine energy stir sticks. These calorie-free sticks feature a clean taste and contain 125mg of natural caffeine and vitamins so that you stay alert and awake throughout the day.

Join the brewing revolution by using this 3-in-1 specialty coffee maker. It comes with a built-in press and features a filter head that allows you to control the flow in order to steep coffee, stop drips, pour into multiple cups, and cold brew.

The swiveling surge protector helps you save space by making it possible to push your furniture flat against the wall without having to worry about protruding plugs. The clever design allows you to easily swivel it to the side so that they are parallel to the wall.

This is unlike any sand you’ve ever played with before – kinetic sand is made up of 98% pure sand and 2% Polydimethyl siloxane – giving it a fun, unique, and easy to shape texture that provides endless hours of fun. It never dries out and is dust and allergen free.

Keep your succulent roast in prime drinking condition by pouring it into this adjustable temperature coffee mug. This sleek high-tech mug allows you to adjust the temperature by rotating the base so that your drink remains piping hot for hours.

Add a geeky touch to your tropical fiesta with these Star Wars tiki cups. Each ceramic mug features a 14 ounce capacity and is available in 1 of 6 character designs including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and Yoda.

Add an amusing touch to your reading nook by propping up your literary collection using this falling books bookend. It’s crafted from metal and cleverly designed to create the illusion that your stack of books is about to fall over and crush the tiny people making a run for it.

Elevate your favorite drinking game to new heights as you mercilessly punish your liver playing mountain beer pong. In addition to the standard six cup base, it incorporates a multilevel cup holder that increases the difficulty and fun of this iconic drinking game.

Give your kitchen a geeky twist by storing your salt and pepper in these scientific flask shakers. These four inch tall Erlenmeyer flask containers are equipped with a periodic table styled label and a black rubber stopper to prevent the salt and pepper from spilling.

This iPhone instant photo printer makes sharing your memories with friends and family easier than ever. This compact device fits over your smartphone – allowing you to easily print photos stored on your phone in as little as 30 seconds.

Upgrade your mobile workstation by plugging in the Asus Zenscreen portable USB monitor to your laptop or tablet. This 15.6 inch LCD monitor is compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A sources and weights just 1.7 pounds so you can easily carry it around.

Transform your room into a serene underwater oasis with this relaxing waves projector. This compact device projects a flurry of vibrant and hypnotizing patterns designed to help you disconnect from the hectic world around you.

Stave off boredom old school style with this 3D pin art toy. This wildly entertaining board measures just 5″ x 7″ and comes with dozens of tiny little metal pins that you push on one side to create a cool three dimensional sculpture on the other side.

Get your caffeine fix even if there’s no time to brew a fresh pot by popping one of these dry brew coffee chews in your mouth. Equivalent to a six ounce cup of coffee, each little piece is made using real coffee, non-dairy creamer, and a zero-calorie sweetener.

Chill your drinks while you chill your body with this revolutionary air conditioner drink cooler! It works by circulating the chilled water through a radiator and blowing cold air onto you – making it perfect for outdoor sporting events, the beach, or just anywhere hot!

Take laziness to new levels by staying in bed all day with the sleeping desk workstation. This handy little device boasts a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that adjusts to the ideal position so that you can comfortably use your laptop while laying down.

The world’s smallest Rubik’s cube is so tiny you’ll be able to take this challenging brain teaser anywhere. This fully functional mini cube measures around 2 inches on each side and comes styled with the same color scheme as its regular sized counterpart.

The perpetual calendar is the stylish, modern, and eco-friendly way to keep track of the date. Designed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, this dynamic calendar provides an innovative way to tell the date and adjusts so you can use it year after year.

Forget about texts and emails. When you want a message delivered with speed and reliability, this potato message mailing service is the way to go! Each 5″ Idaho potato can be customized with a short 135 character message of your choosing.

Save a fortune on coffee filers by brewing your favorite roast using the reusable coffee brew buddy. The ingenious and functional design allows you to brew a single cup a coffee at any strength using the built-in fine mesh filter.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop combines balance, portability, and performance so that you can work from virtually anywhere. It features an aesthetically pleasing ultra sleek design complemented by killer specs and a luxurious customizable Alcantara keyboard.

Avoid uncomfortable positions while you catch some Z’s at work with the nap time office chair. This leather-clad chair provides superb lumbar support while seated and is capable of reclining all the way back so that you can nap like a civilized person at your desk.

Ensure victory by silently taking out the opposition with brutal accuracy using the paintball arrow gun. With this one of a kind weapon you’ll be able to stealthily traverse the battlefield and sneak up on opponents before they even know what hit them.

Unleash your deadly inner warrior as you wield the Damascus steel sword. Expertly forged from Damascus steel, this noble weapon stands as a testament to the superior and timeless quality of ancient Chinese sword forging techniques.

Maintain a fresh scent inside your vehicle by attaching this portable mini air-humidifier/purifier to your air vents. This compact device spreads negative ions to counteract excessive positive ions in the air, effectively improving air quality.

Keep sensitive personal information from falling into the wrong hands by blocking it out using this black out roller stamp. It features a half inch width and is made using a specially formulated ink that works over glossy papers and labels.

Begin living the leisurely life you’ve always envisioned with help from The 4-Hour Work Week. You’ll learn everything from outsourcing your work to overseas virtual assistants, to trading a long-haul career for short work bursts.

Keep your meaty sandwich from falling apart by transporting it in this flexible silicone lunchbox. The bottom features a sturdy base while the top half is made from a flexible skin that holds everything in place until you’re ready to dig in.

How To Make Money In Your Spare Time is the captivating read that shows you how you can make some extra money in a “not so legitimate” way. It examines the Mafia and similar organizations to provide an alternative path to financial freedom.

Improve your bedroom’s air quality with some ambient lighting courtesy of this crystal Himalayan salt lamp. This hand-carved piece stands on a termite-resistant Neem wood base, emits a soft amber glow, and releases negative ions that purify the surrounding air.

Add a Sith touch to your room with this novelty Darth Vader Lightsaber Floor Lamp ripped out of the universe of Star Wars. This standing light is brightened by red LEDs that can be adjusted by the included remote.

If you want a potent speaker that brilliantly blends in with any modern home’s decor, the transparent speaker is the clear choice. Featuring powerful and high quality audio components, the transparent speaker is the perfect gift idea for any audiophile.

Avoid messes at lunchtime by packing your little one’s meals inside this fold up placemat lunchbox. This machine washable flexible neoprene lunchbox instantly transforms from a compact pack into a hygienic and spacious placemat with the pull of a zipper.

Easily write in dimly lit areas without having straining your eyes by using this LED pen light. Available in sets of three, each pen features a compact cell battery powered LED that emits a bright white light, so you can comfortably write in the dark.

Give your outdoor adventures a heart-pumping soundtrack by strapping on this waterproof backpack speaker. This Bluetooth enabled speaker can last for up to 12 hours on a single charge, doubles as a power bank, and comes with both AUX and USB ports.

Witness the magical process of daybreak every time you’re on a coffee break by drinking from this day and night heat sensitive mug. Upon adding hot liquid into the ceramic mug, the scenic nighttime landscape begins ceding to the bright day.

Make priority tasks stand out on your bulletin board with these map marker push pins. The set comes with eight small push pins designed to look exactly like the location icons you find on maps – making them ideal for marking off your adventures on a world map.

Use your downtime at work to perfect your game with this desktop mini golf. This amusing stationary set includes a pencil and eraser that serve as your handy club along with a card filled with cutouts that you use to make a small desktop course.

Make your appetizers easy to reach for everyone at the table by placing them atop this octopus table server. This small cast iron octopus stands 9 inches tall and uses his long tentacles to create a sturdy base between the table and small glass surface overhead.

Get more use out of your light fixtures by screwing in this USB lamp socket charger. It installs in seconds, comes with a convenient on/off switch for the light bulb, and features a 2 AMP USB charger that stays on at all times.

This wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker delivers high fidelity audio in a compact and sturdy package that you can take nearly anywhere. It features two full-range drivers plus a tweeter and has dual rear-firing bass ports that’ll blast your tunes for six straight hours.

Create a calming atmosphere in your home by planting your own Wisteria Bonsai tree using this kit. Inside you’ll find everything you will need to grow a gorgeous lilac leaved tree – from the seeds to the potting mix and even a lovely ceramic vase.

Add a touch of class to any room in your humble abode by decorating your bare walls using this vintage library wall adhesive. This giant decal features a detailed image of a distinguished library and comes in nine separate pieces for easy assembly.

Ensure you’re prepared when hunger unexpectedly strikes by keeping this emergency snack kit close by. Intended for emergency snacking use only, this life-saving kit comes stuffed with everything from Doritos and Airheads to Cheetos and salted peanuts.

Keep track of the new year and put your love of popping bubble sheets to use with this brilliant bubble wrap calendar. Every day that goes by you’ll get to enjoy the simple joy of popping a bubble off this clever calendar.

Give your home a surreal twist with these jellyfish air plants. The set includes three air plants housed inside Alphonse sea urchins that are fitted with clear lines and S-hooks so you can easily hang them to create the illusion they’re magically floating.

Raise the decibel level in a geeky fashion by listening to your audio through this NES styled Bluetooth cube speaker. This compact speaker provides up to 8 hours of playback time, features a 10 meter wireless range, and is controlled via a giant D-pad.

The compartment backpack makes staying organized easier than ever. It sports a water-resistant ballistic nylon exterior, is large enough to comfortably house a 17″ laptop, and features a useful elastic grid pocket that enables you to store items vertically.

Bring a geeky touch to your dorm room or man cave with this Iron Man mini fridge. This small 4 liter fridge is large enough to fit six 12 ounce cans and features a nifty warming function so you can conveniently heat your food.

Ensure you can conveniently charge all your electric devices while traveling abroad using this four-in-one global adapter block. The block comes with a color coded map of the world that shows you which colored adapter piece you’ll need in the country you visit.

Keep your MacBook out of harm’s way when working in the field by utilizing this military grade MacBook armor. It features a non-slip grip in addition to impact resistant bumpers, dual lock screen closure, and cooling vents for unrestricted air flow.

Create an enchanting nighttime environment in your home by bringing in this bio-luminescent plankton mini aquarium. The sphere features a 10 centimeter diameter and is filled with thousands of non-toxic Dinoflagellates that glow blue.

Keep your devices juiced up when you’re away from civilization by bringing along this ultra light solar charger. Despite weighing a mere 0.6 pounds, this 6 watt charger comes with enough power to charge your devices at the same rate as a wall outlet.

Listen to your favorite tunes like a loyal Imperial by blasting them out of this Death Star floating speaker. Inspired by the Empire’s most destructive weapon, this Bluetooth enabled speaker can go for 8 hours on a single charge and glows in the dark.

Learn everything there is to know about everyone’s favorite food by reading the “Where To Eat Pizza” book. This super informative read shows you where to find the best slices when you’re scouring the globe for the perfect pie.

Avoid misplacing your belongings with help from the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth location tracker. Simply stick this small tracker onto any item and open the app on your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to locate it within a 150 foot radius.

Kick it old school by protecting your tablet using the composition book iPad cover. This stylish covers offers complete front and back protection while allowing full access to the touchscreen. Closing it up transforms your iPad back to a nostalgic composition book.

Keep your phone juiced up on long trips by bringing along this solar powered window phone charger. The device features an internal 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery that charges in 4 hours and comes with a suction cup for easy mounting on windows.

Avoid misplacing your electronic devices in the dark by plugging them in with this glowing USB wall charger. With a total 2 amp output, this compact dual-sided charger features an embedded light that emits a cool colored glow when plugged in.

Bring a touch of whimsy to your kid’s reading nook by propping up their literature with these balloon animal bookends. They’re crafted from resin and are available in a range of vibrant colors like orange, green, and yellow to create a festive atmosphere.

Receive a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home by resting your tired bones on this full body massage chair. It features patented body scanning technology that locates shiatsu points to provide just the right amount of pressure.

Improve your comfort level while you surf the web by placing your laptop on this angled stand. The wedge design helps increase airflow around your laptop to keep it cool while also keeping it at a more ergonomic angle for you.

Transform your couch into the ideal place to work or surf the web by using this foldable lap desk. It’s made from 100% corrugated cardboard that folds flat enough that it can actually fit into an envelope – making it extremely easy to transport.

Just like with mini-golf, we are witnessing the birth of a new sport: mini-pool. This fun little mini pool table not only looks cool, but is a completely functional pool table complete with balls, sticks, a rack, and a stick sharpener.

Keep your firearm from falling into the wrong hands while still keeping it easily accessible by storing it inside this smart vault biometric safe. Capable of storing up to 15 different fingerprints, it’s designed so you can easily open it up with the swipe of your finger.

Start your day off with an extra kick of energy courtesy of the insanely strong Banned Coffee. This potent blend carries a rich aroma in addition to a high caffeine content, and comes packaged in a resealable bag to ensure freshness.

Witness the flow of electricity as you charge your device using this LED charging cable. The cable features a hypnotizing flowing blue LED that activates as your device charges, ensuring your phone always remains visible.

Give any room in your home a sophisticated and cultured ambiance using this vintage world map wall mural. The mural comes in eight separate pieces for easy installation so you can place it on virtually any wall in your home.

Show everyone you’ve got your caffeine addiction under control by sipping from this giant coffee mug. Now rather than having to constantly perform tedious refill trips, you can serve your entire daily allotment of java inside this massive 64 ounce mug.

Control the room’s ambiance with the tip of your finger using this Wi-Fi enabled smart LED light bulb. The bulb is easy to set up and allows you to control the brightness and color of the light using just your smartphone.

Give pool and beach days an awesome soundtrack by blasting your music out of this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It can go for 10 hours on a single charge, comes with a built-on Micro SD slot, and can be utilized as a handy speaker to make and receive calls.

This high quality and super detailed camera lens is actually a coffee mug you can drink out of! The camera lens coffee mug is a great gift for photography enthusiasts, and will surely turn many heads when people see you drinking out of it.

Beer and rock and roll have always gone together nicely, but this signature Marshall amp fridge takes the relationship to a whole new level. With control knobs that go all the way up to 11, this incredible fridge will hold up to 4.4 cubic feet of face melting booze.

Use the power of the Force to spruce up your room’s interior using this Star Wars lightsaber lamp. The lampshade features detailed images of the series’s iconic characters and features an eye-catching base made up of 3 incredibly detailed LED lightsabers.

Turn your house into a home of the future by making this touchscreen coffee table the digital heart of your living room. It boasts an ultra sleek 42 inch liquid resistant screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and offers a 120GB SSD drive.

Keep your floors looking pristine with minimal effort on your part using this mopping robot. Capable of both sweeping and mopping, this helpful robot features a precision jet spray paired with a vibrating cleaning head to tackle the toughest of stains.

Make cassettes king once again by increasing your home’s hip factor with this cassette tape coffee table. The nostalgic design of this pinewood table features a gigantic cassette tape decal on the surface and features three small drawer like compartments.

Help your home or work space remain tidy with help from this electrical outlet plug organizer. Made from silicone, it easily sticks onto the wall so that you can conveniently hang the cords of appliances you’re not currently using.

Take notes and brainstorm without wasting a ton of paper by writing down everything in this dry erase whiteboard notebook. This eco-friendly notebook features a detachable binding and comes with 25 reusable sheets.

Show off your fondness for the classics with these geeky Vincent van Gogh paintings. Each vibrant work of art displays a unique and vibrant mashup of geeky franchises like Star Wars or Super Mario Bros. painted in van Gogh’s iconic style.

Give your fragile phone the protection it deserves by placing this plush ball iPhone case over it. Each finely crafted case comes covered in small and vibrantly colored plush balls that not only protect your phone but feel good to the touch as well.

Charge your smartphone or tablet like never before using this wireless charging pad. It’s compatible with a range of devices and utilizes Qi inductive charging technology which eliminates the need to attach a charging cable.

Enjoy a rousing game of put-put even after the sun sets by playing with this glow in the dark mini golf kit. The railings come in four vibrant colors and can be set up in dozens of different designs to increase difficulty and keep the game fresh.

Keep your work area clean while performing dirty jobs by using this portable roll out work surface. Apart from being waterproof, this durable composite mat is grease, gas, and oil resistant so you can work in peace without worrying about making a mess.

Smoke your opponents during your next gaming session by upgrading your rig with this RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. It features customizable illumination and exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches with up to 25% faster actuation.

Add brilliant colors to your battlestation with accent lighting from this programmable light up mousepad. This high-end gaming pad comes with a sturdy rubber base, a micro-textured surface designed to provide ultimate precision, and endless custom lighting styles.

Defy the laws of gravity next time you feel like grooving by blasting your tunes out of this levitating Bluetooth speaker. The innovative design wirelessly recharges as it floats and features a light up band that syncs to the music.

Keep muscles from atrophying during a long workday by outfitting your chair with this workout device. It quickly attaches to the back of your chair and allows you to perform a variety of useful resistance based upper body exercises.

Bring intrigue into any plain room with some accent lighting provided from this light up 8x8x8 cube. This WiFi connected device is remarkably simple to assemble and lights up in a full range of colors making it possible to display 3D animations and images.

Get a bird’s eye view of the world without raising too much attention by flying this R/C spy camera nano helicopter. It features a gyro stabilizer and digital proportional controls for smooth flying and can record video or shoot images at 640×480 resolution.

Get smarter about the way you dispose of garbage using this intelligent waste system. Instead of taking up precious space with three separate waste containers you’ll be able to fit all your recyclables, organic materials, and regular trash in one convenient place.

Lug around your gear without creating a cumbersome bulk using this ultra slim laptop backpack. This all black backpack features a padded compartment designed to house up to a 15.6″ laptop in addition to other compartments for a tablet, cables, and documents.

Improve productivity while you work by swapping your old desk out for this height adjustable standing desk. Crafted from high quality plywood, this sturdy desk is available in three distinct sizes and can be manually adjusted to fit anyone from a child to an adult.

Go from working hard to hardly working while sitting on this reclining zero gravity chair. When fully reclined, its ergonomic design elevates your legs above your heart so you can experience a relaxing sense of weightlessness.

Give fellow employees a piece of your mind by sipping your morning coffee out of this grenade mug. This 4.5 inch tall ceramic mug is styled like a classic grenade right down to the pin, and sports a comical message that’ll get your co-workers attention.

Complement your tunes with some killer visual effects by playing them out of these levitating Bluetooth speakers. Apart from providing lossless audio, the embedded LEDs give off brilliant visual effects as the speaker orb hovers and rotates clockwise.