High quality stainless steel has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, which requires minimal maintenance. Stainless steel is one of the most bio-compatible metals, so stainless steel jewelry is amazingly hypoallergenic because of its anti-allergic properties.

The multifunctional claw is a cross has both a mechanical claw and grappling hook.

This is the amazing and unique True Mirror, the world's only mirror that reflects you without reversing your left and right sides. Discover your true nature in the true image reflection, and see how much the backwards mirror has changed how you see yourself.

Keep your keys from jingling around as you walk, by placing them inside this modular multi-tool key holder. It features a pocket-knife-like design that allows you to attach your keys as well as handy tools like a pen or USB flash drive.

Ensure your brews remain cold while you’re out at the tailgate by storing them inside this neoprene bottle holder. It accommodates up to 7 beers, is made entirely from neoprene to help keep drinks cool, and comes with a comfy handle for portability.

Cut out that greedy licensed middle man you call a dentist and take matters into your own hands by improving your smile using the teeth whitening kit. The kit will take years worth of stains off without causing any added sensitivity to your precious chompers.

Learn how to become a true badass with a pair of needles by reading The Manly Art of Knitting. Originally published in 1972, this practical guide provides step-by-step instructions for beginners alongside helpful illustrations and images.

Avoid accidentally shattering a glass during your next drinking session by using these stainless steel shot glasses. They come printed with a short “bottoms up” message on the side and feature an all steel construction so they’ll last for years to come.

Keep electronic devices juiced up throughout the day while you stay warm with this device charging heated jacket. This water resistant jacket has three heated modes that are controlled through a small button to keep you toasty between -4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to drink during the game – here’s one more – the football drinking game mug. Using the graphic as a guide, fill your mug at the start of kickoff, and drink accordingly as your team advances down the field.

Keep your partner from stealing your precious blanket in the middle of the night by outfitting your bed with these blanket hogging prevention clamps. They work on all bed configurations, won’t damage your sheets, and can hold up to 50 pounds of force.

Ensure you’re always smelling fantastic by using these portable cologne wipes. These classy wipes are packaged inside compact napkin sized envelopes and come in one of five intoxicating scents – making them ideal for the modern gentleman on-the-go.

Avoid exposing your body to harmful chemicals by switching over to this all natural deodorant. Apart from its pleasant lavender aroma, the deodorant contains no GMOs, aluminum, or toxic chemicals, and works all day long so you feel fresh and dry.

Help your phone stayed powered up while you’re out and about by using this charging leather wallet. Apart from keeping your cash and cards in place, this elegant bi-fold wallet houses an incredibly compact 2400 mAh battery ideal for charging your smartphone.

Discreetly carry all your gear without needing a cumbersome backpack by wearing this concealed pockets jacket. It comes with a range of differently sized pockets all over the torso with enough room to carry passports, cell phones, and tablets.

Improve the look and feel of your skin by scrubbing away toxins using this activated bamboo charcoal soap. It works by drawing out bacteria, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface, helping your achieve a flawless complexion.

Bring some humor into the bedroom with this novelty “his” and “hers” duvet. This queen sized bed cover is made from 100% cotton and sports a design that divides the bed equally between you and you sweetheart.

Get into the spirit of the game by lifting yours with a few brews served out of this football beer mug. It features a scratch resistant design and holds up to 18 ounces in a half-football – making this ideal for your next tailgate.

Bring an air of elegance to happy hour by serving your favorite whiskies in these diamond-cut Scotch whiskey glasses. These old fashioned styled glasses are machine crafted to perfection and come in a stunning red box with a silver crest embossed on the front.

Prepare 5-star drinks from the comfort of home using this Craft Cocktails book. World-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern teaches you everything from the best ingredients to use to industry trade secrets – for the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted.

These bullet shaped whiskey stones are the ultimate way to cool your drink without diluting it like regular ice cubes would. Capable of freezing in just under an hour, these 304 stainless steel stones can chill your drink in just 3 minutes.

Make the girls go waka-waka over your impeccable fashion taste by dressing up in this stunning Pac-Man suit. Every square inch of this slim fitting 3-piece suit comes adorned with vintage Pac-Man graphics, featuring all the characters form the original game.

Keep your prized scotch chilled without it ever becoming diluted using these stainless steel whiskey stones. They’re made using high quality steel with natural antibacterial properties and come in a handy plastic box for easy storage.

Get the perfect fit every time by wearing this micro-adjustable no-holes belt. The ingenious design features a solid buckle that clamps onto the belt at the exact point you need – making it ideal for those holiday feasts where your waistline expands in a single sitting.

Enjoy a soothing, pain-relieving massage from the comfort of home using these spiky massage balls. They’re designed to reduce tension, improve circulation, and relax muscles while providing you with a blissful deep tissue massage.

Turn football season into an ongoing drinking game by watching every game with the touchdown beer mug. The unique mug features down marker lines so you can pace your drinking according to your favorite team’s progress on the field.

It’s never been easier to protect yourself from harmful sun rays than with this roll on sunscreen applicator! This compact device can be easily refilled and comes with a handy roll on top so you can apply the cream without ever dirtying your hands.

Get a leg up on the whole parenting thing by studying “The Infant Survival Guide”. Perfect for newbie parents, it comes filled with helpful tips and tricks such as the proper spot to place your baby while you’re doing chores.

Whiten your teeth the natural way by using this antibacterial bamboo charcoal and gold toothbrush. It combines the antibacterial properties of gold combined with the natural teeth whitening properties of charcoal to give you a truly radiant smile.

Transform your dull facial hair into a shiny and shimmering mane using this glitter bead kit. The kit includes an all natural serum that won’t harm your beard, golden glitter, and a handy bib that’ll keep your body clean as you’re applying the glitter.

Cook the perfect slab of meat every time by using this intelligent steak thermometer. Simply insert the wireless steel probe into your juicy cut and wait for the color coded led lights to flash so you know when your steak is just right.

Keep your drinks icy cold without ever watering them down by using these stainless steel chilling ice cubes. The cubes are crafted from food-grade stainless steel that’s easy to clean yet won’t alter the taste of your drink.

Every grill master needs this multi-function barbecue tool! This versatile gadget sports a durable stainless steel construction and incorporates seven useful tools like a bottle opener, spatula, and tongs – and makes an excellent Father’s Day gift.

Ensure you always have the upper hand by reading the Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life book. Former CIA operative Jason Hanson reveals helpful tricks like how to improvise self defense weapons and how to hone your positive awareness.

Clear your driveway and walkway without enduring hours of backbreaking labor by firing up this electric snow thrower. The 13 amp motor picks up snow and launches it 30 feet away, creating a clear path 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

Save yourself a few trips to the kitchen while you watch the tube by popping open your brews using this TV remote control bottle opener. This multi-functional control is compatible with a variety of devices and features a sturdy metallic bottle opener.

Channel the power of the Dark Side to protect yourself against grease stains by putting on this Darth Vader apron. This one size fits most cotton apron comes designed like Vader’s iconic suit and is machine washable so you can always keep it looking like new.

Produce cool visual effects every time you light up your cigarettes using this electric beam lighter. This USB rechargeable lighter comes in an ultra durable case and produces a small electric beam that’s proven to work in windy and watery conditions.

Burn off some much needed calories while you’re anchored to your desk with help from this sit down elliptical machine. The patented hinges allow your feet and lower legs to move as they please without disturbing the rest of your body.

Keep the game going long after the sun sets by playing with this glow in the dark NERF football. The football features the classic soft NERF exterior and emits a bright greenish glow so you can play for hours on a single charge.

Avoid accidents by staying visible on the road at night by placing this solar powered bike tail light on your trusty ride. This easy to install light comes with two LEDs embedded inside a waterproof casing that charges with sunlight and glows for up to eight hours.

Ensure your bundle of joy remains safe when you head out by placing them inside this military grade baby carrier. This tactical baby carrier features a MOLLE attachment system on the front and back, a sun shield, and a sturdy 100D nylon outer construction.

Keep yourself from spending all your money at once by placing your disposable income in this money maze bank. After inserting the money inside, a locking mechanism is activated and can only be released after solving the complex ball maze.

Give any formal outfit a vibrant touch of geeky flair by putting on these Star Wars character socks. Decorated like your favorite characters, they features 200 needle count stitching in addition to reinforced heels and toes for a superb fit.

Camouflage yourself while traversing mosquito country by using this mosquito repellent wristband. This ingenious little rubber band easily slips on to provide over 120 hours of mosquito repelling relief without the sticky feeling normally associated with sprays.

Get that fresh draft beer taste from any store-bought brand by placing the can or bottle inside this Fizzics draft beer system. After placing the beer inside, simply pull the lever to pour out a frosty ale with a sensational body and flavor.

Avoid accidentally tripping and knocking over your shelter in the dead of night by pitching your tent using this glow in the dark rope. This sturdy rope measures 32 feet in length and gives off a bright neon glow so you can see exactly where they’re laid out.

Impress friends with your impressive bar banter by turning yourself into a whiskey connoisseur with this Scratch And Sniff Whiskey book. It simplifies the complex world of whiskey into three simple categories so that anyone can become an expert in no time at all.

Bring some class to your quaint home bar with this ship in a bottle whiskey dispenser. It’s expertly hand-blown from durable, thick glass and comes with a ground glass stopper to create a hermetic seal so your spirits never evaporate.

Improve visibility during the dead of night like never before using this waterproof compact quad ray flashlight. Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, it features 8 distinct brightness levels ranging from 3 to 3800 lumens.

Concoct the perfect cocktail even if you’re nowhere near a bar by toting around one of these cocktail kits. The kit comes in a compact and fashionable tin which contains all the accouterments needed such as the recipe, bitters, sugar cubes, and a muddling spoon.

Conveniently carry a multitude of useful tools without encumbering yourself using this pocket size multi-tool. The compact and slender design is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and comes stocked with 20 useful tools ranging from a wrench to a cutting blade.

Keep muscles from atrophying during a long workday by outfitting your chair with this workout device. It quickly attaches to the back of your chair and allows you to perform a variety of useful resistance based upper body exercises.

While a knife is indispensable in the wild, this survival bandana shines where other tools just can’t. Printed with vital survival information, this soft-brushed polyester triangular bandana can be used for tasks like providing shelter, signaling for help, and an arm sling.

Snap into a healthy version of a Slim Jim by chomping down on one of these grass fed beef snack sticks. Made from only the freshest of natural ingredients, they’re gluten-free, paleo friendly and contain no antibiotics, hormones, or nitrates.

Ensure your button-up stays looking clean and sharp with help from this adjustable collar stay. They’re made from stainless steel and can be positioned to eight different lengths so that they can fit all sizes and types of collared shirts.

Ensure your brew stays frosty as you guzzle it down by drinking it out of this insulated stainless steel beer mug. Apart from its rugged yet sleek construction, the functional design creates an air-tight barrier that insulates your drink.

Shine brighter than anyone on the the dace floor by complementing your look using these flashing LED earrings. They’re battery powered and are designed to glow in seven vivid colors making them ideal accessories for parties and festivals.

This multi-tool survival axe is the only tool you’ll need next time you head into the wild. Made from carbon steel, you’ll be able to easily perform tasks like cut down a tree, tell time, shoot an arrow, or single-handedly rebuild civilization.

Ensure your infant is in good health while they slumber by placing the Snuza baby movement monitor on him. The device clips over your baby’s diaper waistband and vibrates to stimulate movement from your baby – if no movement is sensed, it emits an audible alarm.

Easily carry everything you need to survive the great outdoors in your pocket with this compact wilderness survival tool. Forged from metal, this credit card sized tool contains six useful tools ranging from fish hooks to snare locks and sewing needles.

Always look fresh to def by using this beard shaping tool. Ideal for both long and short beards, this versatile grooming accessory makes it remarkably easy to maintain perfect symmetry in tricky places like the cheek and neck line.

Stay dry while trudging through Mother Nature’s wettest terrains by wearing these waterproof socks. Each pair features a singular 3 layer construction designed to provide a comfortable and breathable fit no matter what the conditions are like.