4 Product Investments that Factor into Your Lifespan

Various studies have revealed that among the things that make one’s lifespan shorter is stress. According to research, it reduces life expectancy by 2.8 years, especially for younger generations.

The figures are appalling, but you can outlive yourself if you agree to make some changes in your daily life. Read on to find out some purchases you can make to improve your health and increase your lifespan.

The Right Mattress

Waking up groggy, achy, and tired is a good sign that you’re not getting enough sleep. If you’re not getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep, you need to question why. Many times it’s because you’re not sleeping in a supportive bed.

An unsupportive bed can cause you to experience back pains or injuries that can affect your movement or ability to exercise. To mitigate such risks, buy an original mattress that’s long-lasting, durable, provides pressure relief, and has excellent cooling.

Having the right mattress lets you sleep with your spine well aligned with lots of support. It will also reduce snoring and tossing and turning all through the night. A good mattress will help relieve your stress levels because of the calm effect it provides.

Studies have indicated that a good mattress helps to release stress and anxiety. This is because of the improvement in their sleeping patterns and other sleeping conditions. As you look for a supportive mattress, focus on other bedroom aspects like room temperature and lighting to help you sleep better.

A Gym Membership

Exercise is a good remedy for a longer lifespan, good sex, and more happiness. A gym membership will help you evade spending a ton of money on drugs in the future. Regular exercising will help ward off illnesses and make you feel better and stronger.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money subscribing to a gym membership. Instead, you can incorporate regular at-home exercises or go for a walk or jog around the neighborhood. Riding your bike is fun and a great way of exercising.

There’s been a lot of debate about how much exercise one can do to become healthier and fitter. Some suggest rigorous exercise, while others promote moderate, vigorous exercise has lately been said to better combat early mortality, diseases, and body weight.

Moderate exercise is helpful, but people who exercise more vigorously have an increased life span. Turn a new leaf and regularly take a jog or hit the treadmill, lift weights and do aerobics.

Meditation App

According to researchers, there’s significant evidence showing that quieter brains are associated with longer lifespans. Meditation has also proven to be an effective method of reducing stress and anxiety in peoples’ lives.

Selected forms of meditation are known to suppress or reduce brain activity. Transcendental meditation is said to lower the likelihood of dying by 23 percent. It also lowers the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 30 percent and from cancer by 49 percent.

Make meditation a consistent part of your life. To help create a consistent practice, consider using a meditation app that will help you practice mindfulness more often. A meditation app helps you to focus better while increasing your positive emotions.

Meditation apps help improve self-acceptance levels and reduce the feeling of external pressures. To jumpstart your way into meditating and practicing mindfulness, consider going to a meditation retreat near you.

Ergonomic Furniture

On average, people spend six to eight hours seated in their offices. The strain your back gets from sitting on the wrong type of chair can lead to various health ailments. That’s why you hear people complaining of back ailments, pains, and aches after a long day in the office.

Ergonomic furniture should help to realign your spine and prevent job-related injuries. A standing desk is better off to work with where applicable to avoid defects from the sitting disease. Also, try to exercise by moving around the office and standing throughout the day.

Other benefits of ergonomic furniture include increased productivity because of less pain and improved wellness. All this and better blood circulation help relieve any stress and anxiety that one may be going through.

Make it Work

We all want to live longer and healthier, and therefore we must look for ways to make it work. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for these things to work. Just ensure you’re sleeping well, eating right, and practicing mindfulness. Reducing stress can play a big role in prolonging your lifespan.